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    Recently read few posts on the low quality. Last I went I backed off the parking lot seeing some suspicious cars and people in the lot. Any one recently been. Nanna and Cho were the last one there. Share anyone who have been there recently or I plan to go sometimes this week and try it.

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    Looking auburn hills

    Looking for good place around auburn hills. In town for a few days.

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    Pressure Point

    Stopped by Pressure Point in Southfield recently for the first time and saw Aaliyah. No teasing, towel stayed on even after I asked, not a hint of extras. Hour was $. 70 and I just left a $. 10 tip at front (not sure if I was supposed to leave tip on table or bring up front. There was a dude at the desk up front which threw me off so I just gave him cash and bounced).

    She was a very cute and nice girl though. Not sure if same as BP ad because she wasn't dolled up but I thought she was very cute. Massage was pretty mediocre. Effort levels just not there. Kept talking about how excited she was to be done for the day. Would probably just do the half hour next time. I see on here that this place is extremely YMMV. Anyone want to either share details or PM me about how to get extras here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBQSauceBoi  [View Original Post]
    Hi why'all looking for a provider w a big booty anyone know any locations.
    Sorry about that typo I'm looking for providers that are thick and have a nice ass any locations or info??

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    I saw her once a couple of years ago when she was at an apartment. She has a bubbly personality and likes her profession. She is short and thick bbw. The pics could be her. The second pic, with her bent over, is probably the most representative of her. I had a good time and she assures you that we always come back. I haven't yet, but only because she is not my "type". Try her out; you'll have a good time. But as is with everyone YMMV.

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    Big booty providers

    Hi why'all looking for a provider w a big booty anyone know any locations.

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    Hayes in Clinton Township.

    There's a new "spa" just south of 18 Mile on Hayes. Don't think it has a name. Ads on BP. Had a dream I went there last week. Pretty girl with good English took me to a room, but then older one came in for rub, OK but not great. Back walk was highlight. Room had door but one wall was curtain to adjoining room. When time for flip, offered only DIY. Lots of better options out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyybry  [View Original Post]

    The most recent advertising for this place is "advertising" body slides and nuru. Can anyone confirm is recently visited or is this most likely a way to lure people in than when you show up. " We not do that here".
    Went here around 6 months ago. It was a typical AMP with HE available. I doubt they have nuru available but like I said this was a while ago. May have to try again.

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    Brownstone (Jennifer)

    I know there has been some pretty good reviews of this place but I was not impressed. Jennifer was probably only one there on a slow Sunday. Nice body, decent B / C's. Asked for hour, fairly decent massage, and then the flip came 30 minutes in. I request my table shower to be after the massage. Decen HE, topless, asked for tip upfront and I have to get off the table and then back on to get my wallet. She balked heavily at 40 and I went 60 thinking BJ was coming. No such luck. After completion had to remind her of the table shower. Not impressed and maybe I got the wrong chick.

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    Garden city place

    The most recent advertising for this place is "advertising" body slides and nuru. Can anyone confirm is recently visited or is this most likely a way to lure people in than when you show up. " We not do that here".

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedStar  [View Original Post]
    Sonia, M1, and Magic health offer them, along with full service, but now I wonder if they even clean the tables.
    I know at Magic Health they go back and clean the table while you're in the sauna. That's usually what you're waiting for before going back to the room.

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    Great review!

    Quote Originally Posted by CarlHenry  [View Original Post]
    I've been lurking for quite a while here and usually I don't post due to how busy I am. I figured I'd change that and write some reviews.

    The only AMP I've visited before was a really nice one in NY last October, and since I'm always looking for FS or BJs I thought that the relatively slim pickings around here would leave me disappointed. Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and visit M1 a couple of Thursdays back. I stopped in in the mid afternoon and found that ice chest propping the door open. Mamasan took me in and asked if I had been there before. I said no and that I had moved here recently. She held out her hand and I gave her $. 30, she asked for more and I showed her my empty wallet. She said something about giving me a discounted rate. Uh huh.

    She was walking down the hall and another patron stepped in. So she put me in one of the rooms and had me wait. I got undressed and laid face up so we could start with action. Eventually a woman that at least looked like she was in her late 30's with big fake breasts walked in and introduced herself as Yellow. She asked what I wanted, to which I replied "everything" and she started taking her clothes off.

    I personally would say that Yellow is probably average for an Asian chick but thinner than most strippers I see. Her breasts are alright, but definitely not the best boob job. I'd much rather small naturals over fake cans, but that's just a personal preference. Yellow asked were we should start and so I said "mouth". She also asked if I wanted a condom; I said no to this and it was nice to be given the option. To me she has pretty good head game with lots of slurping and attempts to DT. I stopped her and had her put one of my condoms on before we went a round in missionary and then cowgirl where I popped. She spent a bit of time cleaning me off before excusing herself. I laid face down and relaxed for a while.

    About 30 minutes passed before Yellow came back, where she was undoubtedly seeing about the other guy. She then gave me a back rub that was a lot of pressing with her fingers rather than rubbing. Felt OK I guess and there really wasn't much in the way of teasing. I was getting up to get dressed and she saw the second condom on top of my clothes and asked if I wanted a second round. I said yes, and honestly I should have just asked for it. I don't usually do two pops in such a short time frame and I couldn't get off, but not for lack of trying on her part. Overall I spent a least 60 minutes with Yellow and probably 90 minutes there in total including the break.

    A note on the table shower. It wasn't offered, so I asked Yellow when I was leaving if that is something I need to request. She said "Oh I didn't offer one?" and then asked if I wanted one on my way out, which would have definitely put me over my hour. It was a nice gesture. After reading some recent reviews I'm glad I didn't partake. The only other table shower I had in NYC was just tubs of warm water, some liquid bath soap, and a ladle for the water. The girl did all the work with her hands so there was no brush.
    Thanks for the review, sounds like you had a great time. See Momo next time for some variety!

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    It's all good

    Hey Rog. I appreciate your post. It DID help me find the info I was looking for. So, thanks. You are a legit poster, so I NEVER took your post as being a "smart ass".

    I will be checking ACU out soon, and I will report back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogmaes  [View Original Post]
    I apologise if I came across as a smart-ass. The search function may require an argument of more than three characters. The odd feature is the time lapse required between searches. I suspect it's designed to keep the flow of queries to a manageable rate. I added the fact I posted to help you locate the information you wanted. Reading the posts you learned that Nana is practically a physical clone of Lisa. I sensed at my last visit that she is still getting to know the customer base ACU has, and may also be experiencing some adjustment issues to Metro Detroit. Stay safe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckTurgidson  [View Original Post]
    Wasn't expecting much given the location but I decided to TOFTT and check it out. Some attractive girls there, late hours, and no draping gave me brief hope but I left with blue balls. I think I paid around 80 and got some serious teasing followed by a handful of lotion and instructions to do it myself. Decided to finish at home and left. Probably won't give them another try.
    Yup, same experience. Cute girl but when it came time only let me feel over under the bra and from the top all fully clothed. Only cost me 50 but still lame.

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