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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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    The 23rd State. 2230 approx

    Blonde street vender standing next to the flea-bag hoe-tel down the street from Priscilla's mobile park. Looked like she had on a SWan uniform of some "fuck-me" shorts.

    Hopefully this post gets out in time for you Night Hunters.

    BeSafe GoodLuck.


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    I've been out of the game for about ten years but recently got back and wanted to explore. On the way home found this WSW standing by gas station we all know. Looked good enough from a distance but could not partake (work clothes). It was about 5:20 ish pm and traffic was heavy. Took a loop on side street and found two more BSW but very sketchy looking business ladies. Be safe out there felt like being followed by this white utility van, left area but was able to snap a pic of the WSW.
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    Baymeadows fun

    Earlier this morning I was at the Golden Arches in Baymeadows and as I pulled out of the drive threw I noticed a sexy thing walking in the parking lot. I drove over to her and offered a ride, and she gladly accepted. Said her name was Sarah, she stands 5 5 or so, dark hair in a ho-bun, weighs in around 130 ish, white tank top with c cups, blue soccer shorts and sporting Jacki-O dark sunglasses and she has a sister that loooks like her. We make pleasantries about the weather, then she says she is $20 short of having enough for a room. I tell her I can help her. She asks if I'm a cop and grabs my already hardening crotch and says, let's find a spot to do this. I take a left on Baymeadows way and find a parking garage to hide in the semi-wide open. She quickly pulls junior out and eagerly gets to work. Very nice technique with lots of saliva and sucking and attention to the boys. I reach around and got some nice FIV that was super tight and wet. Had a very sexy scent. I tell her I'm about t finish so she goes faster and I get a nice BBJCIMWS. Cleaned me right up. I handed her the Jackson and took her back to Baymeadows Rd. I asked for digits but she said the typical "it got stolen" but she did say she has been walking that area in the AM while people are heading to work. Stay safe out there fellow mongers and happy hunting!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMeogi  [View Original Post]
    So does anyone know whatever happened to the girl Jersey (had lots of tattoos and her cheeks pierced). She was always a good time. Last I remember was she went for a stay at the grey bar.
    Long gone, though one of my faves when she first got here. Went on a long vacation then back home (to NJ, of course).

    I KNOW some of you still keep contact with her LOL. Please PM me to give me an update on our old girl.

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    Wanda Downtown. Kennedy Expressway

    Scooped up Wanda as I was looking in some of the normal spots downtown, said she's 44, had red hair that I think it might have been dyed red but she was a tall drink of water also, she was sitting at a bus stop as we made eye contact, swung around the block and asked her if she needed a ride. Typical chatter followed by typical check. Above average mic skills and let me finger her in between. Caught and spat everything out. Nice chick as she was showing me pics that she had taken of herself, would see her again if I saw her but I didn't ask phone number.

    At the stoplight I saw Kennedy heading away from the Mobile station, drove just pass her and use my typical line of "would you like a ride", she said yes and hopped on in. She had long brown hair that's kind of crinkled she said she was 33 or 34 something like, average build small chest. Very talkative but in a good way. At the spot head game was wonderful, she knew when to go fast and slow it down, didn't need directions and caught and digested everything at the explosion. No digits but said she'll be in the area, worth reapeting.

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    Indian County

    Took a stroll down Indian County today to see good ol Carrie walking with her normal head cap. A little along the way there was a nice looking BSW with some Orange tights on looking at most vehicles passing by, however she was with her son so not sure if she was looking or not. Be safe out there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Informer904  [View Original Post]
    Check this out. So I'm driving down North Philly today approximately around 1:00 pm when I see 2 Swan, one black, one White, at the store near Clinton. The BSW has on a white top and these sexy ass shorts. Now when I say shorts I don't mean just a normal typical pair, I'm talking about the boy short type with all of the ass cheeks hanging out. Now smokey I know I ain't the smartest man in the world, but I know when something is too damn good to be true. I make a couple loops around, not to try to make the scoop, but just to watch out for the LEO activity and see who was going to be crazy enough to stop and try to pick her up. I didn't see much LEO at activity but that's to be expected. It's not like they are going to be hiding in plain site to where you can see them. The situation just seem eerily familiar to the one that happened over and Sin City the other week. Wouldn't be surprised if we got another report like we did a couple of weeks ago on the news tonight. Stay safe.
    Dude! It looks like your instincts were right! It could have been you and Gil Smith hanging out at the jail together!

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    So does anyone know whatever happened to the girl Jersey (had lots of tattoos and her cheeks pierced). She was always a good time. Last I remember was she went for a stay at the grey bar.

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    Slippery Red fish

    Just seen Ariel / Sam walking towards Scotty Inn. No time to scoop but she is out and about. Try and catch her guys.

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    I haven't seen anything on the one side of 103rd street but behind the Sunoco is where I have seen them everyday.

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    Paris from Jersey.

    Went out for a birthday wish. Hit up a few AMPs but I'm picky when it's that kind of damage, didn't like any options so hit the highway on what I expected to be hours of disappointment and near misses. I saw a silhouette at the store near centerfolds and busted a you. This girl was a petitesemi- Spanish chic from Jersey. She was leaning on a small blue car. Anyway sparked up convo and made the scoop. Took her thru the neighborhood and it became apparent she had no clue how Florida works. She actually is really cute in the face, small body with the protruding veins that scream she is no rookie to some sort of narcs. Anyway, I literally talked her thru LEO check and once I felt satisfied we discussed how much gas Mula I would loan her. She thru out. 4 and Max. 5. I said this isn't Jersey, settled for. 3. She is mid 20's and man she surprised me with the skill set. No covers on the mic check but asked for an extra dime to catch in which at that point I was at her mercy. I unload and then she tells me. 8 . I said he'll no. BP girls don't get that, she said we never agreed on 10 in which I told her, one thing I do is give what I agree on, didn't argue long, think she was just testing the waters. Like I said she is a petite cutie and was fun, I'd scoop again if I saw her on the side of the road with some car issues.

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    Good Luck

    Quote Originally Posted by NavyMongr  [View Original Post]
    Rolled through there about 11 am looking for something super quick. Absolutely nothing to be had. Totally dead. I may have to start getting some numbers from these girls so this stops happening!

    Stay safe and watch your 6 brothers.
    With that, usually after a week or two the number is no longer any good. I rarely ask for digits anymore.

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    I was lucky enough to be on the West Side around lunch time today. First time I had ever been over that area. Came down Wilson down Old Middleburg Road to the red light at 103rd sat there and saw across the street on April Street around Sunco gas station it was about three or four girls out walking around. So I scooted over to the other side of the road where they were at saw a brunette pulling a luggage bag down the road that looked pretty good wish I had enough time to be able to pick her up. Might try to go back out there later tonight and see what's up. If there's any girls out there you guys know that I should try to avoid let me know fellas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggDaddi  [View Original Post]
    I have been looking for this one for two weeks and no luck. Did you see her in the morning? Afternoon? Is she tall and skinny? Short and skinny? This morning I saw a tall and skinny chick wearing hoodie that I've never seen before today leaving Scottish but couldn't you-turn to scoop her up. Was curious if that was Snowflake.
    She's tall and skinny, cute enough and frequents there, very well could be.

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