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    New day spa

    Stopped by a couple days ago. Drew a 49 ish girl from China. There are 2 girls there, the other being a Hispanic one. Massage was terrible and she didn't act like any extras were available. Was about to get dressed and I let her know I wanted a bit more.

    She is about 5'3 95-100 pounds. Has large bolt on breasts. I probably won't repeat. New day is 67th and cactus in Glendale.

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    Sun Spa Dobson and Elliot

    A Chinese Birdie told me that Sun Spa had new ownership so I thought would swing by. I peeked through the window to see a Chinese Sumo wrestler parked at the front desk. She was wearing scrubs as well.

    Ol Bubba did a 180 and headed elsewhere. This place used to be great back in the day. Who knows, maybe I was rash in my decision. Perhaps one of you guys will find success.

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    Dreamt I madee a visit this week, drew Tracy (I think) tall, thin, leggy, busty, definitely a looker.

    Went for the 45 minute nap. As I dozed off the table shower was fun, massage was meh, really no tease. She did hop on and straddle while giving the back rub. Then she leaned down, nibbled on my ear and asked what I wanted. I almost woke up when I made a suggestion and literally laughed out loud when she suggested a donation. She looked a little pissed, and I thought the dream was ending.

    I woke up happy, but not really. PM for details.

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    Palm day spa

    This place is on w Bell in Glendale. There are 2 girls working here and I drew one named lily. She is mid 30's from China and spoke very good English. Body is ok with a little bit of baby damage but she is thin. I opted for 30 min and she didn't want to do the table shower. The massage was a 2/10 with no effort on her part. On the flip extras were offered. She didn't allow any touching even after it was agreed on before. I will not repeat and the service was so bad I am not sure if I will even go in to see what the other girl even looks like. It's 6033 w Bell or something like that. Stay away if possible.

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    Mesa Spa. New Management

    I've had a few dreams about a fabled spa on Gilbert Rd in Mesa, near the US60. In all of these dreams I ended up taking the whole hour, and each time it was a "good" massage. Nice Chinese workers all around.

    Well, in my final dream (November 6th), I go up to the door and it's LOCKED! ON A WORKDAY! To complicate matters, ever since my last dream, their advertisement online has changed to "Under new management. Colombian Massage. MeZa AZ". Not sure whether or not to run for my life since something must've shaken up dramatically. They sold the building rights? The Chinese people packed up and moved out and knew a few people who could move in? I don't know, but I've been dreaming about that spa for years without issues, and now things look to have shaken up a bit.

    I'll see if I can't get myself to have a lucid dream about it over next weekend. If I don't respond, it's because I either had a nightmare about being mugged to death or busted. If things go normally, you'll know. If they sold it to a legit massage company who won't give anything extra, you'll also know. A dream journal will be by my bedside, waiting for the day I continue the saga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHunt76  [View Original Post]
    Visiting PHX this weekend into part of next week, any senior members care to share some good spots? Looking for a younger lady to give a massage, preferably in a skirt. Latina or Asian, I'm used to older and ugly mamasans and here in Indy.

    Preferably not in a shit part of town and close to Chandler or Scottsdale.
    I've enjoyed my massages from younger attractive Asian women at M10, and Golden. Both locations are in decent areas.

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    Visiting PHX

    Visiting PHX this weekend into part of next week, any senior members care to share some good spots? Looking for a younger lady to give a massage, preferably in a skirt. Latina or Asian, I'm used to older and ugly mamasans and here in Indy.

    Preferably not in a shit part of town and close to Chandler or Scottsdale.

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    Dobson and Guadalupe behind Starbucks

    Lisa was her name 25 ish.

    Average looking Asian lady very pleasant.

    Good massage but I think she gets tired pretty quickly.

    Prices were averaged for all services.

    Overall a very good experience.

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    VIP Spa "Candy"

    VIP Spa on Val Vista and Southern. Was met by a 40 ish lady named "Candy" Maybe a 4 on the scale. Opted for half. . 4.

    Massage was better than average. No hints or teasing although I have been here before so had no worries.

    On the flip the room was brighter than than the Surgical Center at St. Jo's. I asked for the room to be dimmed. She responded with a grunt and complied.

    At this point, I was sensing complete indifference and downright boredom with Ol Bubba. She started flailing away and seemed to show a great deal of interest in the video monitor of the outside. I know I'm not Brad Pitt, but I hope I'm more attractive than a parking lot cam.

    Long story short, Ol Bubba gave up and left mid stream. Only my half can of MGD helped sooth my battered ego.

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    Massage Main st

    Greenfield- Higley somewhere in the middle.

    A lot of different services available.

    Prices are average.

    Lili was her name 35 ish kind of a chunky girl.

    But a lot of fun.

    Well I woke up and the dream was over.

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    Sometimes we need a good massage

    When I am tired and in need of a good massage, I used to go to this place in sun city, it was a bit of a hike from scottsdale but it was worth it to me. Not much of hanky panky except for the lack of draping and good coverage of butt and glutes. Sadly the churn in girls working at my fav establishment means I am now looking for other avenues (and streets, I guess). In this vain, I went to see Jasmine who promises a lomi lomi massage. For those of you familiar with lomi lomi, you know how enjoyable it is when done right (long strokes, negligible to no draping and lots of oil on a bare table). Well, I don't think Jasmine really knows what lomi lomi is and basically rendered a slightly below average massage with no coverage of buttocks, glutes or even parts of thighs. Very disappointed. As I said, I was not expecting any hanky from *this* session, just a great massage. To no avail.

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    Many Massage case updatres

    See General section for long list of updated sample court cases as of 11/30/2016.

    Many massage busts but also includes escorts so posted in general section.

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    So Sad in Court today

    I decided to sit in on a hearing for six gals from a massage place busted. While the owners face far more serious charges, all the gals have the same felony record risk.

    I just returned from Court with six great young gals with lives ruined as lifetime felons even if take a plea deal for probation instead of jail.

    One pled today for one of many counts with dismissal of most serious charges. She pled to an. Attempted criminal enterprise related charge since she was seen by police opening and closing the door of a massage place.

    She pled to a Class 4 felony designated which means it cannot be later reduced to a misdemeanor. She will be sentenced in mid-January. As the judge pointed out to her, under mandatory sentencing, the guideline is 1 year in prison, with the minimum 6 months. It is up to the judge. She will probably get 6-12 months or probation depending on what the pre-sentence report shows. But she will be a felon for life.

    This was just a working gal, not the owner who faces far more serious multiple counts.

    I am doing an update for some of the about 30 active felony cases I am following with hundreds of gals and owners.

    The point is if the agency or a massage owner goes down, so do all the workers. For example, 37 great women in the Phoenix Temple case that was in Court for almost 5-years. Everyone took pleas except founder Tracy, who was found guilty of 22 counts by a jury after a 48-day trial.

    Tracy went to prison in May 2016 with a 4. 5-year sentence less 305 days in jail awaiting trial, so about 3 years left. Tracy turned down a plea for time served and lost at trial. She has filed an appeal but she may have served most of her time before the Appeals case gets heard. There are about 60 transcripts not yet filed of the hundreds that had to be provided by the lower court. Most are now in 3rd extensions and case will not even get into the process until all the lower court records are filed with the Court of Appeals.

    The only hope for in private consenting adults is the ESPLERP v Gascon case now at the 9th Circuit, challenging the prostitution law with in my view some excellent briefs including many "friend of the court" filings. In my view, all the legal points are well argued. Including Lawrence v Texas but much more and later cases. This represents the best opportunity to challenge the law in perhaps the most liberal Circuit Court.

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    Nice dream with Fiona

    Was feeling sleepy and took a nap, my dream took me to a place on 51st Ave and Northern just South of the Walgreens. I don't recall the name, but it's on the SW corner. I was greeted by a slender, older but attractive asian lady named Fiona. In my dream, she gave me a very nice massage. Working my shoulders, back and legs. The dream went on to CBJ and mish, but not much else. No fiv and no daty. Nonetheless, I left satisfied and relaxed. PM if you require additional details. I would repeat!

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    Baseline & Alma School

    SE corner by Chinese restaurant. Stopped in yesterday hoping to get a good massage. It was only one girl working. I think she said her name was Mimi. I don't go to AMP's on a regular basis, but do enjoy going when I can. Paid $. 4 for 1/2 hour massage. Was led back to the room until they get comfortable. I strip down to nothing and lay facedown on the table waiting for her to return. She is average looking. Maybe 40. Decent body. She started with a medium touch or rub on my back and legs. Pretty average massage for these places. We all know they don't give the best massage generally. When I flipped over, she realized that I was wearing a chastity belt. I wasn't looking for her to remove the belt, but rather comma wanted to be teased and denied. She did a fantastic job of that. I think she really enjoyed the chastity device. She had a lot of fun playing with it and when my time was up gave me a big hug and a kiss. Tipped her $. 2. Will definitely return.

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