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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Kearny Villa Road

    Last week, 108, not 107. Drawn by reports of young, slutty GILFs.

    Parked in back and strolled up to door. As reported, the talent in both 107 and 108 showed up in the open doorways in various stages of undress. Contrary to what I had thought, no young GILFs visible in either doorway.

    Went in 108 anyways. All the talent were young, K-girl spinner types. Oh well. I don't mind lowering my standards once in a while. Ended up with Coco. Really cute, slender girl with long black hair. Paid $40 for HH.

    Room was nice and table even seemed to be heated, which was a nice touch on a cold and rainy day. No shower available. Coco came in and gave a lame, half hearted massage for a few minutes, with lots if teasing. Then asked what I wanted. Wanted 160/ FS.

    After some futile attempts at negotiating I bit for the FS. Nice body, fake friendly and mechanical. Started with a saran-wrap BJ. Finished with 3 positions, complete with fake moaning. All in all a so-so experience.

    Won't repeat. Much rather spend my cash at Mercury or similar.

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    Asian beauty on balboa Avenue

    I just popped my head in to look at the talent, young Korean girls a little skittish if you asked questions but they definitely want to take you to the room But very very good looking from what I saw.

    This place look like it had closed but it definitely is open right now to 9 pm.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because the content of the report was pointless, unproductive drama. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

    One of these days you new guys that are popping up to post about this chick are going to figure out that if you just write about her the post gets approved but when you HAVE to reference something that happened a month ago that I have mostly forgotten about then this happens and you get banned. Is she still talking about this shit to you guys? Is that what's keeping this alive?

    If you look through this thread you will see there are many

    "Went to see (whoever) and she did this and I did that, then we did this and I liked, hated, enjoyed, was ok with whatever" types of reviews. While the ones that insist on getting involved in drama don't seem to make it past me.


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    A few weeks back I posted an experience I had at Rosecrans, 3045. I got a "massage" from a cutie named Cindy who busted my balls for busting her twat, but all was good and I planned to return for her partner Yo-Yo. So here I am for my second round at 9 AM. Cindy greats me all smiles telling me Yo-Yo is gone, but her friend Alice is the new girl and will be out of the shower in 10-minutes. Cindy is looking better than I remember and though her tits are a work of art, I prefer natural so I take a chance with Alice, but if nothing else satisfies my need for variety. As I'm waiting, Cindy flirts and promises I will like her friend.

    So Alice comes into the room all smiles, hair wet, no make-up, smelling fresh as daisies and me likey! Alice is one of those rare Asian girls with naturally curly hair. About 5' 3 ish, not a spinner, but petite, with large almond eyes, full lips and a perfect smile. I opt for an hour for $60 HF. English is so-so, but enough for basic pleasantries and she has a voice like an angel. I point at the clock and ask for a -hr massage and hour signaling towards her kitty and she smiles and then tells me Cindy warned her that I take a long time and I'm very strong (I'm assuming strong means "too beaucoup" I told her that Cindy is just flattering me, but she asks me to be gentle so I assured her I would, but I'm thinking "Really?" Still, my ego doesn't mind. I ask for a hard massage and she says she is not strong but she will do her best.

    Her massage was not as hard as I prefer, but she was putting in an effort and had good technique. We engage in some nice small talk during the massage. She is very sweet and it's always nice to believe there is a connection with one of these cuties, real or perceived. At the 30-minute mark, she excuses herself to grab some hot towels, wipes me down and then the flip. She sits at my side and again expressing concern that I maybe too much for her to handle and I tell her to let me know if she is uncomfortable and I will settle for an HJ. She starts off with light kisses on my cheeks, sides of my lips, and neck, slowly working her way down while stroking little brother. When I'm good and hard, she undresses and as I had hoped, she has all natural borderline C's. A little baby fat, but still an undeniable beauty. As little brother enjoys her beautiful trimmed little pussy, I adjust her legs to different positions, but she is not that flexible, though she tries to accommodate all my positions. I refrained from giving her a hard pounding and she expressed several times that it feels sooo goood. Never saying anything to rush me, just moaning when she enjoyed a specific position and rhythm. At this point, she was sloppy wet so I start pounding her harder with no indications of discomfort so I went to town finally busting harder than I have in a while!

    She lay on her side catching her breath while I checked my cock to make sure it was still in one piece. I asked if she was okay and she said she likes my little brother. I tell her to make sure she tells Cindy and she laughs saying, no Cindy, and that she will take better care of little brother as she is stroking it. I tell her not to wake him up again unless she's ready to go another round and she says I need two girls. Maybe next time and I'm off to my next AMP adventure. . .

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    Blue Sky 3052

    During a recent Mission Bay AMP expedition, this place happened to be the first place on my recon list, on Clairemont Dr. BP ads with the usual tempting pics of beautiful young Asian Persuasions. Strip Mall is a little dismal so had low expectations. 2nd-floor foyer has locked door typical of FS AMPs.

    Greeted by a cute, young looking, spinner that could pass for 19 to early 30's, 5' 3 ish. She introduced herself as Amanda with lots of positive energy. There was another young gal (Dee Dee?) but she had a bit too much padding for my taste. Asked a few basic questions while checking the place out, as I was in recon mode, so I told Amanda I'd come back later. As I walked back to my car my little brother was thinking she's really cute and what's my rush so I did an about-face. When I returned, Amanda was even more excited to see me and I made up some lame excuse for coming back. I opted for an hour $60 HF.

    I didn't beat around "her Bush" and after agreement on the time massage is starting and ending, asked if she could massage me for -hr then pointed at my little bro and her kitty saying -hr. She smiled and gave me a spank which I took as confirmation. Amanda's English is good enough for some basic pleasantries. Her massage nothing special, but I enjoyed her touch and she got better looking every time I looked at her.

    On the flip, she starts the sensual touching and playing with little brother and whispers in my ear $200 for everything. I smile back and nod saying okay. She looked surprised that I agreed so quickly and was probably expecting some negotiating. She gives me a big kiss and was giddy, probably with the fact that she didn't have to haggle. Some of you mongers express how you hate to haggle with these MT's but never consider that they are thinking the same. . . How they hate to haggle as well. Anyway, she steps out to grab a cover and I'm waiting with anticipation for this cutie to return so I can undress her and admire all her glory.

    As anticipated, her body is magnificent! Her boobs are enhanced, but done in perfect proportion to her size and tiny figure. She has a flower tattoo between her kitty and her belly button on her tight tummy. I'm no fan of tattoos, but her pretty face and kicking body more than makeup for any issues anyone may have with her tats. She starts with a BBBJ and says she normally doesn't do this, but she could tell I'm very clean. Amanda was very accommodating to all my positions, TF, DFK, DATY and could really take a pounding. She really seemed to want to please me and she did! Went at least 15-minutes past the hour and I asked to take a shower. Afterward, she helps me dress, but then her phone rings.

    She's looking at me with some concern while speaking Chinese to whoever was on the phone. Apparently, it was the boss that must have been watching on the cams and she tells me the boss says I owe $40 more for going over my time by 30-minutes. I said no problem as I didn't want to get this sweetie in any trouble and she was so apologetic. The first time that has ever happened, but I still enjoyed my time with Amanda. In short, I highly recommend Amanda to "Classy" mongers that can afford her charms without haggling.

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    Kearny Mesa AMP Expedition

    Seems like there are 100's of AMPs in the KM triangle (805,163, 52) area so I check them out from time to time, hoping to run into new talent or find a hidden gem. All these places advertise on BP and with a little effort you should be able to find their ads with the info I provide and google maps or BP search. Here's a report from last week.

    No name place on Mercury: (Affiliated with Ba Be Spa) 4626 greeted by an Angela. Young, cute, avg build. I asked for Judy (I know she doesn't work at this location, but wondering if they would direct me to Ba Be) so she said no Judy here but she just started so not sure. Asked me what I like, I think she was suggesting prostate, but I pointed at kitty and she says she "no do sex. " She acted suspicious of me, so maybe she provides more, but not for me. Another gal older and at a glance looked pregnant if you're into that. . . Moving on.

    Ratheon off Mercury: 8045 Looks like a dump. Just says "Massage" at the entrance in back of building, gravel parking lot. Foyer has a window and locked door typical of FS places and a business card said Elegant Spa. I've stopped by this place a few times intrigued by BP ads, but never saw anything interesting. They seem to get regular business and rotate gals frequently. Last week a semi-attractive middle-aged Asian persuasion going by the name Cindy greeted me. Only 1-gal working so I took a pass. . . Moving on.

    Shanghai Spa: Convoy: 3-GILFS Susan, Lisa, Linda. . . Moving on.

    Asiana: Corner of Convoy and Balboa. 3-gals, 2-old and younger gal Coco, none my type. . . Moving on.

    Cheery Massage: Convoy off Balboa. Stout middle-aged lady. . . Moving on.

    L'Amour Spa: 7420 CMB. Seems popular as several guys came in, while I was checking the place out. Young porker greeted me and seemed annoyed with my questions. (All I asked was how much are massages and do you have a shower?) Middle-aged lady, not bad looking, but appeared to wear body armor. . . Moving on.

    Lazy Day Spa: CMB next to 99 Ranch, Asian Market. Older lady looking very worn. . .

    No trophy's to share on this hunt, but hope I saved some fellow mongers some gas and time.

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    V Spa number 107 - yoyo

    Went last night to the spa on Kearny Villa Road To see the girl I'm absolutely stupid crazy for. I showed up at about 7 o'clock last night and I saw her in the doorway and she's smiling and leads me into a room when she suggested that one of her friends / coworkers will be leaving soon (going back to New York) and that I should try her before she left. I had just had a session with her yesterday so I took her up on her recommendation. It was actually so cute because she made it sound like a dinner menu with tonights special on the menu was yoyo (Limited offering going out of season soon) she also assured me that yo-yo would give me a good strong massage so I paid her the door fee and lay down and waited.

    Yo-yo is a petite, brown hair / brown eyed little thing that wears a white kind of airline stewardess looking costume. It's got little flight wings on it with a bare midriff and a white short skirt. I had talked to her before and she didn't really connected with me. Others girls there have a warmth and sense of intimacy that I like. That said, I was looking forward to a good massage. I had a really sore back so I laid down and let her get to work.

    Unfortunately I soon realized it I don't think I was going to get the same quality of service that I have been looking forward to. She basically sat on the side of the table (yawning) giving me a one-handed squeeze with her hands. Her hand running up and down my back with a pinching or squeezing motion, not at all a very vigorous deep tissue massage.

    To be fair she is in her own way a sweet girl, she certainly isn't mean or unpleasant but just a little detached and I think she's got more boundaries or limits than some of the other girls have, having said that I didn't really have the energy to try to find out what her boundaries were I just lay there and let her do that lame little grabbing of my muscles that she called strong massage.

    She did manage to do my left side and right side of my back before I eventually started running my hands On her ass, which is a very cute smooth perfect little ass and she said oh you give me a massage? So I started rubbing her back and shoulders and then sat up and had her sit between my legs while I rubbed her back. I did enjoy touching her pretty little shoulders and running my hand up and down her back feeling her soft supple skin, when suddenly she let loose with the big smelly fart. I politely didn't say a word but within a few seconds we both change position and she asked me to lay down she would massage my front.

    By now I'm not sure maybe 15 or 20 minutes have gone by and while she was putting the pillow on the table, she asked me very casually do I want full-service or just a hand job? I told her full service and she said pay for so I got up to get my wallet and I just really wasn't feeling it at all.

    I just was feeling my tight muscles and sore back and did not have any connection with her after 20 minutes of being in the room with her so I told her my back was still hurting and I didn't want to have full-service and she could just give me a hand job. She said no problem at all lay down. I actually had $40 in my hand and it took her a little bit before she took the money out of my hand and she asked Only 40 ? I said yes only $40 and she said OK. She didn't appear upset or stressed about it. And she proceeded to grab my very non erect sleeping penis and started almost immediately with her porn star script.

    Oh baby 00 hhh. Making all the noises and sounds to get me to come quickly. It actually didn't do much for me and she started pulling on my cock and gently rubbing my balls, I ran my hand on her cute little perfect ass and I started to stand up and get hard. I was actually hesitant to touch her ass because of the $40 tip and her initial disappointment but she was perfectly fine with it and pushed her ass over next to my face so I pulled it down her underwear and started kissing that beautiful little perfectly form. With her underwear pull down I ran my hand over the outside of her pussy (no fingers inside) and felt her thin black hair little Bush. Honestly I didn't play with her pussy too much I just held her ass close and give it a few gentle kisses. I started to really enjoy the feeling of her squeezing my cock very lightly. She held my dick with almost no pressure but a slow steady pace and mercifully I shot my load pretty quickly because I just really wanted to get done and get away from her.

    She asked me did I feel good and she asked me several times did I like the massage or that I enjoy her touching me, so she's not giving me a bad attitude or grumpy girl feeling but I just didn't have any real good feeling of a nice connection with her.

    She gets up to get a hot towel and on the cleanup she does a little trick I don't see very often, she wrapped a tissue around the tip of my cock so that as it subsides and continues to leak it's captured in the tissue. I was appreciate this as a nice touch because I hate putting my underwear later and realizing that I'm still leaking cum out of the end of my cock.

    When she was done wiping me off, she got up and left the room again and there is still at least 20 or more minutes left on the clock. I had turned over on my side, stretching my back when in walks in a different girl. The girl that walked in is Mimi, she starts massaging my legs, I wasn't quite sure at first what was going on so when she touched me on my balls I said no don't bother I just got a hand job and she says I know yo-yo has an appointment so I'm going to finish your time.

    She has such a lovely smile and I do have a good feeling with her, so I start talking to her and it was very enjoyable last few minutes of the session. She had immediately assured me don't worry she was no extra charge and she continued massaging me and I reached over and massage her back and she also has a very beautiful ass that I kissed several times.

    Yo-yo is leaving Monday and for me personally I would never go back and see her but she was a nice girl I just didn't have good feeling with her. The other girls there are absolute sweethearts.

    $60 to the house and $40 tip for this experience as strange as it was. I deliberately did not mention the girl that I am absolutely crazy stupid for but I've seen her three times in the last seven days.

    Also please note the place I'm reviewing is 107, the door on the left. On the right is a different place, Spa 108. On the right the lingerie clad sirens will be opening the door and will come running out to pull you into 108. But it seems like most dudes turn left into 107.

    Life is short be happy that you have choices but I only turn left into 107.

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    I tried to email her via CL, but no respond. Let's hope she is legit.

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelOhSix  [View Original Post]
    Made an appointment for 3 p. I get to her apt complex around 2:45 and ask where to park. We've been communicating through email the whole time so it was hard. Finally got an answer around 3 but decided to bail and head to Touch of Health. After ToH I was still curious about her so I emailed her to come to my place. She said 4:45. A no show still at 5:30 so I emailed her. She said she couldn't find my place. Which could be true because I didn't give her my apt number just the address so she was looking for the number of my street address. After some confusion I finally got her number and we texted. Seems legit. I will try next week and see what happens.

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    Still up in the air.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dctex99  [View Original Post]
    I live here!
    Made an appointment for 3 p. I get to her apt complex around 2:45 and ask where to park. We've been communicating through email the whole time so it was hard. Finally got an answer around 3 but decided to bail and head to Touch of Health. After ToH I was still curious about her so I emailed her to come to my place. She said 4:45. A no show still at 5:30 so I emailed her. She said she couldn't find my place. Which could be true because I didn't give her my apt number just the address so she was looking for the number of my street address. After some confusion I finally got her number and we texted. Seems legit. I will try next week and see what happens.

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    I would like to know also

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSkyBlue  [View Original Post]
    But let me know what happens.

    Personally most CL ad I have responded to were spammers or flakes.

    Good luck.
    I live here!

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    Not a clue

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelOhSix  [View Original Post]
    She's in Escondido and I'm rolling the dice today.
    But let me know what happens.

    Personally most CL ad I have responded to were spammers or flakes.

    Good luck.

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    Any info?

    She's in Escondido and I'm rolling the dice today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricTheActor  [View Original Post]
    Nope. I've seen two there. One was fairly hot and the other was eh. Four times there now and unfortunately, the experience gets less and less impressive. I will probably not return (kinda of a distance for me).
    Been there once and my masseuse was definitely Latina- wrote about it here. Been a while- was considering going back. Might still. 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westzern  [View Original Post]
    So I don't think I can do a better job of describing my experience with this Fun Lady that Flying VFr did, but I am compelled to try. So first things first. Her massage skills are amazing. I have jacked up back / shoulder and after a very long massage I was feeling flexibility that I haven't felt in a very long time. I have never had a MT try to heal my body at this level. She is a master at working out knots and kinks. I have to see a chiropractor a few times of month because I keep popping a rib out. My Chiropractor keeps telling me to stretch but I never seem to make it happen. Al stretched me out and taught me how to do it with just few stretches. It has been 24 hours since my appointment and I am still a little sore but I my back is much less tight. So like I said my back is jacked up.

    Just a lot less now. Big thanks for that. My real appreciation was that she made me feel so comfortable. I like how she used her vocabulary to describe the fun we were going to have after the massage. She really enjoys her work and has great energy. I don't have the best writing skills but if I were to do an audio recording I probably could go on for 20 minutes do a much better job sharing the experience. In this audio recording I would start talking about how she has a beautiful set of soft yet still firm big boobs. I dug it when she out of know where rubbed on my face. She has sweet sexy smile and a nice figure. She is a MILF but her package is in great shape. Very tight. I would also tell you all that I really enjoyed the conversation. She explained to me everything she was doing. Her dialog didn't stop with the massage. She was super descriptive during the fun time. There was nothing mechanical about this experience. So there it is. Big thanks for the member that shared her number with me. The last thing I will say is that this site is awesome. I for a couple years just lurked around and this is where I found Z Massage 2 years ago and was a regular with Eva. After about six months Eva left for LA and wasn't available for awhile. So I came back to this site looking for alternatives. I have had some decent results, but I wasn't really finding what I as looking for. So if I had been discourage by some of previous conversation about this provider I would have missed out. I want to thank Admin who does a great job and would love to correspond if he has any questions.
    Can someone pm me her contact info? Thanks- 5.

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    Crystal massage in San Marcos

    So I was going to go see Alecxis but after messaging her, she was too far fore to travel to and she is cash only, plus with all the drama here, I gave her a pass.

    So I woke up that day with a stiff neck and my back was sore so I figured I would go and get a massage. I read reviews about this somewhat new place called crystal massage, I had driven by it several times, behind the mcd, in the same plaza where kings massage used to be, by the pizza Hut.

    All the reviews I read pointed to this place being completely legit. So I walk in and ask for a 90 min massage, pay the house fee of 60 and the 2 dollar cc charge and I am on my way.

    So there I am butt naked in the massage table and walks in my therapist. I didn't pay much attention as all I wanted was a good theraupitic massage, I told her I needed a hard massage and to concentrate on my neck and shoulders.

    So I am laying down. I put my hands down on my sides on the table and just want to enjoy the massage, she starts the dry rub on my neck and shoulders and upper back. She moves on to the lower back, all is going OK, it's not as hard as I like it, but it's not bad. Next thing I know she climbs on the table and sits on my butt. I was like uh ok, let's keep going. She continues her massage of my whole back, and all of the sudden she spins around while sitting on me and starts massaging my legs. That was a really wierd feeling, but I didn't say anything. At this point I moved my hands up next to my head so she had place to put her feet and legs.

    She climbs down and oils me up, she moves my hands to the side of the bed so they are hanging by the side of the bed. As she positions herself next to the bed to massage the oil all over me, I started to notice that she was rubbing herself on my elbows as she moved up and down the side of the table. I turn my head sideways a little to see what's going on and I see that she is rubbing her her you know, flower on me.

    Mind you that all I wanted was a good legit massage and I didn't even do any of the usual touching the legs and running my hands up and down their thighs and stuff, this time I just laid there and was enjoying the massage.

    Anyway she does this whole routine on my back, it was a little theraupitic and very sensual, I could feel her hair tickling me at times and I think that was on purpose too.

    Hot towel to clean up all the oil and here comes the flip. I flip. She massages my big head for a little bit and than motions my privates. I look at her and smile. She goes right to work, but at this point I was like. I am going to try and enjoy this. I reached around and unhooked her bra and she was ok with that. She wasn't young, she was older and saggy but the boobs her saggy and big, they wouldn't fit on my hand as I tried to squeeze them. We continue playing and she still has two hands on my privates. I reach up and lower her pants and panties all together to her knees, she was OK with that as well. No complaints nothing. She just went with it. I started rubbing her, she got kinda loud. A few minutes later I bust, but instead if stopping she continues pumping and keeps on pumping and at this point I am trying to get away from her. But she is on top of me somehow and still pumping. I almost died. After that she finally said ok done. She asks me to pull up her pants and out she goes to get more hot towel for clean up.

    She comes back clean me up and continues the massage, she does the arm and the pecks and moves on to the legs and tried to play with junior again. I crossed my legs and told he, he is napping. She does this evil laugh.

    So she finished up and asked me if I wanted anything else, I told her no thank you and she was waiting for her top, I told her I would put it on the card. Mind you there was never any negotiations or mention of tip.

    I walk up to the front, MMS asks how was everything, I smile. And I write in 40 for the tip. I hear complain and whinning that it wasn't enough and I should give more and that ruined the whole thing.

    So this place is definitely not legit only. The MT was Amanda and she is a bit older, probably 40 or 50, she was fun but I didn't like the complaining.

    Maybe I'll repeat this place and see if anybody else works there.

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