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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradBrad  [View Original Post]
    Is this young young or Koko?
    Young Hee (I though I heard Young Mee, but close enough) is the same as Young Young. She was fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalorth  [View Original Post]
    Is she going by same name or different? I've been missing her for months.
    Don't believe so. Same name.

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    New gal Dagget

    New gal at Dagget. Search BP and they will have new pics posted. Hard to tell if it's the same gal as the pics, but if it is, probably 10+ years ago. "Monica" is cute in a MILF way, petite and all natural with a slight ponce. My guess is a youthful late 30's / early 40's. Barely speaks English, but knows the monger universal sign language and how to say "fucky fucky. " Claims to give a GREAT massage, which I'm not sure I'd agree with, but she did give a better than avg deep tissue massage. She tries to play chiropractor which would have been awesome if she knew how, but did manage to did give me a few welcome cracks and stretches. Does a unique massage around the nuts and pecker which I've never experienced before, but I think I like it. Then again, I like just about any attention to my jewels. Standard pricing across the board, but I gave her a little extra for her enthusiastic efforts. She aims to please so please take care of Monica. One tip about Dagget, (Or any spa) make sure whoever you get is not the only one working or you may get multiple interruptions.

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    Leah from Fallbrook

    Has anyone seen this girl.

    Looks legit.

    I'm TOFTT.

    But if anyone has info let me know.

    I'm always down for a massage.
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    San Diego Police presence.

    Around 11 AM today in front of 4550 KVR. 108 door closed, but is usually open with ladies in lingerie waving in potential customers. SDPD Ford Explorer parked in front with 2-officers just watching the entrance. I kept on driving.

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    Bluegreen update

    After seeing the worst provider in history last week at Bluegreen (can't remember her name) I went to see if Tina had returned today. When I opened the door I saw a mamasan and a woman standing there to greet me. Figured I'd try my luck and paid $50 for the hour. Her name was Emma and she was very nice and welcoming. She asked almost immediately "Did Tina massage you before" and I said yes that she had. She laughed and said everybody loves Tina. The massage began and she was complimentary about my looks saying I was handsome and that she loved me (ha ha). I'm a decent looking guy but she seemed to almost overdo it with the positivity. I was hoping for the Tina treatment of rimming and BBBJCIM but no luck on rimming. Emma actually gave a great massage though with lots of teasing. On the flip she put oil on me right away and I asked her "no mouth. " She grabbed a washcloth and wiped some of the oil off and began a BBBJ that seemed very rushed, even though she was still making great eye contact and saying nice things to me. She allowed me to rub her pussy which was very wet and asked me not to go inside of her, which I respected. When I was about to cum she pulled her face away and I said to keep going but she responded "I don't like cum in my mouth" strike 2 LOL. She laid on top of me afterward and kept telling how good looking I was. I ended up giving her $70 tip which she didn't even look at and said for me to come back to see her. Really nice lady but probably wouldn't repeat. Also Tina supposed to be back in a couple weeks.

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    Tried it today, based on reviews on here. Had Li Li, 60'ish (I like them young) C girl (lady? Slender but no tits to speak of. Came from doing some physical labor so opted for the table shower. Good start. She spent about 5 minutes on Mr. Happy.

    Massage started out kind of lame. Kept getting better as she got to the ass region. Offered full access and even lubed up to facilitate things. Gave a pretty decent HJ.

    Finished up (the hour) with a long foot massage that really hit the spot.

    40 in and tipped 40. After I left I felt a little guilty, since I usually tip 40 for less than I got. Oh well. I'll make it up next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArrogantBstrd  [View Original Post]
    "I'll give you head for $100. I give GREAT head!

    I forgot how much she quoted for CIM, but it was an additonal charge.

    Menu was:

    $60 for full nude.

    $100 for BBBJ.

    $200 for BBFS.

    $? For DFK.

    $? For CIM.

    All on top of house fee. I did BBFS. Good pussy! Very wet. I'd drop some tax return money on her. LOL.

    I had to see her a couple of times before she offered extras. Her massage sucks. Be warned, I heard she has thrown people out for overstepping their agreements.

    Good luck!
    Thanks for the info. Is she latina?

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    Independent on Santa Fe Rd. - Vista

    Saw the ad and I couldn't resist, paid this one a visit.

    Well worth it if you're into ass play and prostate massage.

    Her name is Alison, shes short, under 30 something Chinese girl who is very fit, cute very good English. The photos in the ad are real

    She setting up an office in Vista, text the number on the ad and she'll send you a map to her address.

    The room itself is very clean comfortable and nice, The massage itself was mixed for me, she did a good walk on the back but most of the massage was a dry rub of my back and inside thigh with a lot of slowly grabbing my balls rubbing the outside of my ass.

    It was a little bit awkwardness between us but she seems like a very sweet genuine girl, finally she got the Hot oil (everything's there in the room) and she gave me an oil on my back for a couple of minutes before she resumed playing with my ass. She seats her self at the far end of the table so she is out of reach. It's limited over the clothes and nothing under the clothes for me on this visit and I doubt if ever.

    Like I said she's really sweet girl but we just didn't have that good of a connection, possibly because we were talking a lot at the beginning and on the flip it took her a couple of minutes to get me to stand up. We already discussed prostate so she got the glove and slowly started working it in, I don't usually let girls go deep in my ass and I've never had a particularly esstatic experience like some guys claim to have so I was looking forward to more sensation than it actually turned out to be for me.

    I don't think she ever get my prostate but looking at her between my legs fingering my ass and stroking my cock was enough to make me lose my load, Second hot towel clean up and then out the door.

    Overall have to say the massage was so so, if we'd have a better connection the sensual would've been very good and she definitely tries hard to bring you to a finish. I got exactly 1 hour from the minute I walked in the door (took a piss) to when I walked out so a little bit on the short side as it wasn't one hour massage.

    Price was 120 an hour and I did not give her an extra tip and was not asked for one.

    Overall Cute young girl willing to play with your cock probably would not repeat , for me the price is a bit high and I can get a better massage and happy ending at other places for less money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandong  [View Original Post]
    She's a woman, that's what they do. Jeez none of you guys have been married huh? LOL.
    Only been married two times for a total of 26 years.

    So I still have a lot to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSkyBlue  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone else noticed a change in Eva's attitude or service?
    Or was this just a bad day for her ....
    She's a woman, that's what they do. Jeez none of you guys have been married huh? LOL.

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    I prefer your scenario.

    Quote Originally Posted by SDGuy619  [View Original Post]
    Maybe. But a few months back, a couple of us reported the same. I'd had multiple sessions with her before too, then one afternoon, she provided horrible service. Hard to say.
    I prefer your scenario, but from reading different forums up North I see LE is active. Google Amazon Exec arrested. Additionally a couple years ago Eva split to LA for about six months. No explanation was given as to why so once again I hope I am wrong because she is awesome when she is on her game.

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    Any one else?

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingVfr  [View Original Post]
    Saw Eve earlier today, weirdest thing happened. After seeing her probably 20 times over several years and the last time maybe 3 weeks ago, today she was cold and acted very distant. Tried to pull her panties down 10-15 minutes into the session after my usual amount of gentle leg and butt grabbing but she pulled away. After several attempts I asked her if she didn't remember me and she said no. I reminded her above previous conversations about my bad shoulder, being retired, etc. and that she had been laying on me 3 weeks earlier 98% naked and she insisted she never does that. I was pretty dumbfounded. Finally got a reluctant HE when we just had a few minutes left with no OTC touching but it was a weird time today with her. It was definitely Eva but she was not her usual self. Weird.
    Has anyone else noticed a change in Eva's attitude or service?
    Or was this just a bad day for her ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westzern  [View Original Post]
    Heat is on. Don't be surprised if she has to split back to LA for awhile. This is the down side to everyone being so descriptive. Just my best guess? Hope I am wrong.
    Maybe. But a few months back, a couple of us reported the same. I'd had multiple sessions with her before too, then one afternoon, she provided horrible service. Hard to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sofaking08  [View Original Post]
    Young Hee from Health Spa is back! She's at Aria Spa on Convoy. You're welcome.
    Is she going by same name or different? I've been missing her for months.

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