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    Relax Spa on Flanders

    Saw the updated add on BP for Relax Spa on Flanders that two new girls were providing services today and decided to check it out at about 6:30 pm The ad said Tina and Sunny were there and I called ahead just to make sure. When I got there I was greeted by a Chinese woman wearing a tiny sailor costume. Cute! Her name was Mimi. She was about 5'00 and cute with long hair. I asked for an hour and she lead me to a room way in the back. She asked me to get undressed and that she would be right back.

    Frankly I wasn't interested in the massage, so I just undressed and laid down on my back. When she came back in she smiled wryly and asked if I'd been there before and I said yes, that I normally see Amanda. She said that Amanda was at the new location today and she hoped that I would like her as much. She started kissing my neck and her hand travelled down under the towel covering junior. As she stroked she murmured, "too big, too big. " I smiled and asked her "too big for what?" She said she'd show me -- she walked over to the door and locked it then stripped as she walked back to the table. I have to admit she has a nice rack for one so short. And they're real! Definitely stacked nicely. She teased and liked junior and asked if I wanted more. I said yes, and she asked how much could I spend. I said 1, she smiled and took my hand and put it on her ample breasts and then drew $. 2 on my palm. I hate to haggle. So off we go.

    She was enthusiastic, put the raincoat on, and used both her mouth and other attributes very aggressively. I don't know if she's naturally so wet or just really turned on tonight, but she was dripping wet. It was a very satisfying session and after she gave me a hot towel she got called away because there were more customers. The receptionist actually came in to help me dress and get me some water. She kept asking if everything was okay and if I needed anything else. Honestly she was a cutie herself and I was almost tempted to ask her if we could go at it again -- but I had to go. Mimi came back in quickly and apologized that she had to go. As I was leaving I crossed paths with Sunny -- she giggled as we went around each other. She was apparently with a client and was just holding her dress on -- very cute, definitely going back to try her!

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    East county quest

    This was a 2-day adventure.

    On Saturday about 7 pm I decided to try Ocean Spa (El Cajon on and. Mollison--or "Millison", as they say in their BP ad). It's on the 2nd floor of a corner strip mall that looks like converted apartements. A lot of foot traffic around--El Cajon scuzzos--and out of one of the offices downstairs I swear the guy inside must be dealing drugs. He had 3 quick walk in visits in the short time I was there. Anyway, there was no answer at the door of this spa and a phone call went to voicemail, despite the ad saying they were open until 10 (or was it 11? Anyway, much later than 7!

    So I decided I'd give F & H Massage (Santee / El Cajon across from In-and-Out) another shot. Young but chubby Chinese girl with very little Engrish skills has to go get the masseuse who's busy servicing someone. The masseuse who came out happened to be the decent looking MMS I saw last time I was there, but that time my masseuse turned out to be a big fat brute. MMS / masseuse was dressed very **** but tells me the next appointment won't be for 45 minutes. I don't wait around.

    Next up is Diamond Spa (La Mesa near On Cue) where I had good luck last time I was there (which was also the first time I was there). Again, a Chinese girl with no Engrish comes out and frantically makes a phone call. After asking several times whether anyone is available, she says "No. " Fuck! I bail again.

    Nearby is Fletcher Massage (La Mesa). I call ahead this time and make sure they can do a 60 minute massage, which they say they can. When I get there, a white guy is sitting in the front office, possibly waiting for a friend. I stand there a few minutes, but no one comes out. The white guy says, "I think you have to press that button on the counter. " I do, and eventually MMS comes out and shows me to a room. Masseuse was not bad looking--late 30's, not petite yet not chubby, she'll do. She was wearing capri pants and a top with a very padded chest. I rubbed her calf--the only thing near me exposed--which she didn't mind, even putting my hand back on it when I let go. Promising.

    Right after the flip, she kept asking how was my. How you say. (something in Chinese). And indicated "breath". I said, "Oh, 'breath'. Fine, just fine. " "Thank you, teacher," she said and bowed. I laughed.

    At this point I'm exploring OTC, which she doesn't object to. She smiles and says, "You're very handsome. " Little Mikey has created a tent, but she just giggles and is careful not to expose him on the front rub. She eventually peeks under the little sheet to check out Little Mikey and exclaims, "Ooo!" and giggles. But after some more lame rubbing she does the slapping of the muscles and declares, "OK, finished. " WTF!

    Maybe I should have been more aggressive, maybe she was leery I was LE and might do more next time, but this was very disappointing. 60 min was. 4 with appropriate tip. Since I had my massage, I call it a night and decide to try again the next day.

    Come Sunday afternoon (after the Charger game), I was naturally pretty frustrated, so I opted to try Ocean Spa again. My damn phone was having trouble, so I just drove there instead of calling ahed. Now all the access to the 2nd floor of that business complex was locked up. Grrrr!

    So I make my way to another place in El Cajon I saw advertised on BP--Foot Spa (El Cajon on and. Johnson near Hacienda restaurant). PPS said I could get an hour massage right away, so I feel better already. I asked if I could use the bathroom (had a couple beers to recycle), and he forgot to collect the money before the masseuse showed me to the room off a central exposed area where a couple people were getting foot massages.

    Masseuse was May--30's, not bad looking, thin, in the light I'd rate a 5, but in the dim room she looked a bit better--she'll do just fine. Massage was pretty damn good. She has kung-fu grip! When I was on my stomach she mounted my legs and used her knees to get out the knots left over from my exasperated search the previous day, working her way up my back. It was good. Then she mounted the table again near my head and rubbed my back with her hands. I took the opportunity to stroke her legs and chest (she was wearing black stockings and a very padded top), later rubbing her ass and crotch OTC. She never objected, but wouldn't let me go UTC.

    After the hot towel wipe down and the flip, she went over and locked the door. Yes!

    After getting the go ahead, she eventually grabs Little Mikey who by now is at full attention, and away we go. After I did my duty, she cleaned me up extensively--every nook and cranny.

    As I leave, I give her. 4, and since I don't see PPS, I give MMS the. 4 for the 60 minutes he forgot to collect ahead of time.

    All in all, a good massage from a decent provider with a nice HJ at a good price with no negotiation. Ya can't beat that with a stick. I'd repeat.

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    Not so bad

    Quote Originally Posted by TennisNut  [View Original Post]
    Is it me or what? She's not inviting or friendly looking. Granted she's young and has a great body, but I bet you don't get to touch it. She probably wears a chastity belt, too, during business hours. Oh, and her husband, who doesn't get shit at home from her, probably frequents AMPs himself for some relief.
    2 ladies work out of this location. An above average massage with HJ. Nothing else offered. Would not repeat just because so much is out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nfnjr98  [View Original Post]
    Is additional tipping expected beyond the quoted fees?
    Nah not like AMPs. They are just independent providers really, no mamasan or anything typical like that.

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    Is additional tipping expected at Miracle Oasis?

    Quote Originally Posted by Waylay  [View Original Post]
    He's referring to the girls from "SD Miracle Oasis. ".

    They all have a ton of reviews on are-maps. There are a couple fake ones indicating FS from one of them, but it's fairly well-accepted that no extras besides HJ are available there. Very costly for the hour, but the masseuses are young and very good looking.
    Is additional tipping expected beyond the quoted fees?

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    She doesn't look like a nice person

    Quote Originally Posted by AmpFan09  [View Original Post] I tried searching the number on TER but no luck. I at least know the photos are not anywhere else on the web.
    Is it me or what? She's not inviting or friendly looking. Granted she's young and has a great body, but I bet you don't get to touch it. She probably wears a chastity belt, too, during business hours. Oh, and her husband, who doesn't get shit at home from her, probably frequents AMPs himself for some relief.

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    Elegant Massage on CM Blvd. West of Ruffin Rd.

    Elegant, which is behind The Coffee Bean, next to Palomino's Mexican, and across the street from Kahn's Cave and Boll Weevel (now at least you know where to eat), recently changed ownership and expanded. It's beautiful, but it's strictly legit. I had Ella for a half-hour and asked for a hard massage. She is great, but it was all business. And the place holds no promise for offering HE's. Their rooms have little windows with semi-frosted glass, the lights in the room do not dim, and the girls wear lab coats that make them look like doctors or nurses. No prostate exams though, so don't get your hopes up.

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    Here's a funny thought

    Wouldn't it have been funny on Halloween to go into a bunch of AMPs dressed like a cop.

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    Has anyone seen this independent in North County? I tried searching the number on TER but no luck. I at least know the photos are not anywhere else on the web.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spamlocke  [View Original Post]
    I've always found Flanders to be pretty solid. But if you have better recommendation I wouldn't mind taking my money elsewhere.
    Angela at Engineer. More fun, cheaper. BBBJ and CFS for 1. No haggling, and a decent massage.

    Get there by noon and door is. 3.

    Believe they are moving though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lascivious  [View Original Post]
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It's only appropriate to quote Dick-ens, right?

    As previously reported, Angela is indeed young and cute. She asked me if I could wait while she finished eating. She tentatively re-entered the room with a hard candy rolling around in her sweet little mouth. She had on a kind of country style dress, cut above the knee with, as I found later, pretty little cotton panties underneath. That is a nice change from the girded loins of others like Eva that wear thick bike shorts under their skirts. She has a round face and a medium build. She's the youngest and cutest. 4/ hr girl that I've see that delivers the HE. Not drop dead gorgeous but pleasant looking with a touch of innocence.

    A little light hearted banter ensued. She is demure and speaks English pretty well. Once we started she asked who I've seen and how I knew her name. I told her that I'd seen a few girls there, Eva being the most recent and that I heard about her from Randy, my on-the-fly conjured reference.

    I asked for medium, then light touch and she obliged. She proceeded with an adequate, albeit perfunctory rub. I very gently touched her leg. She didn't protest but moved away rather quickly. That left me wondering if she was going to be a good to go.

    She was very complimentary and polite, asking if I was okay and how her pressure was. She eschewed my cover, a harbinger of action to come. As she was stroking my legs I turned back to look up under her skirt as she bent towards my feet. It was really ****, seeing panties instead of bike shorts that seem to be de rigueur. I gently glided my hand up the back of her leg and caressed her butt. There was no teasing of any sort, until just before the flip. She then rather abruptly went for the taint and balls, pawing at me. I raised up and she blatantly went for a quick, awkward ball and shaft grope. Towel and flip came next.

    She started with ****, teasing strokes. She asked if it was okay, "there". I feigned protest but capitulated. She mentioned a couple of times, "you too big". Too big for what, an HJ? She asked how much I usually tip Eva. I said. 4. She seemed okay with that a began flogging the dolphin.

    I went to pull down the top of her dress but she said, not for. 4. She said I could touch though. She has nice smallish tits and didn't have the long protruding nipples that I've found on many Asian girls. I went for some gentle OTC stroking of her kitty and she started doing the porn star moaning. I'm not sure how I feel about that but it was okay at the time. Her slow strokes turned to a bit of the ol' jack hammer routine. It wasn't bad and I popped pretty quickly. I had a huge load built up and upon my first volley she stopped to admire the eruption of my opening salvo. I admonished her to not stop and to keep going, it really killed it for me.

    The last I time was with Eva she put her face down on my chest to tongue my nipples. When I was ready to initiate launch, I warned her but she paid no heed and I sprayed her hair and the side of her face. She didn't seem to mind mind and joked about me being so strong. It made me wonder if she'd let me blast one off on face properly next time.

    Well, as they say, karma is a mother f'er and my subsequent volleys whizzed over my shoulder and I actually got some on my own cheek. Yuck. I started laughing. She noticed it but she was not that amused. Also noting how strong I was.

    So, as to my initial sentiments; she was young and cute, probably more so than any parlor girl besides Hana / Pine. She has a nice face and body, performed adequately but did negotiate and although she agreed to. 40, she didn't get naked and went for a cursory HE. Worst of all she stopped after the first squirt, then had really unfortunate aim.

    It's the classic dilemma, younger girl with lesser service skills or the aging pro, that knows how to work it. When given the choice I always go for the young and hot but I have had great times with those like Eva, in this epoch of incredulity.
    I had a wonderful time with Angela and highly recomend her. She let me touch her and got 2 time HJ. Second time was just heavenly. She is so young and her skin so smooth.

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    Elegant massage is therapeutic

    I've seen ads for an Elegant massage on Balboa, but this one is on clairemont mesa bvd at ruffin. This place is new and they've had a sign spinner on the corner for months. Ad says 19.99 for an hour. I called but that's just an hour long foot massage. Full body is 40. Fine. I expected therapeutic and it was actually one of the better ones. Papa San showed me to the room. It has a clear glass tile in the wall so there's a view. No tissues on the stand. No matter. Some Young Thing comes in. Early 20's and an 8/10 for looks. Black pants, some sort of top and an unzipped sweater. Boo. Did a really good massage but zero teasing. The thighs were only massaged on the outside. On the flip she put a cloth over my eyes while she did my arms.

    Anyways, didn't expect much but was really happy with the therapeutic since I surf a lot and am sore. The surprise was coming out after and the papa san and mama san kept asking me what I thought of her (and she's standing right there like she's property and not a person). Did some banter back and forth. SYT name is Mary.

    The Papa San told me at check in that if I wanted additional time with the girl, they'ld be happy to accommodate, but the signals were not there. The girl was hot though and the massage was excellent.

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    What are we going to name this one?

    The Owner / MMS of Flanders and Ronson has recently acquired two additions to her stable. 6437 Caminito Blythefield in La Jolla. The other is in Mission Hills (only one there).

    Info is power. Play safe guys.


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    What are we going to name this one?

    Long time. First time.

    The owner / MMS of Flanders and Ronson has recently acquired two new additions to her stable. The first is at 6437 Caminito Blythefield just off of Soledad Mountain Road in LA Jolla. The second is in Mission Hills (Only one there).

    Play safe guys.


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    Be reasonable and respectful.

    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

    I'm starting to think you're a chick


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