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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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  1. #579
    I will be in the eastern part of Harris County late this coming week. I've been reading through the forum and really could use some help with two things. First are there any AMPs in the eastern part of the Houston area? I'll be staying in Baytown. Second, what are the typical costs (entrance seems to be. 6 but the cost of extras and what extras can be had is a bit weak).

    I'd be tempted to make the drive to 7 Star or any other AMP of similar quality. Any help would be appreciated.

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    7* wow!!

    Heard about 7 Star, thought I would give it a try. It was not a good idea, I think I just ruined any future AMP. This visit here was amazing. The girl "Carla Pink" was phenomenal. The shower was busy so we started with a nice oiled massage.

    Then went to the shower, which was a sudsy B2 B with some BBBJ. After getting back to the room for some more BBBJ, then into FS. Plenty of DFK, KTY and many other positions with a hot finish. I can't even describe how great this visit was only WOW.

    After the session the Mamasan ask if it was good and appeared to be really interested in what I had to say. I will be taking a long drive down to the 7* when I need to visit from here on in. Hopefully they can match or not likely beat this most recent service.

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    Help Stop The Stings

    Houston Backpage Sting Tactics:

    The tactics used to catch someone soliciting a prostitute online are relatively simple and straightforward. The typical Backpage sting usually involves the following:

    Creation of an online ad for Craigslist, Backpage or other websites known as places where prostitutes and their customers meet.

    Using words and photographs designed to lure and entice customers.

    Using undercover police officers to field calls in response to the ads.

    Arranging a meeting where the caller can be arrested.

    Once a call comes into the police in response to an online ad, the officer taking the call attempts to get the caller to discuss price, services desired. The telephone conversations arranging the meeting will be recorded by the police and used as evidence to support criminal charges against the caller.

    At the meeting, an undercover officer posing as the prostitute will again attempt to engage the individual in a conversation that will include:

    Acknowledgement of the purpose of the meeting.

    The types of sexual activities the individual wants.

    The price the individual is willing to pay.

    An audio and video recording is made of the meeting and the arrest. Just as with the recording of the phone call, the recordings of the meeting will be used as evidence in the prosecution of the individual for solicitation and, possibly, for crimes involving a minor.

    One of the sting operations was carried out at I45 & 1960,3 Asian girls were texed on Backpage, all 3 were at the same apartment complex in different apartments at this location. Coincidence? I do not think so!

    1) Rule number 1, never ever call, the girls online in backpage that demand no text, phone calls only, are probably cops.

    2) Rule number 2, never ever acknowledge the purpose of the meeting.

    3) Rule number 3, never ever discuss the types of sexual activities you are looking for or she may suggest.

    4) Rule number 4, never ever discuss the price once you have laid the ground rules via text.

    5) Rule number 5, never ever use your own phone to discuss any details via phone call or text, buy a throw down phone, such as a trackphone that cannot be traced back to you.

    6) Rule number 6, once the deal has been made, never ever carry the phone with you to the meeting place once you have the address &/ or room number, pull the sim card & toss it in the garbage, they only cost $10.00.

    7) Rule number 7 & the most important rule of all, do a cop check, walk in the room do not discuss anything, go directly to play with her tits or her pussy, if she is a cop it will end right there, just walk out & leave before you discuss or pay any money. If she says show me the money first leave immediately. Make sure she knows you will do a cop check first when entering the room while you are making the deal via text.

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    Help to a weay traveler

    I'm staying in the Houston area for work over the next couple of weeks and would like to get some info on your massage scene down here. I prefer AMPs but willing to try any other recommendations you might have. The AMP scene where I live is now on it's deaths door,3 FS places out of 25+ still in operation. I look forward to visiting as many places here as I can.

    Please feel free to PM me with any info, especially the standard rates. I do not wish to get the out of towner hustle.

    Thank you very much and stay safe.

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    Red Rose aka A-Spa

    I visited Red Rose, an AMP on the I-45 feeder just south of the city. The sign outside states A-Spa & a smaller sign in the window says Red Rose. Was greeted by Mimi, a hot looking Asian gal wearing a low cut top showing lots of cleavage which I like. The entrance fee was $60 PLUS TIP, she emphasized. Turns out she wanted the tip upfront which I politely declined. Gave me a brief & uninspired back rub, then had me flip & I told her to take her top off. That's when the tip demand came again. I had to give her $40 on the spot which she disappeared with. When she came back she got completely naked & gave me a mediocre HJ with some fake moaning. A very rushed experience. The only plus was how hot she looked. When I asked she said sex or BJ were $160. I will not return.

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    She was good. Consider I did not even ask for greek.

    Quote Originally Posted by LionKiller  [View Original Post]

    Incredible, I had the same girl 3 weeks ago, same routine, same results, lolz.


  7. #573


    Quote Originally Posted by AlohaRicnsa  [View Original Post]
    Went to 7* last week the place was easy to find, right next to the gym can't miss.

    Walked in and talked to mamasan behind the iron door. She was HOT and I will do her anytime!!

    Mia walked in late 20's / early 30's with a 36 D (bolt on, but well made).

    Table shower with BBBJ preview. Back to the room, a quick 5 minutes massage and she just gave me a full body tongue bath and RIM. Lots of LDK and more BBBJ and then CFS with all the position you can imagine. I finished with greek / cowgirl.

    Love the place the room was huge (compare to other establishment I went at least); on my way out saw most of the girls were in their 20's. I will definitely visit again.

    PM me if you need more intel. .

    Incredible, I had the same girl 3 weeks ago, same routine, same results, lolz.


  8. #572

    Visit to the infamous 7 *

    Went to 7* last week the place was easy to find, right next to the gym can't miss.

    Walked in and talked to mamasan behind the iron door. She was HOT and I will do her anytime!!

    Mia walked in late 20's / early 30's with a 36 D (bolt on, but well made).

    Table shower with BBBJ preview. Back to the room, a quick 5 minutes massage and she just gave me a full body tongue bath and RIM. Lots of LDK and more BBBJ and then CFS with all the position you can imagine. I finished with greek / cowgirl.

    Love the place the room was huge (compare to other establishment I went at least); on my way out saw most of the girls were in their 20's. I will definitely visit again.

    PM me if you need more intel. .

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    We need a 'Nail Salon category here. Seriously!

    I don't know about the rest of you guys but some Asian nail salons provide many 'extra' service to male clients.

    Not just in Houston but pretty much everywhere there is one.

    Starts off course with a legitimate massage. Usually a pretty good one too since this is a normal service at many nail salons.

    What I have noticed is that if they provide 'extra' services, during the normal massage they will 'accidentally' rub their coochie or breast against your hands if you leave your hands hanging off the side of the table.

    Some times they let you know that you have '15 minutes left for special requests'.

    Also, many, after a manicure, while they are massaging your hands and wrists at the end on the manicure, will 'accidenty' brush your hand against their breasts the give you a cute little innocent smile.

    That's definitely when yo ask if she does male massages!

    Services range from DIY HJ to full service CIM and CIP.

    You might have to make a second or third visit to a few so th egirls get to know you, but it is definitely worth it!

    The benefit here is, you get pretty good manicures or massages, and leave the salon much happier than when you came in.

    Not all do this of course but I have seen a 50% success rate.

    Just don't take your wife or girlfriend to the same nail salon for a manicure!

    So, lets get a category her for Asian nail salons!

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    Hi 10 spa

    Well I had a little time last week, So I couldn't make it over to the west side for 7 star.

    I stopped in at Hi 10 spa again to give it another try. The time before was ok, not great.

    So any way a cute little lady from China greets me and takes me to the room. I'm getting undressed and said I want shower please, ok.

    I leave the house money and tip money out and she says for me? Yes for you.

    She then takes me to the shower room and leaves closing the door. I'm like WTF. So I wait. She finally comes back and says you not shower yet?

    No I'm waiting on your to give me shower. Ok, lack luster. Oh she wanted to do handy there. I had to stop her. Get to room and she rubs my back like 10 minutes and says turn over. Ok she then gives a half hearted bjwc. Then stops and raises her dress laying on the table. Well it filled the need some what, but I will not be going back.

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    7* Spa

    Went to the 7* spa 2 weeks ago, was met at the door by a very nervous mammason, lots of question, are you LE, where do you work, do you have business card. Once I passed the test she let me in, bought me to the room where I got undressed & waiting for my massage therapist.

    The therapist entered the room told me to follow her to the table shower, I did, we did, she did a really good body to body table shower, BBBJ & let me play with her tits & ass.

    Shower over, back to the room, lay down for a 20 minute massage that was ok, then she said roll over & wasted no time to start giving me a really good BBBJ for about 10 minutes, she then broke out the condom, put on & began to ride me. As normal they don't ride for long, not sure if it an Asian thing or not but no matter, she asked what position I wanted, I told her doggy, she took the position & I mounted her.

    Could tell her ass has had lots of cocks in it so I inserted my thumb & she never stopped me, thumbed her asshole for awhile till it made me hot & I cum hard.

    Climbed off, she cleaned me up good, then lay beside me like she was my gf.

    Good time, I recommend this spa, I will return.


  12. #568

    New Asia

    Went back to New Asia down Spring Cypress and apparently the girls I used to see are gone for good. Got the massage from an older lady, late 40's maybe and not very attractive. The massage sucked, as I thought it would and the only extra was the HE which also sucked. Tableshower was rushed and hard, not sensual like it should be. . 60 + . 20 tip for an hour. I won't be back there, unless there are some changes of course.

  13. #567

    Spa Haven

    Visited this place today, advertised as new, new girls, etc. Etc. Walked in was met with the usual greeting, by who I thought was the mamason, you been her before, what's your name, your not LE are you.

    Well the one who met me that I thought was the mamason, turns out she followed me to the room, I thought like usual she would leave & go get my girl, wrong! She was about a 5 in looks at the best, her body was no better. She asked if I wanted a table shower I said yes.

    Table shower was good, but she kept her clothes on, thankful, finished went back to the room for the massage, it was really a good massage, after about 30 minutes she said roll over, light toughing, she turned & got undressed, her body was actually about a 3 when she took off her clothes.

    She put a condom in her mouth, sucked it down my cock, gave me about a 5 second CBJ that was it, she asked me how it was it told her the truth, it sucked, did not seem to bother her. After the 5 seconds she climbed on top & rode me for about 3 minutes, her pussy was so sloppy I could not even tell I was inside.

    So after the worthless 3 minutes she started complaining about her legs & asked if I wanted doggy, I politely said no & told her to continue, she did for about another minute then said time was running short & I needed to cum. I lied & told her I can't cum with condom so she asked if I wanted her to finish with ah HJ.

    I told her no thank you, I just wanted the fuck out of there. I told her she could stop now, she just said oh your nice guy thank you. She got off cleaned me up from all the freaking lube she put on, that she did not need in the first place cause her pussy was so freaking sloppy.

    Anyway she walked out, I got up, got dressed & met her in the hallway heading for the door. I will never ever go back there again. Hope this helps guys.


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    I did not visit the city for massage for a while. So you tip 120 for HE or just 20? Either one of the numbers sound too high or low.

    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitBrian  [View Original Post]

    Found this place on BP and thought I'd give it a try. Is in a small strip mall upstairs from a karate studio. Walked in side door (see ad) and there was one lady there who greeted me wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Coco is her name, mid-40's, fairly average looks and build. Place looks very legitimate. Paid $60 for an hour, undressed and laid on the table. She put a towel over my ass immediately, so I wasn't expecting much in the way of extras. Started a great massage, and with some friendly conversation, the towel quickly came off. Spent much of the massage time standing up on the table, holding these suspended bars on the ceiling, walking on my back. She basically gave me a chiropractic adjustment along with a really good massage. When she got down, she started the fingertip feather touch on my back, with plenty of teasing on the ass / balls area. I gave some words of encouragement, lifted myself off the table a bit, and she started stroking my dick from behind. She giggled and asked me if I wanted to turn over, which I did. Started her HE, and allowed a good bit of roaming outside her clothes. Went up her shirt to feel her tits, but could only rub her pussy from outside her pants. She was playful and fun. Banged my ass upon my request. Finished me off, did the hot towel, more massage until the hour was up, then told me to take my time getting dressed. Did so and tipped. 2 on the way out.

    Good experience, really good massage with a HE. I'm pretty sure that's all that's on the menu.

    Good luck and be careful out there.

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    LE Spring Massage

    Visited an AMP with the really unfortunate name of LE Spring Massage on 2920. Not sure if they are trying to get business from LE or they want to avoid getting busted. Anyhoo I had a 1 hour rubdown from Lilly, a cute Asian gal who despite numerous requests & flattery & offers of tips & money, refused to touch my tackle. She tried to cover it up in a cute, lame kind of way but then I took the towel off. This happened a couple of times. Seemed to have no problems with me touching her ass though. Then, just when the session was almost over she came to her senses, reached for the oil & gave me the usual 2-handed AMP finish. This is a nice big clean place with full bathrooms & showers in the rooms. $60 gets you in the door then you can tip based on satisfaction level. Big rails suspended over the table so the gal can walk on your back with heels if that's your thang. Recommended.

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