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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Passion Spa

    Was in NW Houston area on business recently. Found Passion Spa at 12141 Northwest Freeway. Very nice table shower and sweet attendant--a safety first place based on my limited experience there. Seniors can PM. Though it was just a one time visit and I'll probably never be there again, I would return if the chance did come up.

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    Hana is fine

    Visiting and saw a decent review so gave it a shot. It was busy and told I would have to wait, but Cindy, the lady who welcomed me said she would be my girl. Off to the showers where she cleaned everything to the max, so things are looking good. Back to the room and she gave pretty much a rub, but kept rubbing my ass and balls the entire time. She had a very nice touch throughout. On the flip the menu the greatly expanded with all covered. Overall a great time with a total of $160 for the hour.

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    RUN FAR AWAY -- Sting Operation!

    This provider is trying to scam and setup dates.

    You will call and setup something.

    She would ask for your real name and text you to send a picture with your address and name showing.


    She claim its for her safety since she got busted & raped.

    Goes by the name heather713-XXX-3966.

    Also has a very big gut which she hides in her pics and a pimp.
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    Looking for Good AMP

    Hi guys! I have lived in The Houston area my whole life and I am trying to find a good AMP to go to. I am looking for a place that would have TS and give a great HJ or BJs. I live up 59 north in the humble / atascocita area. Does anyone have any good suggestions of nearby places? If not what are the best spots in Houston? I've looked in the Houston back pages but some of these places seem sketchy. Are these places safe?

    Feel free to pm me if you have some good places! Thanks!

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    Asian Massage Hwy 3

    I came back for a visit to my old stomping grounds and saw this place. I had been to Asian Massage on Bay Area a numebr of times a few years ago and thought I'd try this place. 1 hour for $65, but I was pressed for time and went 30 min for $40 -no table shower was available at the facility. A very attractive Chinese girl had met me at the door and escorted me to the room and collected the $40 and invited me to get underessed and on the table. After assumming the position a different girl came in, a bit older but still attractive. She gave me a pretty decent massage on my back (draped) and I rubbed her legs and butt a bit. On the flip she put the drape on my crotch and rested her hand on it and asked if I wanted. I said yes and she demanded $60. I countered forty and she agreed to 50. I offered 80 for BJ, but no go. She collected the 50 and proceeded with the HJ and I reached under her shirt and she told me that would be $60. I reluctantly agreed and we proceeded with utc on top and otc on bottom. She cleaned me up after I finished and I gave her the additional $10, got dressed and left. All in all, very mediocre experience.

    I'm not in Houston anymore, but definitely will not repeat. She was a bit too hardnosed for my taste. I also thought $60 tip was high for HJ, but I am asking for advice here. When I left Houston a few years ago, $60 for the massage and 40 for tip was standard in the Clear lake area. Has this changed or did I just go to the wrong place and end up with an ironpants masseuse?

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    Need Help

    I will be in Houston in a few weeks and would like to know if there are any good MPs where I can get a good massage and HJ preferably from an Asian or Latina. Feel free to comment or send me a message. Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Blue Sky Aromatherapy??

    I'm coming to town in a few weeks and scouting ahead. Is this place safe? I can't find any reviews here. Feel free to PM if you'd rather, just looking to know if it safe and if any extras are on the menu. Not looking for FS.

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    Lovely Thai Massage

    Had a dream I went to Lovely Thai. Met the standard middle aged chubby Asian, JC. On the first visit I was asked if I had been there before and said yes. Mediocre massage and she said "all done". I asked her "already?" And she asked what I wanted, gave her the signal for a tug and she said. 6 which I didn't haggle since it was first meeting and left happy for total $. 3. She said I had to bring my own raincoat if I wanted to play in the rain next time. Went back a different day, she undressed after the turnover and put my member between her mountains, let me suck them and proceeded to tug until the raincoat was put on. She did CBJ but declined DT. Allowed DAYK but I wasnt into it, then did mish, K9, reverse CG, CG, she wasn't down for Greek. Gave a total $$ for all that. She was a little too enthusiastic about climaxing, I know I'm not that good, but otherwise a standard place. Was told there's another masseuse but never saw her during the few visits so I think she isn't real even though I asked a couple times about her.

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    Wild Orchid, North Sam Houston Parkway East

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyOver  [View Original Post]
    Is this place safe?
    I've never spent money there, but I've stopped in for a look several times as long ago as 2008 and maybe before, so I know it's been there quite a few years, as best I recall always under the same name and in the same location, so yes, it is probably safe, although I did find one report of it being closed, apparently some time since last September (2014). Anybody know if it is still open?

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    Terminology question, 7-Star Spa, 11316 Westheimer Road

    Quote Originally Posted by Member#4624  [View Original Post]
    ....Everything goes for $160; fucking without the saddle, blowjob, tongue up my butt .... I don't know how you could ask for more from a place and all for $160 total.
    Does "fucking without the saddle" mean without a condom (BBFS)? I didn't find "saddle" on the abbreviations page.

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    Pleasant Surprise in Spring

    It has been about 3 years since I was in Houston for a long enough trip to seek out some AMP action. Rather than being smart and taking a few minutes to RTFF, I was in Spring near I45 and FM 1960 and decided to aimlessly drive around in the dark and the rain in hopes that I would stumble across some of the outstanding establishments embedded fondly in my memory.

    WTF! After an hour of frustration in discovering that all of my favorite joints were no longer in operation, I decided to head back down to 45 south of the Beltway to see if I could find anything going on. By divine inspiration (aka dumb luck), I turned south off of FM 1960 to Veterans Memorial to head back to 45. Just before reaching the intersection with Bamel North Houston, a beacon shining brightly in the mist behind the car wash on the east (left) side gave me hope that the pleasures I had once enjoyed in the 1960 area had not been completely eliminated.

    I quickly made a you-turn and drove through the car wash to access the small group of buildings immediately behind it. The traditional neon "Open" sign glowing through the window eased my mind that I had found an end to my Quixotic journey. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Candy, a Korean masseuse with a beautiful face but also with a few extra pounds on her frame.

    Given my lack of success in finding any other place being open and knowing that the non-beauty queens often give the best service, without any hesitation, I let Candy lead me to one of the massage rooms in the back area of the establishment. Once inside the room, Candy advised the fee was $60. I was a bit taken aback and advised that I was just there for a TS and massage and was expecting a fee of half that amount. She smiled at me at simply said that the fee was full service and that there were no simple massage options available.

    Not having any other options, I agreed and paid her the fee upfront. I know paying before the service is performed can often lead to disappointing results, but there was something about the relaxed and smiling nature of Candy that suggested it would not be a mistake this time.

    I quickly disrobed and was led to the TS. Candy did a very thorough job making sure that everything was washed and that my alter ego got properly primed. However, she spent an inordinate amount of time playing with and washing my bum hole. I quite enjoyed it but thought it a bit unusual as most of the girls focus on Mr. Happy to get him ready for a quick finish back in the massage room.

    After drying off and returning to the massage room, Candy had me lie face down on the table and then left for a couple of minutes. Upon her return, she immediately disrobed, told me to relax and then quickly climbed on top of me.

    She first did a very soft tickle massage with her fingers for about 2 minutes around my balls and my ass. Then I felt a very odd but pleasurable sensation which explained why she spent so much time on my ass in the TS. I couldn't quite believe it but the chick was doing a full licking and cleaning of my asshole. She then moved on to sucking and licking my balls and rotated back between the two locations for the next 5 minutes. After which she used her tits for another 5 minutes to massage my back and neck.

    She told me to turn over and immediately focused her attention on the beast that she had aroused. I have to say that she gave me one of the better and longer BBBJs that I have had in the last couple of years and I thought very seriously about having her mouth take me to completion. But then I remembered my intuition that she might be an excellent service provider and I gently pushed her head away to suggest other activities. I let her roll a condom on my cock and then I drew her lips to mine, gave her a deep kiss and indicated that it was now her time to relax.

    I had her lay face down on the table and started to massage her neck and shoulders. I have developed some good technique over the years and quickly had her fully relaxed and wanting my hands to explore all over her body. I switched down to concentrate on her ass and thighs. After about 2 minutes of intermingling a firm tissue massage with light finger strokes against her asshole and pussy, her moans advertised that she was starting to get hot.

    Her ass and pussy looked so inviting that instinctively I moved my mouth in their direction and started to give her a good tongue lashing of both orifices. Her juices began to flow freely and her moans were now frequent, load and intense. She gasped in ecstasy and with one hand pushed my head away and with the other grabbed my cock and guided it towards her waiting hole. The entry was exquisite and we slowly rocked back and forth in the mish for about 5 minutes before I had her switch to CG.

    She was doing a great job of using her special muscles to grab and tease my organ towards it release but I could sense that she was hot enough that she might also be able to climax. I brought her lips close for another kiss and asked her what I could do to get her off. She smiled, told me to relax and shifted her weight backwards to increase the friction against her clit. She then began to slowly rotate and grind on my cock.

    The revised position soon had us both approaching climax when she abruptly stopped and asked to switch positions. I agreed as I figured the next position would be doggie style which is my favorite finishing position. However, she blew my mind and worked me into a variation of the reverse cowgirl that enhanced the friction and pleasure of our previous position. She then worked her pussy backwards and forwards on my rod until she started to come. Her moans of pleasure and the extra contractions on my cock led me to a fantastic finish for myself.

    Candy left and returned with some hot towels to clean me up. We still had about 15 minutes left in the hour session and she offered to massage me for this remaining time. I was spent and suggested a hug and kiss was all that I needed to complete an outstanding time. She happily complied with my request and then wished me a Happy New Year and a soon return. I gave her the remaining $20 that I had in my wallet and apologized about it being a relatively small tip. She smiled, kissed me again and said that I had given her a much more enjoyable present during the session.

    I hope I make it back to Houston soon for another visit to Candy. I have some ideas on how to improve on a great time and I am sure that Candy also has some additional tricks up her sleeve (or wherever).

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    Hi-10 spa

    This place just so happened to be right next to the hotel I was staying at tonight, so I thought I'd swing in. I had never been to an AMP before tonight, and boy, it was not a good experience. You walk in and it seems like your typical fair. A lounge area and then a door leading to a hallway with a bunch of rooms.

    Well first let me say there were no table showers. Or at least the girl I was with said there weren't. Speaking of girls, they did not let me choose whatsoever. I wasn't complaining, because the one that came to me was very attractive. But nonetheless, options are nice. She immediately led me to a room with one stiff bed, and said, "It's one hundred. You want?" And did the finger in the hole gesture.

    I was a horny idiot, so I forked over the money (dumb choice) and she immediately just took off her clothes and started taking mine off. She didn't even let me get warmed up before she hopped on top of the bed and CG. After 10-15 minutes of lackluster riding, she got off and started a CBJ, which seemed completely backwards to me (should've started with that). After about 5 minutes, I faked it and went about my business.

    Tl; dr lackluster job, not worth the. 6 door fee, k let alone their "tip". Will not repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKing  [View Original Post]
    This place is top of the line. I saw 5 girls in there and all were 8's or higher. I've been there twice this week. The first visit was with Sarah, an asian beauty. She was a dirty girl. I mean really dirty. She likes to take care of your backside just as much as the front. The second visit was with Alisa. She's Puerto Rican. The house fee was $160 all included. Both girls finished me off with some nice oral discourse. And both felt the saddle just got in the way. Both stayed with it till the last drop. Great place!

    Were you ever right on this place. I had read other reviews as well. I ventured in there for the first time last night.

    Everything goes for $160; fucking without the saddle, blowjob, tongue up my butt.

    Oral on her, body exploration.

    These are younger skinny girls with nice bodies on them who are skilled and have no qualms about doing certain things.

    There was no discussion of an extra tip. I left $160 on the little glass table when I walked in the room. The girl who took care of me came in, we small-talked for a minute or so, she took the money and left and came back. Money never came up again.

    I don't know how you could ask for more from a place and all for $160 total.

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    Spa Report

    So I was visiting Houston on 11/13 and decide to give one of this AMP. So I made the driver there and discovered there were 2 at the same location. So decide to try out the one on the left. I walked in there is your typical 2 door system. Didn't have a much of a selection because as far as I can tell there were only 2 providers but the other one was out of sight. I didn't get a name and she mentioned that she didn't speak english. She actually had to get a journal to tell me the damage. She looked about 40 ish. We walked into the room and charged me. 6 for the 1 hr.

    She offered the TS so I took advantage of it. Very through but I wouldn't do it again. Went back to the room and she worked on back. I rate it 5. Great effort but nothing to brag about it. ON the flip she continued giving me an average massage. She gave me the usual signal if I wanted HJ. I try to find out if they offered more but she said no. Wanted. 4 for additional service.

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    Wild Orchid

    Is this place safe?

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