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    Can anyone confirm the 0377 number is Yuki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sully907  [View Original Post]
    Anyone had any dreams lately with a provider with larger "assets"? Looking to change it up a little.
    I assume you mean transgender. There are always some on Craigslist. Good luck.

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    Looking for a dream

    Anyone had any dreams lately with a provider with larger "assets"? Looking to change it up a little.

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    Is Royal Spa active

    I haven't seen any Craigslist or Backpage ads for Royal Spa in wasilla lately. Anyone know if they are still active?

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    Alaska Girl aka Brittany

    Has anyone visited this provider?

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    Lu Lu's murder solved by anchorage PD

    So glad a murderer is off the Anchorage streets. I hope that dude wasn't a member on this board.

    God bless.

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    Top 10 signs it's an erotic massage parlor from my exp

    Okay, so this is a little off topic. But I ran across this and found it funny and decided to pass it along.

    1. Any massage parlor open after say 9 pm is bound to be packing an assortment of extras, nobody virtuous goes looking for a therapeutic back rub at 1 am on a Tuesday!

    2. It's packing Neon signs with words like "massage", "bodyrub" or "fellatio barn". There's just something seedy / appealing about a flashing neon signs, they know degenerates like us can't resist the lure of a good neon sign.

    3. Odd / distant Location If the massage shop is smack in the middle of an industrial area there's a good chance they'll have buckets of extras as they're often driven out of the 'burbs by nosy fuckers with erection problems and church groups who believe a that administering a handjob = holiday in Hades.

    4. If the masseuse is wearing / displaying any of the following then it's probably going to be sensual miniskirt, high-heels, tight-dress, side-boob, lingerie, snorkel.

    5. The seedier / ramshackle the place the better your chances of a happy ending, if I ever see a scummy mattress on a floor I always think I'm odds on for a handjob (or lice).

    6. Check out the customers. If it's all nervous looking men then you've probably hit the jackpot. A nervous man walking out of a massage place is the sign of a man with freshly emptied babysacks. I love when I see guys about to walk into a massage joint which I know is a 100% erotic and they start twisting / stretching there arms like they're a little sore and are just there to get some knots rubbed out. We know where the knot is bro!

    7. The masseuse doesn't leave the room whilst you get unchanged. This rarely happens and when it does, it's always awkward as fuck. Kinda retarded to feel awkward I know, she's about to see me naked and will soon be milking my man-jam but there's a system people WHEN THE MACHINE BREAKS DOWN, WE BREAK DOWN.

    8. The massage slogan "Oriental" or "Asian" massage is always a good erotic shot but are not to be confused with "Thai Massage" which always results in something in me dislocating.

    9. The massage room has items like vaseline, lubricant, dog-collars or a box of tissues so big that you could wipe up one of Thor's loads.

    10. The Masseuse walks in and takes off her clothes. If I got to explain this one then you belong in that Sarlacc pit son.


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    June spa

    Saw a girl who goes by the name of Monica very long nipples plus a real good massage, I have never heard anybody mention her name before. I have seen her twice. Will repeat.

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    I wonder if Sukie will ever show up again.

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    I went there yesterday and saw Michele. She is very short smart, if you pay enough, you may get surprise. Good luck.

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    June Spa

    Michelle and Cindy are two of the best in town. They are sweet and provide good massages as well. Michelle imo is the better of the two but you can't go wrong with either. When they are in town I recommend that you see them. Cindy just left last month but will be back.

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    #1 amp?

    Quote Originally Posted by Half1234  [View Original Post]
    Going to be near Elmendorf for the next 2 weeks. How's the scene here? What's the general consensus for the #1 AMP here?
    I may be a bit biased but in my opinion Thai Massage on Dimond is by far the best AMP in Anchorage. Like their advertisement says, "A clean, warm comfortable environment, and a legitimate massage. " The "legitimate" massage is what keeps me coming back; its not a body rub like so many other locations around town. As soon as you walk in the door you feel relaxed as their lobby and massage rooms are clean and upscale.

    Both ladies, Ida and Emmy, are true professionals in their massage techniques. It has been a couple weeks since I have been there but I have a couple friends that have been there recently and both said the facility is very inviting and the cost is well worth it. They did say that neither lady was open to much "touching or exploring" but their purpose was a quality massage, not a sexual experience so both left satisfied and would return. Give them a try.

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    Going to be near Elmendorf for the next 2 weeks. How's the scene here? What's the general consensus for the #1 AMP here?

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    I'm very sad that Lulu was murdered. I literally just found out today, I was going to go get a quick rub and the place was all burned up. I even tried calling.

    Lulu was a legend, she was wonderful person. I've shown up when I've had too much to drink, and she always gave me a little extra time after a session to sleep it off. I've known her for many years and she was always to willing to do whatever to make me happy. I am at a loss. And I am pissed off.

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    You're correct the clients never know, until after something like this happens

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueIce57  [View Original Post]
    Barry, do you really wonder if her murder was in retaliation? Or that Chinese or Russian organized crime own these places? If this were the case, then you're talking about women who may be trafficked. Murder and possibly trafficking? Why in the hell would anyone patronize a business that was ran this way?

    I've never met Lulu but my thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends. Christ, it is indeed a crazy, sad and fucked up world sometimes.
    I'm just drawing conclusions from police reports around anchorage in the past regarding massage parlor busts and their difficulties in stopping them from popping up around town as reported on this article.

    In LuLu's case, the fact that the first initial report from police and fire was that lulu's death was from fire and no fowl play was involved, until a day later when they deduced foul play.

    If the police and fire department are thrown off at first, you have to be good at murder and arson. That takes alot of practice and implementation (organized crime).

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