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    Any girls at the Hill tonight.

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    Couple at The Hill Sunday

    So today I went to The Hill round 2 pm didn't see nothing but dudes so I walked out to my car as I getting in I saw a Black dude walk in with a white girl in short Skirt. I waited a few minutes to walk back in to see if they was just browsing or went to the Back, As I was going they was right ahead of me. They walked around and camped out in the First and Second Tv room making out and He was lifting her skirt up and she didn't have on any panties I could tell that she was very submissive as she was doing everything he told her to. They then went back to the Front room and she started to give him a short BJ they then got up As they was walking down the Hall by the Booths The Guy told a random dude to smack her ass, Then they took the dude with them into a booth. Don't know what all happened because the booth beside them as occupied by 2 dudes.

    About 20 mins later they came back out and was walking around again They passed me in front of the First tv room and She showed me her ass He also old me to smack it too. I followed them into the first tv room where she layed on the couch and started to play with herself, He invited me over to watch then told me put my dick in her face and see what happens. He told her to play with it and a few minutes later he gave me a condom and said she will suck me off. After awhile he told her to bend over and let me fuck her and I went to town. When I was finished up there was another guy in there I think he let him play too. When I came back from the bathroom they was back in the Front room and she was another guys lap getting fingered and was about to fuck him too but I think the guy was having issues. They then left after that overall they was there for a little over an Hr.

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    The Hill

    Quote Originally Posted by GeniePants  [View Original Post]
    The couple put on a show in the first theater.
    Damn I had just missed it when I pulled up they was outside talking. Stuck around for awhile longer A Mexican couple was there for awhile went in and out some booths, Young Black couple that's usually there every weekend was there for awhile the girl likes to play and accompany you to a booth while the guy watches from the other booth.

    There was also 2 black chicks there working last night. I've come to notice that the cute black girls that provide services does come up there at Night I dunno who told them that's a good time to come but that's when I see them just so ya will know. Also around 2 am another black couple came in and played around in the booths, 2 hot light skinned chicks cam in but they was only there with 2 of their gay friends they left back out and went and sat in their car while the dudes stayed behind. And lastly before I left for the night An older blk couple came in and went to a booth I don't know what all happened.

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    Just had some fun at the Hill with a cute black girl I don't think I've seen here before.

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    The couple put on a show in the first theater.

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    A couple just walked into the Hill. Pretty sure it's the girl's first time.

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    Total Bust

    Went in there at like 4 pm-ish. Saw one female in there with an XY then she split immediately after. Prolly a hookup. Got hassled by 3 XYs, had 4 of them follow me into a big room. Split right when that happened. I told them I wasn't there for that too. They didn't care. Whatever. Try again later I supposed.

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    The Hill

    Any girls at the Hill tonight.

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    By wade and capital

    Just not my day, I stopped by the hill today about 245, was on tight schedule, she was probably there the whole time, but first couple time around eyes had not adjusted, I can't swear who or what she was,but after a while I passed the viewing booths and spotted a black female laying on the couch, wearing a dress and heels, she didn't budge, a sleep or passed out I have no clue, can't swear she was female but I know not the Big guy who dresses.

    I was out of time and had to go, driving into town at the wade av over on left where the small ABS is, like two cars in lot like normal but in parking lot close to the building was a long brown haired lady in sunglasses, So for me at 40 yards they all look good with sun glasses, LOL, Just passing a long because I never read anything about ladies at that place, being outside alone, She was surely not free and hoping.

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    The Hill

    Chrissy and BBW Tiffany was up at The Hill when I just left They is Hungry for a Date if anybody is interested, Tiffany rubbed up against me a couple times trying to get me in Booth and it was tempting But I told myself a long time ago I aint paying for nomore ass at The Hill.

    I only go now in hopes of catching a little freak just looking to play or catch a couple wondering around back there. Now Tiffany was willing to go to a Hotel with me I might take her up on that if I see her up there again.

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    Any girls at the Hill tonight.

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    Friday status

    11 am nothing here, lots of XYs lurking. Got an hour to kill. Will hold out and report back.

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    Afternoon report

    The blonde (forget her name) who is up here a lot is on site, as is the black BBW Tiffany. TS Maria just left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolegs1  [View Original Post]
    I plan on trying out The Hill once more tomorrow shortly after 5:00 I haven't been in a good while. I hope to be able to report something positive!
    I arrived about 5:50 paid my $13 and went inside. I took a left once inside to take a leak and when I stepped down the one step I looked down the hall with the booths and saw a skinny blond with her hair up in a bun on top of her head. She looked as if she had a tattoo on the back of each shoulder. When I came out she was gone. I asked a gay guy standing at the first room on the right if he saw her and he said she left. He heard her say this place was dead and was gone. I asked if her knew her name and he said no but she charges $60 to go into a booth.

    I stayed another hour and there was nothing. Most of the booths the TV's are not working.

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    The Hill

    I plan on trying out The Hill once more tomorrow shortly after 5:00 I haven't been in a good while. I hope to be able to report something positive!

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