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    Stay Away

    Quote Originally Posted by OliverOil  [View Original Post]

    "128156;128156; HI GUYS. I'm RAIN".

    Sorry, couldn't resist that but seriously I'm thinking about TOFTT if no one has.
    She sat in my vehicle after back and forth wrong directions, grabbed $ on the console and dashed. Not very fast but was a bit skanky so I decided to chock it up dumb me, lesson learned. Had it gone the other way, may have regretted it more, who knows.

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    Me thinks

    Quote Originally Posted by Lehmonade  [View Original Post]
    She's running. 25 for qv LOL. Not going to participate. Just letting you all know.
    She means $125.

    Could be wrong.


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    Katie east side

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyInFlordia  [View Original Post]
    Katie on BP Waterford lakes area great gal great reviews spinner.
    Is this the Katie with the 407 or the 504 area code?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nb2008  [View Original Post]
    Looking for a provider in Winter Springs or Oviedo to stop by during a break at work, many providers are West Orlando / I-drive which is to far, any ideas would be appreciated?

    Katie on BP Waterford lakes area great gal great reviews spinner.

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    Longwood Holly issues

    It finally happened. I was trying to help out a friend and she screwed me.

    Friday morning I contact my dear friend Holly for a quick dream. She gives me the ok to swing by. When I arrive she meets me at my car and tells me that she needs a ride real quick to pick up something. I agree since her friend is in the next town over.

    We arrived at the location she requested and I find out that she was getting some H and said that she need my dream funds to put towards it. My dumbass gives it to her because 1 I considered her a friend and hung out a lot in a non dream way and 2 she said that she would take care of me don't worry. So she gets it and took care of her business.

    When we get back to her place she pretty much locks herself in the bathroom and takes freakin forever to shoot up. I start getting impatient because I needed to start getting ready for work soon but no luck. Then a few minutes later she tells me that someone is coming by for a quick dream and she needs me to wait. I tell her no I'm leaving and want my dream funds which of course she didn't have because she spent it on H.

    I left feeling like a complete pissed off dumbass for letting this happen.

    So honestly I'd keep some boundaries between her if I were you. Dreams should be fine as long as you don't give her the donation up front and don't stick around for her to use you like what happened to me. Actually the last couple of times I've tried to get a dream ended in failure because she kept putting others ahead of me thinking I'd be willing to wait all day until things slowed down. But no more I'm done it's time to move on.

    Stay safe bros.

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    Anyone been out in the Rain?

    "128156;128156; HI GUYS. I'm RAIN".

    Sorry, couldn't resist that but seriously I'm thinking about TOFTT if no one has.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rain.jpg‎   Rain2.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaterNuts  [View Original Post]
    Hello my fellow Eskimo
    brothers! The nuts is back but trust me I never really left I just failed to post and I'm sorry for that. This morning I woke up with a headache I could not cure with conventional medicine so I decided to take a dream and see if that would help. In this dream I met with Susan from Apopka who was very easy to contact via text and very accommodating on short notice. Her in-call was quiet and safe. From now on I will refer to this lady as the headache specialist. She even prefaced her incredible blow job by telling me to sit back and relax and don't finish too quickly because she wants to enjoy her time and for me to enjoy it as well! So I dreamt I sat back and relaxed while this very friendly, very easy-going, very comfortable person to be around worked my flute like a fucking magician! I tried to hold out but it couldn't of been more than 10 minutes and I was done LOL. BBBJCIMWS. . 4 for the QV. And she continued to work it for a few minutes after I unloaded in the back of her throat making sure to get every single drop. It was incredible! I will definitely have this dream again. Nuts out!
    Anyone have a link or contact info on this girl? Just what I'm looking for while in the same area.

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    Pussy on specials

    Quote Originally Posted by DaPoonMan  [View Original Post]

    Had my eye on her for a while. But didn't make her a priority, because ad looks TGTBT. And I couldn't find reviews on her here. Plus, rates are slightly higher than I normally go for.

    Well. Decided to TOFTT and glad I did. She's real. Pics are accurate. OMG, this girl is hot. She has a beautiful tight spinner body, a pretty face, and looks even better in person.

    Everything covered. Good attitude. Not GFE. A little mechanical. Says she offers FS and CBJ. But I can't comment. Didn't partake as I wasn't there for FS and not a fan of CBJ. But, she accommodated all my requests and directions as I explored every inch of her body. She started to get into a little when she couldn't take her eyes of me stroking my dick. And smiled when I asked her to stroke me off.

    Would repeat just to see her walking around half naked. But not often due the rates (which I think is justified as she's gorgeous model material). And her service is nowhere near as hot and intense as the other Lexi (my new ATF). Better than most, though.

    Interested to hear if other members have dreamed of her and the FS experience.

    She's running. 25 for qv LOL. Not going to participate. Just letting you all know.

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    So I had a dream a while ago with Sophia. Setup was easy and she was in a nice hotel on idrive. Price was 120 coins for half hour. She is a bit bigger than my normal type but I was in the area and decided to give it a try. She is a very vocal girl, plenty of dirty talk. My dream started off with a nice BBBJ, then onto FS. BBFS was offered but not my thing so I passed. The covered FS wasn't that great so I decided to finish with BBBJCIM. My issue with this provider was the bad odor, I didn't notice it at first because my nose never got anywhere near downstairs and she had quite the overpowering perfume smell on her. However when I get into my car I smell this terrible odor on my hand from where I pulled the hat off, and this was after I had rinsed my hands before I left. I literally had to pull into a gas station, wash my hands, and buy a bottle of hand sanitizer. She is a very friendly girl but I wouldn't recommend and won't be repeating.

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    UCF Columbian

    Just checked out Paola and she's definitely not the one in the pics, but her body type is similar. First the good, at least for me during my dream, nothing fake on her and definitely a 7 or 8 body (not a spinner, but thick in all the right places) and her face was easy on the eyes, she starts with the usual CBJ and then wanted to do reverse cowgirl right away, but allowed moving into missionary and k9. Now for the bad, she probably has management she will only take phone calls no texting not even for an address so it might be someone who is answering the phone as the english on the phone was better than in person and I saw her texting on the phone right after I arrived and right before I left. With that said, management wasn't immediately visible that I could tell. During the dream she doesn't like you touching her boobs, at least for too long, nor does she like you touching the honey pot, that being said her english is not the best so I couldn't really find out the reason, but everytime I would try she would gently push my hands away. She did ask me to return though. I think and maybe things would improve after a few visits. Hhr damage was $ and I think $. 8 for the hr. Would I return? Probably only if I'm in the area again too far away for me for just an ok experience, but maybe it's just a language barrier what do I know, if you speak spanish, I think your time will definitely go a little easier. Be safe! The link for her

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    Amazing Dream!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramjj2015  [View Original Post]
    Had I dream that I Stopped by this morning to see her. Safe incall in Kissimmee area. She is very hot and offer BBBJ, cfs, mish, k9. No Greek and no BBBJCIM. Highly recommend.
    Thanks guys! What a great dream! Worth the drive to Lakeland for sure!

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    Stay away!

    Quote Originally Posted by BeanTownDoyle  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys. I was culling the local ads looking for a fine young lass to lighten my load. Giving serious consideration to Amy a couple of posts below. Got a quick question about my level of being a paranoid chicken. Are there any of you out there who would exclude hundreds of providers & RUSH over to see the girl with this pic in her ad?
    Looks very fishy! LOL What's with the glove /.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeowMix23  [View Original Post]
    Got Alexis' number from Chirs5 in the SW forum but she is now on BP

    Her pictures are real and she seems very sweet with the usual sob story and love of sweets.

    Everything but Greek is available if I remember my dream correctly. She has a talented mouth and her hair smells great. Hygeinge was ok but the second time I had seen her I asked her to take a quick shower. Very nice girl and in my dream she was very GFE. Dammage was 150 Mario coins for a sixty minute nap.
    Hygiene continues to be a problem for Alexis. Let's hope she immediately corrects this problem.

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    Melissa Link!

    Here it is!

    Quote Originally Posted by TooBe101  [View Original Post]
    Is there any working link for Sweet Melissa?

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    Sweet Melissa

    I'm having a hard time uploading her back page link but if you go to Orlando back page and search Sweet Melissa all of her adds will pop up.

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