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    Yes, It Is

    Quote Originally Posted by BillTheKid  [View Original Post]
    This is another possible TGTBT.

    Anyone have a visit with Summer?
    I did a Google search with the picture and got two pages of hits, some in Russian. She won't be the one answering the door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckNastee  [View Original Post]
    Due to the Hurricane one on the mongers from Miami came up to Orlando and he reviewed this one. He said it was a complete rush job and was on the phone during the whole session and tried to upsell every chance possible ill definetly be staying away.

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    All my UTRs where busy so decided to try new blood. She's has spinner type bod and the pic is of her. Did qv. Oral skills wasn't the greatest but the box made up for it. Tight as can be. Everything covered and didn't ask if it could come off. Basic chick met the needs. I'm a sucker for petite spinner chicks. And she is that. Ill repeat once more or until she leaves the area. Not going to chase it across Orlando.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillTheKid  [View Original Post]
    This is another possible TGTBT.

    Anyone have a visit with Summer?
    Kind of makes you wonder who was taking that picture.

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    Nice Hit

    Quote Originally Posted by DirkDig1  [View Original Post]
    I was too impatient so I went ahead and toftt. I texted her she replied right away it's $100 for QV 150 for half hour 200 for an hour so I decided since it was the first time meeting her I would up 4 the half-hour she texted that she only had time for a QV since it was already 8:30 and she was about to head home. So we agreed to a QV for 100 roses. I get to the hotel off of I drive and get to a room she is very nice curves wearing a black bra and panties with a see-through white 90 wow she looks really nice she was very nervous though she is very shy to start but she warms up once you show her that you're not a cop and you're gentle with her we made out some dfk some groping she has beautiful big Double D's perfect shape for her nice curves she grinded me for a little while while we made out and then off plane the panties and bra. Daddy for a while and she got very wet and she squirmed as if she was enjoying it very much now if she was faking fine but she still got very wet and we passed what you would consider a QV time frame. When I was done she gave me a very slow and wet BBBJ with a shy little smile and eye contact definitely not the best she genuinely seems like she's relatively new she shy and she's definitely doing this just for the money as far as this isn't something that she probably planned on doing but she realized she has a Rockin Body and can make some money so she figures what the heck and she's pretty good at it like I said she comes across shy but she warms up nicely once I was nice and hard she asked if I wanted her to ride me and I said sure hop on and she really got into it some soft Dirty Talk which I like and she was grinding and moving those hips and as tits looked absolutely wonderful I couldn't stand it and I busted a load in the cover very nice time very friendly girl I was actually there for 30 minutes paid the hundred and left she gave me a kiss goodbye and said she will be heading down to West Palm Beach tonight and will be back in Orlando next week. She is a pretty Brazilian with a typical nice firm round Brazilian ass and beautiful tits pretty smile big brown eyes definitely worth a visit I am very glad I decided to toftt.
    Bravo Brother. She at least started out April 2017 Probably nervous in a strange town, etc. Great Rack.


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    I made a correction

    Quote Originally Posted by PorkChopp  [View Original Post]
    Hey man are you referring to the Alexa that advertises on the sister site in the massage section?

    Thanks for the help man.

    A few post back I made a correction- it should read AlexLynn. I have not dreamed with Alexa.

    Sorry for the typo-.

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    This is another possible TGTBT.

    Anyone have a visit with Summer?
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    She has a headache coming

    Imoossible to win such a lawsuit or even have a judge consider it. I'm emailing her from 8 dummy accounts. This scam artist will think twice soon for trying this stunt. Dealing with scammers is a hobby of mine.

    Quote Originally Posted by LatinLuvr  [View Original Post]
    She is crazy. Stay away! She says she does this for fun and has a full-time job when you email her to set up a time and day you find out she only does overnights stays. You're not looking for that she will be constantly emailing you weekly to see if that weekend or another time frame works for you for an overnight. After it's all said and done if you stop emailing her she assumes you're a cop or she will try to sue you for a broken contract. Claiming she lost money when talking to you. She will try to make you pay $800 to make the lawsuit go away. I don't know much about laws but sounds fishy. She claims she has won a suit like this before winning $4500. My advice is to not contact her.

    She also trys scare tatics and says she is reporting you IP address and all of your BP activity.

    Stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkDig1  [View Original Post]
    😂 I'm fucking dying here😂.
    Agreed! Hahaha.

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    Alexa orlando

    Quote Originally Posted by Live365  [View Original Post]
    They all have drama many have baby damage they hide in the pics.

    I love them all!!

    Some of the Girls I've seen whose add has real pics:

    -Stellar Deland -PSE flexible fun.

    -Crystal Deland. Insane but but will fuck your brains out, about 85 lbs.

    -Laura Debarry. No rules just right.

    -Amanda Deland. Easy set up, cheap qv very boring in bed.

    -Renne deland. GFE goddess, out of the 150 or so pussys I've seen hers is hands down the prettiest I've seen.

    -Barbie Deland. Spun out, will do anything you want fun.

    -Layla deland - 15 year vet with a tight v and super clean- but basic service.

    -Red deland - (the white one) very new, probably a temporary gig for her.

    -Naomi lake Mary non GFE but fun and great head game.

    -MarinaGFE. Bang bros porn star who loves to please.

    -Yessi. Sexy millennial who makes you feel like a sleazy professor, so fun.

    -Olivia Gold- amazing body non GFE.

    -Jade orlando- 19 big ass, nice skin, flat stomach, higher on 420 than imaginable, pound away.

    -YouTube gamer in apopka- don't do it smells like a goat.

    -Bella Knight Oviedo. Squirts, very sexy lady.

    -Nina Altamonte. Loves the D and fun.

    -Alexa orlando. Newish on USA guide PSE anything any way just do. She came 6 times in 20 mins.

    -Jencici- holister model body. Boring fuck.

    -Emily Altamonte- sexy girl, about 6 months Prego at the moment but still posting.

    -Ariel Travers. Amazing body will fuck you silly and loves cum.

    I just started this "hobby" in May. I've had go success so far 7 providers not listed here because I had those dreams out of state / our area.

    I've had a good time with every provider I've seen so far in central Florida Reasons:

    *I've dreamed mostly with rated / reviewed girls.

    *I'm respectful of them and treat them like biz women not ****** (unless they want me to I. E. Laura, Crystal, Alexa, Ariel).

    I'm very clean.

    *I am fit and good looking.

    *I know how to not over stay my welcome.

    *I don't push them to do things they are not comfortable with.

    *If they are into the session I work hard to get them off.

    *I warm up the box before I just start plowing away.

    Girls will always use the best pics they have, go into a Dream expecting the best then work with what they have.

    Be a little realistic with expectations- your are stuffing your dick in them for like 60,80,100 bucks.

    Unless you are like Brad Pitt or something cut them some slack, if you want to fuck a super model pay a Eros girls like 500 and hour.

    It's a game. Play to have fun.

    Hey man are you referring to the Alexa that advertises on the sister site in the massage section?

    Thanks for the help man.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lehmonade  [View Original Post]
    I am such an ass... My mind went straight into the gutter on this one LMAO. Uploaded the pics just in case the ads go down.

    From hard work to finished product. Bon Appetit!
    😂 I'm fucking dying here😂.

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    Alyssa Info

    I noticed that ad a few weeks ago and wondering the same thing. Really looks TGTBT. Looking myself. Would love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by BillTheKid  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have intel on Alyssa. Concerned she may be TGTBT. Did a tineye search but got no results so maybe legit.

    In info would be appreciated.н640;4327;959;965;-genuine-and-sweet /24757278.

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    Ophelia and Samantha

    What's going on Orlando mongers. We got a couple girls over traveling together, now here in Tampa, that have a 407/805 number / s. Wondering if any of you guys have any Intel on them. The blonde: and the brunette: PM me if you prefer. TIA.

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    Part 2 of my Double Header

    Kandy Krush.

    A couple hours after seeing Maria, I was feeling like I wanted to sleep again.

    I contacted Kandy Krush. She has been reviewed before and every time I see her add I get this weird feeling that I need to see her.

    I showed up around the airport area and got the room # easy call and text set up. I walked in abd she too was wearing this nice silk robe. A nice kiss to say hello. Yes there is baby damage but did not bother me 1 bit.

    I can not explain my dream in too much detail because I could write on forever on how I felt.

    Lets just say sometimes you and another fit just like a puzzle peice. Perfect. Her hips and that box! Her riding me and in Mish brought me back 15 years when I dreamt of my best friends girl. (Ex girl, 1 week after breakup) LOL. Perfectly shaped for me.

    I had an outstanding dream with Kandy, LFK, CBJ, K9, Mish to completion in the Magnum.

    Being inbetween those legs. Felt like I was meant and built to be right there. So much so I contacted her again that night for another visit. (Damn that would be 3 dreams in a day) but we couldn't arange a resonable time because of course I do have to wake up eventually to get to real life and dinner.

    Everyone is different so YMMV but I am going to repeat ASAP. She didn't do anything outrageous or different from anyone else I've seen, Its just the feeling you get when your with certain individuals.

    Pros: IMO, everything once again YMMV.

    Cons: a little baby damage. And was a CBJ, not BBBJ.

    Woke up missing $.

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