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    Searching for chocolate.

    Anyone got a solid ebony chick? Been loving the Colombians, the white girls, but need my ebony fix. PM or just reply to my report. I need chocolate!

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    Thanks for the info

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuke29  [View Original Post]
    Hey brother. I almost saw her, but I read reveiws that are not favorable, as well as another monger who informed me of his not so good experience. But remember, YMMV. Good luck.
    I was trying to figure out if she is the same Desire that was reviewed on here for gaining 100 lbs since the pics? I'll have to pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trailhead  [View Original Post]
    Anybody seen this girl?

    Thanks for any info.
    Hey brother. I almost saw her, but I read reveiws that are not favorable, as well as another monger who informed me of his not so good experience. But remember, YMMV. Good luck.

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    SHY is a LEGEND!!

    Quote Originally Posted by KatanaBlade  [View Original Post]

    My review is at the end of this, but first and foremost once again thanks for your contributions to this forum. One of you saved me the trouble of trying to look up Amanda in Altamonte again. I had no business even trying to look her up, but thanks.

    Secondly, I am truly missing Shy right now. I know several of you claimed her to have the best BBJ in Orlando. It's not the best, but it definitely isn't shabby at all. Never really had a mind blowing experience with Shy, however, the best part about Shy was RELIABILITY! We are sorely missing that right now. When I needed to see Shy, for the most part she was available in a pinch. The only thing you had to make sure to do was send her text saying you had arrived as you were leaving the house so that by he time you actually did get there, she would be ready for you. If not, she would have you waiting for 30 minutes or longer downstairs.

    Not sure what's going on here in Orlando, but I'm not giving any BP provider any coinage that enters into the triple digits. As my AA friends would say, man you got me f*cked up. I have said before, I can't knock any mongers here for how they choose to spend their own money, but I was spoiled where I came from. I had plenty of good visits for $50 or less, max $60, dispelling the myth that "you get what you pay for". But for what we put up with here in Orlando for some of the rates these providers charge, it's hilarious and infuriating at the same time.

    You want me to give you $100 or more for half an hour of your time, but when I open the door, it's not you at all, or it's you 50 pounds heavier. Then your service sucks. Then you have 1000 rules. Why do we put up with this sh*tty service? And another thing, what's up with all these transgender providers? I hate looking at the videos on BP now because at times I can no longer tell whether or not I'm watching a dude shake his ass which no one wants to see. Well, correction, some on you actually do want to see because if not, they wouldn't be advertising on BP.

    Let's not even talk about the AMP's. $240 total for a FS visit at the two premiere spots. Seriously? The reasons why I am able to live as comfortably as I do is because I'm frugal. I refuse. Sure the reviews are absolutely amazing from everyone who visits, but I'll never experience that unless someone tried to sponsor me, and even then I wouldn't let them. It's the principle. If we only knew how much power we held with our dollars. If we only knew. As I digress, just now realizing that my ATF in Atlanta and Shy here in Orlando has spoiled me with reliable service and accurate representation for a fair market rate. As for my review.

    Seen her . You can't see her face in any photo and there's a reason for that. True definition of a butter face. But BBJ and view from K9 might have me repeat in a pinch. $50 QV.

    Also saw When I saw her she didn't have some of the pics up that she does now. The newer pics give a more accurate view of what to expect. Can't really say anything negative about the visit. I try not to overhype these reviews. Polite girl. Decent BBJ. Decent CG. $60 QV. I will more than likely repeat.

    Gentlemen, as always, please be safe, please stay aware. And thank you for the contributions here that allow us to do just that.
    Bro, CG1 couldn't agree more! Shy is a legend, DT was thorough, sloppy, and straight up magical at times. Happy she's out of the game, but if anyone has her as a UTR CG1 will make it more than worth your while for the digits.

    -CG1 Out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleo  [View Original Post]
    Researching missz melo.

    Video and some old pics with nothing on enjoy.
    She must have been feeling generous that day in the video because my visit were not as long as this guy. Although he had the volume turned down when she was talking, I can assume she started complaining and rushing him to finish.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Internationaq  [View Original Post]
    Dreamed I went and saw another Colombian. Thought she was hooked up with the other ones, but stopping at the same hotel and some random dude answering the door was what through me off haha. She was at a hotel less than a quarter mile from where the other girls stay. Could still be linked with the other girls but who knows and who cares. Same rate, $ for HHR, caught it when I found out I had to work a double yet was given an hour break. Let me say, she is the chick in the pics. A little heftier, made her tits and ass bigger so that was good, but hit her face a bit unforgivingly. Still, no complaints here. She had a great waist to hips to ass ratio, MASSIVE tits, and was into the session more so than the other girls. CBJ for five minutes and then I took my time in a few variations of doggy, ultimately busting via her backing up on me nice and slow. Blasted into the cover, wet wipes and rubber removal via her, then an early dinner and back to my job. Was fun!
    I've seen her ad for about a year but never saw a single review. I would not have believed that she would have been the girl that opened the door if I had toftt. She is definitely my brand. Going to give you some credibility and make that call. Anything else we should know? Thanks. Peace.

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    Summer sucks

    Saw her on 192 at a hotel she lives in with her lesbian girlfriend. I should have waited til her otherhalf was home for a double trouble bbbjnqns, but I only dreamt that with her. She is friendly, but a few years and a few pounds heavier than the pics appear. She clouded my dream with some straight sucking and she played magician with the money shot. 40 tokens for bus fare, but she was in need that day. Normal bus fare is 60, but I'd walk first.

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    That's a shame

    Quote Originally Posted by DRacer  [View Original Post]

    I have seen her a couple of time before she tried to clean up, saw her ad and tried to schedule with her. What a waste of 5 hours. Nothing but excuses and said she was on her way. I hear she is now working with management at her incall location. Be careful.
    I hit her up about 6 months ago. Good time, she's quite the talker but 2 pops and a solid hour. No K-9, couldn't figure out why. Must of been a bad experience. She's been in the game a long time and stayed in a mid / low end hotel. Now knowing she has management, doubt will ever go back. Too bad too.

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    Ok you ve heard it all so I'm going to add somthing to it nobody has talked about marina is a squirter and gets even tighter after she squirts service 100 points bbj 100 points hopefully we can make arrangements for pse on my next vist.

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    Familiar pics

    Quote Originally Posted by JessePink  [View Original Post]

    Anyone try this on for size?

    I never sampled, but I do remember those facial pics. They never had the face blocked in the past. Makes me suspicious.

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    Mt Dora newbie

    Anyone try this on for size?


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    Samantha near UCF

    Hit up 5 different providers all of whom were either not available or not answering. Only remember 1 review of this lady so I figured what the hell might as well since I didn't want to jerk off. Responded back within 5 min. Went with the qv for 60. Like the 1 review I remember reading, incall was right off a semi busy street. Inside the house was a complete cluster fuck and junk everywhere. No odors tho. She does look like her pics which was a relief but her teeth are in bad shape. Didn't care so we start with a bbj. Pretty ok job all 1 minute she did it then she reached for cover to start FS. Wanted the top to last longer but OK I just went with it. Did mish for about 3 or 4 min then she wanted to stop from it being too painful. Heads up she is very petite so if you have a big package you will be disappointed. She went back to BJ for a little bit which turned into a HJ until completion. No matter your size she didn't seem too interested in giving head period. I will say with all the disappointment, she did try and was nice personality wise. Only recommend if your go to providers aren't available and you don't feel like jerking off. post /20796140/.

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    Review under Lauren

    Quote Originally Posted by MaryMary123  [View Original Post]
    Hi everyone.

    Anybody has tried Gia?
    Google the number. She has reviews under Lauren on the other site. Not the best of reviews.

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    Need recommendations

    Going to be in the Orlando area tomorrow. Any recommendations of GFE provider that do outcalls? Thanks in advance for your assists.

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    Sara / KY Duration

    I was going to the Longwood area to meet up with a provider that I started seeing, but after traveling for almost 30 min from where I was, she tells me that she is not home at the moment. So instead of having a wasted trip, I decided to check out BP and see who was in the area. I found Sara's ad and vaguely remember seeing other reviews, I don't think they were stellar, but decided to go ahead anyway. Text the number and she responded within 5 minutes with donation and general location. I actually told her what was going on with my situation, and asked if she could do a lesser donation than what she stated; I figured the worst she could say is no, and I'd just go home. But, she said she'd do it this time, and gave me her actual location at a nearby motel.

    Got to the spot and just as I'm pulling in some guys pull up in a truck. She tells me her room number, and of course the guys are parked right outside. I decided to wait and told her what was going on, and she said it was probably the manager. I see he takes a lawn mower off the back of the truck so I assumed she was telling the truth. So after they disappeared to the back, she came outside to greet me and let me in the room. Small room, she's a smoker, and room smelled of it, but it didn't bother me. She looks a bit older than the age on her ad, but not so bad. It's definitely her, but with a few more years than advertised. Body was decent but legs had some marks. Nice enough ass, smooth skin. She's probably a candy girl, but either way she was able to hold a decent conversation with me.

    I put the donation on a nearby counter as she's talking, and she walks over and picks it up and counts it. She then proceeds to get undressed. I lay on the bed and she is bent over the side and starts a somewhat mechanical BJ. It was ok, nothing to write home about. After a few minutes, she hands me a rubber and I slip it on. She then tells me that she only does 2 positions: K9 and mish. Well luckily I'm a K-9 guy, so I agreed. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned with my johnson (more on that later), so I took the rubber off, laid back down and she gave me more head until completion. She handed me some baby wipes to clean myself after. Just as I'm cleaning myself, I hear a timer go off, and she says "oh right on time! So after a little more small talk, I leave the premises.

    Pros: She was willing to take a lesser donation "this time" (I gave 60, she originally asked for 80 QV, 100 HH, 160 HR). Personality was friendly enough. Body was similar to pics. No signs of management.

    Cons: Had a timer going so that qualifies as a clock watcher. Only offered two positions. No Greek available for the Greek lovers (I didn't ask for it but she let me know it wasn't available). Somewhat mechanical.

    Since these are dreams, I'd say she would be what I call a "NAPP": iN A Pinch Provider. I may repeat if my regular in that area isn't available, but probably won't go out of my way. YMMV.

    So, I didn't get to do K-9 with her because I decided to try some KY Duration. I originally was going to save the test run for my UTR who is on birth control (no rubber), but since her or the other provider wasn't available, I used it before I met Sara. It says about 3-10 sprays, but since I wasn't sure how effective it was going to be, I used about 7. Let me just say, that I almost couldn't feel anything LOL. I was pretty numb, and the combination of the rubber and the spray made it hard to stay hard for me LOL. So next time I use it, I'll go easy on the sprays and see what happens. But if anyone had any doubts about how it works, it definitely works. I would say to start out on the light side of the sprays at first though.

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