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    Jewels & Thumper

    Scheduled a visit with these two. Had to wait on them once I got in their area off Academy Dr. Decent incall although a little messy. Did the doubles visit for 30 minutes. Damage was $200, which I think is reasonable for a good threesome. Asked if there was girl on girl play and was told yes. Asked about services and got the runaround, so kinda flying blind going in. Everything covered, no kissing, no play with the boys, no FIV. No is all I heard. Did both of them, popped and got out of there. Overall a 30 minute visit with the delay and standing around to go inside cost me, with the drive over there about an hour and a half. I'd say there was about 20 minutes of play. They were busy and I know had others coming in behind me, so I got the old you going to go ahead and cum for us routine. For $200, I should have had a hell of a lot better experience than that. So, nope, not going to do that again. Sad when you can't even enjoy a threesome.
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    Highly recommended.

    She's beet er looking than her photos and she's very accommodating and skillful. She's also smart and can carry on a good conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuckHed  [View Original Post]
    Both are legit, sisters I believe. If you decide to see Jessica, prepare yourself for upsell and rushed session.
    I looked at the pics and it looks more like mother and daughter to me. But both still very pretty.

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    I ran into Jaya over the weekend. I'm pretty sure she's the one in the photos, but I can't say so definitely. Regardless she's attractive woman visiting from Huntsville. She's easy to set up an appointment with and staying in a nice hotel in the Lakshore area. CBJ and CFS (mish and some of the best k9 that I've had recently, probably other positions as well). I enjoyed my visit and will repeat if she's back in town.
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    I ran into Lexi the other day. The pics are recent and accurate though she may be a little bigger than the photos suggest. But she's still attractive. Unfortunately she's staying in a cheap hotel near the airport, but she was easy to set up an appointment with and pretty easy going. BBBJ and CFS for 100. I enjoyed my visit but I doubt I'll repeat. Good time on the whole.
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    Visit Details

    Quote Originally Posted by Folowmetooz  [View Original Post]
    Lots of fun. Very into everything. Not GFE but some extras. Will definitely repeat.
    Can you provide any additional details on the visit? Location, donation and services? It'd be greatly appreciated by the masses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveO256  [View Original Post]

    Definitely looks the part! Could be a fun & wild one.

    Also has BP ads in Mississippi and Tuscaloosa also.

    2 x5-503-6621.
    She's a stiff really no enthusiasm in her services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HopaLoong  [View Original Post]
    Don't waste your time or money. A total waste. Did not show for scheduled appointment. Did not call or text. How low class can you get? May be law enforcement.
    I can only relate my own experience. She did not show for a scheduled appointment. No call no text. I would never call her again. I guess she got a better offer.

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    I saw Amber on 280 last week, midlevel hotel by Zaxbys. She had a very sexy outfit on. Big boobies / big ass. I would say a small BBW. Cute hair cut / cute face / better than average teeth. Ok, 30 min damage was. 8. She was really horny acting, really aggressive CBJ. She offered to go bare for. 40, I said no to the upsale. Then we started K9, she was into it, saying fuck me harder fuck me harder. She was really taking good dick. She then offered Greek for an additional. 40, I said again, didn't like upcharge philosophy. Then went mish and bust one. Pros: good service. Cons: well she double booked so had to answer phone a few times, tried to upcharge, and was rushed to leave secondary to a double book. Will probably repeat but just offer $. 2 from the beginning to get BBBJ and ask for Greek in order to avoid an upcharge.

    Here is her link:
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    Don't pay that

    Quote Originally Posted by NoAlibis  [View Original Post]
    Nuru body rub, $190.34?
    She has definitely gone up on her prices. There is no way I would pay the nuru deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobAnders  [View Original Post]

    Met Lacey last night in Vestavia. She is early 30's petite, good body with a little extra stomach from kids. She is sweet and easy to talk to. She has a reg job and does this for extra cash. No drugs but definitely drinks. After a bit of waiting for her to shower (which I don't mind) we talked for awhile then started with BBBJ, doggie, covered mish and cowgirl. OMG I had never had a woman shake and moan like this one. When I first started from behind she twitched, twerked and shuddered like she was possesed. Comical, interesting and erotic all at once. At first I thought what tha? Then she kept it up so I dunno if deserves an Academy award or what. Very good oral skills and has no problem taking it all.

    Damage was. 8 for an hour. On the fence if I will repeat.
    I saw Lacey, a little baby damage is right on. She has a very pretty face, attractive figure, and easy going personality. Hygiene and service was more than satisfying, and easy on the wallet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SundanceKid  [View Original Post]
    I agree with Alamassage1. I have always had a great time with Carmin. Shr has been an excellent provider for me.
    Nuru body rub, $190.34?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SundanceKid  [View Original Post]
    I agree with Alamassage1. I have always had a great time with Carmin. Shr has been an excellent provider for me.
    I, too, have had a very positive recent (within 5 days) experience with Carmin and I intend to repeat.

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    Ms. Patricia? Any info on her?

    Definitely looks the part! Could be a fun & wild one.

    Also has BP ads in Mississippi and Tuscaloosa also.

    2 x5-503-6621.
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    Anna- used to be Jade I think

    Photos are spot on, probably even more attractive in person. Hotty spinner! 100 hr and full GFE. She set her timer and didn't rush- couldn't ask for better service.

    You will smell like smoke when you leave so if that's an issue be warned. Reasonable in call off of Oxmore. I'd have been disinclined to go over there if she hadn't had a good review here some time back, and a long history of BP adds with that number.

    Have fun and be safe.

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