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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeF  [View Original Post]

    Better in person, honest, email her she is so sweet to eat.
    She's asking for a bit much to get in contact with her.

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    Alyse is coming March 26

    Better in person, honest, email her she is so sweet to eat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KPunch  [View Original Post]
    Legit yes fun no your money would be better spent somewhere else that's an old picture and even in it she looks not so great there better choices out there for your money. MJ.

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    Unfortunately yes. Why in the hell would you want to give that a go? That's basically a $20 street walker who's pretending to be something special because she has a phone and a way to post an ad.

    Quote Originally Posted by KPunch  [View Original Post]

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    Sorry try this link

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    Coming down from detroit

    Fellas, stopping in from detroit. Anyone that can verify this one is legit? post /25886222/.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wadee1  [View Original Post]
    OK guys anyone seen this babe, another bait and switch? Damn she's hot as hell, PM please.

    You might be interested in her latest review at this link.

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    I know two utr's, they don't advertise anywhere. One I've been seeing for two years, true definition of spinner! Absolutely gorgeous body and pretty face, I'll call her J. She's employed, has her own transportation, early 20's.

    The other I just met, cute, slim, very submissive, wants to please, I'll call her C. They know each other and will be willing to do doubles. Both are AA.

    If you're interested shoot me a pm, if you want pics include your email. Seniors only.

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    Damn the tooth fairy is here?

    OK guys anyone seen this babe, another bait and switch? Damn she's hot as hell, PM please.

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    Visiting and this past Sunday contacted Laceyb878 (per instagram link at bottom of ad). She contacted me back within the hour and we scheduled. She arrived as planned. Decent looking but she was wired! She even said during visit she was a coka-cola gal. Her last 4 digits are 5219 and I do not recommend seeing her. Rushed through everything but said she was a no rush. Lied!! It was so bad I opted for a BBBJ only and she could barely accomplish that, LOL, she was even fake choking at one point trying to get out of finishing. Anyway, don't waste your time! She's not worth it.

    I'm sure some already know this but I couldn't find any info prior to contacting her. On a good note, I did get to see other gals and will post on those in the correct locations soon. Be safe HD1.
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    Info on Nikki

    Hey guys, this lady may have had some comments on here but I have yet to find them. Could anyone tell me if they have seen "Nikki", and if so, was it worth the trip and any other info would be appreciated. I've been interested in this one before but she is hard to contact sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMG777  [View Original Post]
    I guess I've been burned too much. 9 times out of 10 for me attitude always went with it. You are probably right NT. I need to try to look past the bad experiences.
    Most times that I've encountered a girl speaking ghetto, it also had an awful attitude going along with it. Usually, those type girls treat white guys like they're stupid, and like they have no time for you, and if you aren't along with the program, then make way. Last time I picked up a girl like that, she was trying to tell me how to drive, talking ninety miles an hour, and just a total turn off. I think it real humorous when they talk like they're from the projects, and act like they are so much more smarter than you. I mean one of the only girls that posts on BP that has tempted me was that Queen girl, and seeing all that garbage on her social media just turned me off to her totally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamNel  [View Original Post]
    Have someone seen her I have seen her ads for a while and I always want to to pay her a visit.
    Same. If you TOFTT, be sure to report back. I'm tapped out for the month or I would.

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    Have someone seen her I have seen her ads for a while and I always want to to pay her a visit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaGuy727  [View Original Post]
    Found her on seeking arrangements, I've seen those pics on backpage awhile back.
    I'm sure it was one of the girls in BP but I think these pics was on her FB page.

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