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    Catfish Alert

    [Deleted by Admin]

    Why do you continue to review guys who are reviewing hookers?

    Where in the world did you get the idea that this site was about that?


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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatFun  [View Original Post]
    Had another dream about Jewelz. Slim blond that is intelligent and quite enthusiastic. Worth the visit.
    She is great but seriously.

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    Nadia. A morning visit that ended before it began

    Paid a visit to this little cutie in the morning, after agreeing on a time and price via text. She was fairly prompt, with only a light bit of radio silence but fucked up and gave me the wrong room number. After a brief period of standing outside the wrong door (while knocking a few times) I went back to my hoopty and prepared to leave. First, though, I sent her a "WTF" text. She immediately replied "Are you still here"? I wrote back, "Yes, but I can only stand outside your door for so long".

    She then realized her oopsie and gave me the correct number. So far this was nothing too unusual for this hobby. I returned and knocked on the right door.

    She greeted me in a long oversize t-shirt and nothing else, and immediately asked if I was LE. I said "no", but also explained to her how a proper check should be done, and in the process she took my hand and had me feel her left breast. From that brief moment of contact I can tell you that she has fairly large, VERY soft hangers. She also is "petite", as her ad states, only in that she is very short. She is, however, relatively thick, but in what I suspect is a rather soft way. On the plus side, she's probably the girl in her ad's face photo and she is very cute.

    From our brief discussion I determined that she is seriously soft-spoken and seems to be a bit submissive. Also she appears to be VERY new at this game. That said, she does not kiss, and is a total "safety girl".

    So far, nothing unacceptable, until I suddenly noticed light coming through the crack around the closed bathroom door, and heard the shower start up. At that point I asked if there was someone in the bathroom, and she said, "Yes, my sister". She assured me it was okay, because "she does the same thing (escort)". Unfortunately, an unseen and unknown person in the bathroom is a total deal-breaker for me, so I made my apologies and left before it got any weirder.

    Yeah, I know. Some of you are thinking the smart thing would be to negotiate a 3-way. Except I would rarely do that if only ONE of the girls was an unknown quantity, and NEVER do it with both being unknown. So maybe I missed a great opportunity, or maybe I ducked a bullet.

    The take away here, my friends, is whatever you make of the above facts. I would definitely have partaken of Nadia alone, if we actually WERE alone. But discretion and the little voice in my head hollering louder than the little head in my pants ruled the day, and I split while the splitting was good.
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    Dior - "Taylor Dior"

    Just saw this beauty; report to follow. Photos are legit, as confirmed by the tattoo on her right shoulder. However, in the photos her features are very heavily made up. In real life she is still quite attractive, but you would not recognize her on the street. The lighter skin tones in her stocking and matching lingerie photos are far closer to her true skin appearance, which appeared to be blemish free.

    Very nice body. Solid and full, firm tits that are also "hangers" (Girth's favorite). Pierced nipples, slender waist, wide hips but no noticeable baby damage. She eschews any kind of lube in her vagina and even though she very wet on her own she was extremely snug on Mini-Girth. Other issues will put her score on the Girth Johnson Standard Review Scale at an estimated 16/21. 5, but even so I would definitely repeat if my work schedule wasn't in the way. She'll be here until Tuesday next week. 150/200. Super Safety Girl. Wants a "tip" for kissing, not sure much else loosens up from tipping though.

    In short, legit provider with some notable caveats.
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    Ho Humor

    I wonder who's really behind the ad photo below. It's hard for me to imagine a provider being both so clever and self-deprecating.

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    Jewelz Jordan-enthusiastic

    Had another dream about Jewelz. Slim blond that is intelligent and quite enthusiastic. Worth the visit.

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    Holly: Catfish?

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyFishin  [View Original Post]
    Careful! Holly's pics show up on a Trans Review site:
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenNutz  [View Original Post]
    On TER the majority of her reviews are "Average" or below, and her calculated numerical scores are 5. 71/10 for appearance and 4. 71/10 for performance. Her two most recent reviews, one in April 2017 and one in May 2017, rated her "Plain" for her looks and "She just laid there" for the fucking.

    Even the most optimistic save-a-hoe monger should probably pass on this one, unless you're into that whole self-punishment thing.
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    Mona aka Prita

    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenNutz  [View Original Post]
    Mona has advertised and worked in Anchorage before under the name Prita, and if I'm not mistaken, other 'Indian' names. She has several negative reviews at TER that confirm that she is not the girl in the stolen photos she uses; she's fatter and not as attractive as the model in the photos. TER 317929.
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    Pleasure with Birthday lady Itzel

    Had a date with Itzel yesterday that made my day! Attractive, sexy as ever woman! Pretty eyes, soft smooth skin, long dark brown hair, a beautiful woman. Friendly, cheery, intelligent personality! Large natural breasts that she enjoys having attention given to them.

    Very passionate oral skills and no quickies here. I did an hour date with her and started out with a 10 min. CBJ and spent rest of hour back and forth couple of times cow girling and her on her back we both enjoyed this so much, she is tight and responsive. Soft moaning, louder moaning and screams when organisming. On top she leans back, leans forward with large breasts hanging and swinging all the while humping!

    Itzel is also fun to take out to a nice place for a bite to eat and a drink after a rendezvous with her.

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    Additional Sin Banks info

    Through direct communication with "Sin Banks", via text, I've learned that her rates are 160 hh / 260 hr and she is a NON-GFE "safety Girl". Presumably this means no kissing, daty, fiv, etc. Also, every intimate activity will have to be covered.

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    How many clients

    I've talked to different girls about this. The ones that are posting every day seem to average about three. Four a day. That's wha they need to buy their medicine and pay their bills. The ones that just appear now and then try to make as much money in as short a time as possible. So they'll take as many clients as they can.

    Quote Originally Posted by BarryBurton  [View Original Post]
    One thing I do after seeing a provider is check her posting on BP right after I drive off. Just think, you know you've just spent the last 30 minutes to an hour pounding that girl in all your favorite positions. You've worked her hard, sweating all over her until you've finished in her mouth, on her body or covered deep inside only to see her post again only 10 min after you pulled out of the hotel parking lot. These girls are like a runway at Ted Stevens International and we're all 737's circling for our chance to land. Have a safe flight.

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    Sin Banks aka Nina aka Karmen

    Quote Originally Posted by Citadel33  [View Original Post]
    I did a search here and didn't see any relevant results. Any info on Sin Banks?

    A bit of research shows it's likely the person in the pictures. But I was hoping to find out a bit more if possible.



    Thanks in advance.
    No personal experience with her but her ad with the photos labelled 'Sin Banks" caught my attention as well. The research I did shows she's running three ads with three different numbers and photos of what appear to be three different girls here in Anchorage:

    Interestingly I haven't found a single review anywhere for any of them.
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    Sin Banks?

    I did a search here and didn't see any relevant results. Any info on Sin Banks?

    A bit of research shows it's likely the person in the pictures. But I was hoping to find out a bit more if possible.



    Thanks in advance.

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