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    Got the job done

    I had a dream about this one the other day.

    In this dream it was. 40 for a quick visit. Nothing really special for sure, I just needed a release. BBBJ with some dt too. She did alright but I will not be back as she was just not into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godspell  [View Original Post]
    Undercover cops in her super 8 hotel.

    Is this the Gabby? Location seems right there is a Motel 6 next to the Super 8 - must be a numbered Motel bonanza!

    There was in the near past a major shooting at that Motel 6, and the Super 8 is bugged with video cameras one day the front desk clerk showed me. One the plus side, its close to K-Mart so if you need anything very convenient. "Attention K-Mart Shoppers! A special on BBBJ for only $40. Be sure to have the provider send a topless pic for screening. Cleanup on aisle 12. Thank you for shopping. ".

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    JJ the "BJ Queen" is deep throat royalty


    *older pics.

    *not a great body although she is chesty.

    *car date only.

    *Sketchy pickup location.

    *only offers oral no extra services.

    *65 is steep for a car date.

    *a bit too slow in delivery but she sped up when instructed.


    *BBBJ CIM swallow and endless deep throat.

    *Oh the enthusiasm! Work work work work works for it.

    *Fantastic dirty talk between breaths. Pornographic. Repeatedly asked me to push her head down.

    *Zero gag reflex and completely into being controlled or directed. Very much into throat fucking.

    *Not a clock watcher.

    *took it all in at the moment of truth. Even said thank you after!

    Great personality I would consider repeating it was quite special.

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    Candi cheap but effective nut

    Candi reminds me of that penny candy I used to buy in the stores. 20 for CBJ? That's street girl procing and she has her own place. She's a big ugly gal but the pics didn't suggest otherwise. Service was uninspired to say the least. But not a clock watcher and in the end my goal was achieved. A release for less than the price of a tank of gas I'll take it. Sometimes that's all I need.

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    Gabby from BP on van buren

    Undercover cops in her super 8 hotel.

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    Reviews only

    I saw these two providers recently and recommend both of them:

    Red head in run down motel. Very good provider.

    Spinner black girl. Fun but a little shy. Saw her Scottsdale but now is only doing Outcall.

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    Demi had been on my TDL for a while and finally got around to seeing her for a half hour. Typical 2 call, got to her driveway and she came out to lead me to the back guest house. Her pics are accurate. She started with an ice-breaker massage and it went from there. I had a good time and can see myself repeating in the future. Her only rules she gave me were no parking in the rear lot and no FIV.

    Stay safe.

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    Back to my ATF

    After my last two abysmal Adventures, I decided it was time to go back to my all-time favorite. Tara has a very nice apartment in the Far West Valley, with a shower for either before or after. She greeted me at the door with a smile and a hug and led me back into her massage room.

    While I will not go into explicit details here, just because our favorite uncle might be reading, my session with her was everything I could imagine and hope for.

    Pm me for details.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    Don't feed the trolls


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    [Deleted by Admin]

    Don't feed the trolls


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    [Deleted by Admin]

    I don't care what name you use, I have told you that you may post reviews and nothing more.


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    Charging Criteria

    Quote Originally Posted by DavePHX  [View Original Post]
    Huh? Undercovers send fake pictures all the time. The top 3 "agents" are actually quite attractive, sharp detectives but obviously, the pictures are not of them.
    I remember I researched this from Dave's site which at one time indicated that the Maricopa County charging criteria indicated that the government could not be nude or post or distribute nude AND exposed pics. So also it was further clarified it would be able to be nude so long but not exposed per Dave's post. Exposed would indicate a nipple but naked and unexposed would still satisfy the charging criteria and also an ass is not nudity under the criteria.

    Said another way:

    A full topless pic with both nipples indicates that the charging criteria is not met and therefore a government undercover could not do this.

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    Please don't feed the trolls and a REVIEW

    [Deleted by Admin]

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    Next time report the post and let me deal with it. You cannot beat trolls to death you can only starve them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPoon  [View Original Post]
    O ye, of little faith:

    The topless pics are not screening to prove she is a provider the topless pic is to screen she is NOT AN AGENT!
    With how advanced technology is, your still lookng for a "wire"? If they wanted you, they'd have you already. Plus how they would bug a room, they'd get audio and video. I have no clue which Kool-aid you've drank, but let me know so I can avoid it.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

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