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    Has anybody seen stormy lately? She is the one with a dolphin tattoo on her tit. She gave great BBBJ.

    Last time I saw Stormy was approximately 3-4 months ago. Haven't seen any postings since.

    Agree on the BBBJ.

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    Storm or stormy

    Has anybody seen stormy lately? She is the one with a dolphin tattoo on her tit. She gave great BBBJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiccoLatin  [View Original Post]

    Has anyone seen this one or have info?
    Yes, I have. Don't waste your time and money unless you pop in five minutes. Half-assed CBJ for only a few minutes and she asked me to mount her Mish. She popped soon afterwards and expected me to do the same. She started whining after about ten minutes. I asked for Russian and did that for a bit. She told me to finish my self off! WTF! She cut me off completely only after twenty minutes though I arranged for a hour. She was complainingly that I was asking for a PSE and she couldn't do it. Absolutely not worth the time of day. This was probably the worst experience I have ever had.

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    Has anyone seen this one or have info?

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    I'm inspired by lvlatina's rants to say this: I hereby retract any and all nice comments I made some time ago about Bella, the outcall body rub gal. That's all I'll say, as I'm not the spiteful type. Just that I take it all back.

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    Doesn't pay to be polite, courteous or respectful

    <Rant on Dropped a short email to Lois aka asubmissivewoman at. Her posts say to introduce yourself and like most others to refrain from crude language so I'm polite courteous and respectful, all the things that are asked of us. Response - "Everything about you screams official! Take care. " Gave her the names of who she could contact for references. All I got back was crickets. </ Rant off .

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmoreCono  [View Original Post]
    These ladies from BP & if so would love some information I ended up doing screen shots figured would be faster & just in case ladies deleted ad or what not.
    Amber Fox xxx-3501: She gives awesome BBBJ, but other reviewers are correct, her place is a mess. Last time I was there there were 2 needles on the side of the bed, before that episode she told me she stop using and doing yoga and such. It was $ . 6 for hr but I stop seeing her because of my discovery. She is actually a nice person, doesn't travel like other providers.

    Not Cheap backrub: Stay away. She gave lame massage and no extra. It was. 9 for the hour few years back when she lived on the east side. She is cute though, her kids were watching TV in living room, I passed them heading to bed room where she did the massage. I did not repeat.

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    Its a trap!!

    1st one is tall and heavy and of course looks nothing like the photo.

    2nd one has a thick body, a little too much round for me in the midsection and face is below average.

    $ for half and not worth it. They are working together. Was completely turned off.

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    Beware! She is not the girl in the photos. No where near as curvy as the girl in the photo and is working with an AA pimp. $. 2 only to be informed afterwards that she will not provide FS and her clothes and panties stay on for a CBJ. Don't do it!! Not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCastle86  [View Original Post]
    Any information here can help me continue my adventures. I want to see all these girls but I don't feel like taking this many for the team. So if you are kind enough to share info about any of these girls, ill be sure to report on them.
    My understanding is the third photo you have, Linda, is in fact Tatiana from the clubs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigFatE  [View Original Post]
    Have a 4-hand massage scheduled, but cannot use either girl's apt. I'm looking for recommendations for pleasant accommodations in Tucson.
    Damn. Springing for a 4 handed and the room. Who are the lucky ladies. I need some of that. Haven't had a 4 hander.

    Since the Spanish days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCastle86  [View Original Post]
    So I saw these two post recently and I was blown away how hot they are. The first one is easily the sexiest girl I've ever seen on BP. I would seriously pay to suck a fart out of her ass like a bong hit.

    I have a sneaky suspicious they are not real. But if they are legit and you've seen one or both of them, please let me know. That first one has me drooling over here LOL.
    I couldn't stop laughing about the bong hit. She looks familiar and I THINK I've seen her advertise before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCastle86  [View Original Post]
    Sorry I don't even know this one's name. I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit that saw this one. Ugh. Here we go *smh*.

    So this one is morbidly obese, easily 350 pounds in person. She is the girl in the pics, but those pics have to be 10 years old at least. So why didn't I just walk away? Because I'm stupid that's why. Honestly I was just looking for head and was willing to close my eyes and then bounce out of there as quick as I could. Things did not go as planned.

    The Good: there nothing good about this one.

    The bad: her place reeks of piss and smoke, its overwhelming.

    The ugly: her. She is awful, she gives more HJ than BJ, and she is grossly obese.
    Difficult for me to believe one of these girls would post an old picture. Ha. Thel all do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigFatE  [View Original Post]
    Campbell to Kolb, Ft. Lowell to Broadway.
    La Quinta on Broadway and Wilmot is surprisingly nice considering the price. Very clean and comfortable. Perfect for a 4-handy. Enjoy, sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilligan46  [View Original Post]
    Tucson is a big town. What area of town. ?
    Campbell to Kolb, Ft. Lowell to Broadway.

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