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    MILF Nicole

    Her BP ad is no longer up.

    Had read several GLOWING reviews about Nicole and thought it would be great to see a quality MILF provider. After several texts that guided me to different checkpoints, I arrived at her IC duplex on time.

    Nicole greeted me at the door with a smile wearing a little nighty. Unfortunately, her smile revealed her dirty / brown-toothed decaying cavity-filled mouth. Also, her face had sores on it, which she tried to hide with her hair / makeup.

    She was very pleasant and cordial, and we headed straight back to the bedroom.

    Her living room and bedroom were absolutely NASTY. In additional to all the clothes and assort garbage / junk littering the floor, tables, and chairs, she has cats. Cat hair was EVERYWHERE. 2 cats were lying on top of the blanket that she had thrown on top of her bed. She got on the bed and invited me to join. At that point, 1 of the cats jumped off and the other stayed lying in its' corner.

    We both completely disrobed and she started with a BBBJ. Her BBBJ skills were very good and she seemed to enjoy giving head. At some point I stopped her, at which time she produced a condom and proceeded with CFS. GC & DG followed with me finishing quickly.

    Although her skills and attitude were good, the filth of her apartment and the sores / bruises on her face / body were just too much.

    I would NEVER repeat.



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    Dementia on steroids

    I want to know when we get an Aaliyah Hadid that doesn't ask 300 for what she does but will meet the client where they are within reason.

    Say 200. I mean, it's only an hour unlses.

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    Lorena the Cat eyed lady

    Quote Originally Posted by MotorboatJones  [View Original Post]
    It's not a concern for me. Her pussy and ass smell perfectly clean. I'm sure she mouthwashes.
    I agree on that. The time I was with her she was fresh and no hint of anything. I know she is very high volume and I'm sure she gets to much DNA into her and on her, but I know she washes and cleans her body really well. Fuck hard my friends.



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    Open Door Policy

    Why do some ladies when they set an appointment say the door will be open or when you arrive the door is open? Is this supposed to provide some sort to potential legal defense that they are not providers and you entered with out invite? Should I leave my hotel door open when setting up outcall. ?

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    Cat Eyes

    Quote Originally Posted by NotPhatAz  [View Original Post]
    What level of funk is contained within her at this point? Is this a legit concern?
    It's not a concern for me. Her pussy and ass smell perfectly clean. I'm sure she mouthwashes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicaLuv  [View Original Post]
    she gives the BEST BBBJCIMS ...
    What level of funk is contained within her at this point? Is this a legit concern?

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    Had an early morning appointment with Lorena aka Cat Eyes. As with the last visit, she is a little cautious and had me answer series of screen questions via text. I arrived at her incall / home location and headed straight to the Pleasure Place. Again, we got right down to business.

    For me, she gives the BEST BBBJCIMS that I have ever experienced. Her ad list her age at 36, but I wouldn't take that as the gospel. Also, her breast and ass have aftermarket equipment installed.

    She is very pleasant and REALLY good at her job.

    I will repeat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LikesToPlay  [View Original Post]
    Guys. I am by no means a cheapo. But I've asked 3 for pricing
    Negotiation 101 failure. You do not ask, you...

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    #3 Lauren, I saw her several years ago when she first started out. At that time a mediocre massage, but a decent HE. She may be a lot better by now. #7. I remember reading a post about her BF trying to sneak in & it ruined the encounter, but that, too, may have changed by now. #8. She came to the house several years ago & provided an average massage with no HE. However, I have read several posts where she now provides a HE, but don't know if massage has improved. No matter what I say here YMMV. Happy hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicaLuv  [View Original Post]
    From my recent experience, over 39 wasn't an issue.


    No problem with me either at mid 40's.

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    What's up with prices?

    Guys. I am by no means a cheapo. But I've asked 3 for pricing and got rates from 350 to 500 from BP girls? It used to be around 200. Did I fall asleep and miss the economic recovery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoniLicker  [View Original Post]
    At one time she was reliable, but like many has succumbed to aluminum foil with a black sticky substance on it that one gets to creat smoke by heating the other side of the aluminum foil. I'm guessing that has foiled her reliability? She dies not own a car, sometimes trades for rides to out calls, may be close to homeless or having to live with a friend girl?
    I've never hired her but considered it. I had quite a long conversation over text with her. She appeared reasonable and made mention if her unhealthy habits, even expressed regret.

    She told me that she lived with a group of girls but that she could not host because they disapprove of her lifestyle. I asked if she could just tell them that we are dating. She said they've heard that too many times. Her family has mostly abandoned her.

    All she could offer was outcall with a ride or a car date. Neither of those was convenient for me so I passed. It's too bad. Despite not being as pretty as some other providers, she seemed somewhat level-headed and interested in providing good service. 'Guess I almost fell for it.

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    Yup! She has quirky side, will occasionally come up with some unusual logic to support her becoming negative.

    Don't mention Viagra! Assign your need for a second pop to how much she get you turned on!

    Happy Hunting.

    I do reviews for various reasons, and Lois is getting a review as a warning to other guys who might see her ads, and think about spending money on her. I think Lois expressed it best when she told me "I am so done with Backpage". The problem here is that Lois keeps posting ads, and booking appointments, and accepting money. When you are unhappy with you job, it comes though in different ways. I would not repeat, and I do not recommend Lois.

    I had seen Lois a couple of times, 2-3 years ago, and enjoyed 1 hour appointments each time (Full GFE menu, DFK, DATY, FIV, CIM MSOG). When I texted Lois, we set up a 1 hour meeting for the following day, and I expected the same experience as before.

    I texted her 20 minutes before the appointment, and got directions and I arrived on time. I paid the fee and took a shower, and we chatted for a few minutes before I moved on to a BBBJ. Lois was friendly and polite, as before. Then I DATY / DATO and put on a condom. As we were fucking I casually mentioned that I was going to cum shortly, take a break, then fuck her a second time, as I had taken Viagra. That is when things started going badly.

    Lois complained that she was unhappy to hear that I had used Viagra for our date, and that she discouraged her customers from taking any drugs to make their cocks hard. She said it wasn't natural, and wasn't needed, and it made her life hard because (with Viagra type drugs) customers could pound their hard cocks into her for long periods of time, which was difficult on her 55 year old vagina. She told me if I wanted to take those drugs, I should find a young woman to fuck, and not her. The problem here is that I didn't pound her for 10-15 minutes in one position. I had only been fucking her for maybe 1. 5 minutes. And then we switched positions and I fucked her for 2-3 minutes before I came.

    We chatted for 40 minutes, then we started a second time. This took longer, and it was only BBBJ, and then I jerked off while Lois FIV herself.

    The problem with Lois is she was agitated / upset because of what somebody did to her 3 months ago with a cock pounding. Then when I show up on time, and pay her up front, and take a shower, all she can think about is what somebody did to her 3 months ago, not when I actually did to her during our date.

    Lois needs to stop posting ads, making appointments, and accepting money.

    It is not unusual that escorts act "ditsy". One cud conclude they must be to do what they do?

    Happy Hunting.

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