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    I'm done

    I am no longer going to participate in this forum nor am I going to get involved in this hobby since all of my previous posts have been fictional entertainment.

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    Re: Latina Andrea

    Chica Luv, I saw her also, perhaps two months ago, outcall to my home. She has a very pretty face, and is a really nice and fun woman. Just not my preferred body type, so I didn't see her again. But I really liked her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDoe5830  [View Original Post]
    Nicole Lords, Carmen Rose, Sage Green, even Lorelei have it down better.
    I've seen the first and last on that list. I saw Nicole Lords just once and I still don't see what all the hoopla was about, maybe I should try her again. Lorelei I have seen a few times. I kind of like her. I wish she still turned me on like she did the first time. Her oral skills were so good I almost lost it, and for me, that's a miracle. I still think of seeing her now and again, but haven't in a while.

    I gave up completely on the scheduling nightmare Jess, but am still tempted when I hear it's worth all the effort to see her.

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    Latina Andrea

    Saw this sexy little Latina this weekend. She was running a. 45/ qv special.

    Sexii andrea - 24.

    Call me baby specials all day.

    Want to relax and enjoy your time? Call me for extraordinary time.


    80 qv 100 hh 150 hr.

    BBBJ, DFK, CFS Small breast and great ass / hips. Wasn't wearing as much makeup as show in photos and hair was different. Looked younger.

    Easy going and not a clock watcher.

    Would repeat.


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    Discreet treat best kept secret - 37

    I've read very favorable reviews of her when she was in the Phoenix area' might have been some on Tango Echo Romeo site?

    I've texted her two different times, received what I think is a canned reply with web site info. For some reason I remember having either a negative or "Ho Hum" reaction to her specials.

    Happy Hunting.

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    Serious inquiries

    Bye now you have probably noticed that escorts seem to have a higher incidence of eccentric thoughts and eccentric behavior. Add in some that drink way too much, and some that are drug addicts and they are all over the place. For many, it doesn't matter what you say, like "If you were more reliable you would have more people calling you. " It simply seems beyond their ability to conform, like telling someone with red-green color blindness to shape up.

    Invariably when I meet someone for the first time if we get to chatting I hear about people making arrangements to meet them, never show up, never call them. Strange text messages, "What are you going to do to amaze me?" tales of being strung along for hours, "got a later start. " "car trouble, I'm on my way. " "traffic jam, stop and go. " Never shows up.

    In all probability we might also be highly eccentric?

    Thanks to this site, we can exchange info on "The Good. The Bad. And The.

    UGLY. ".

    One reason I avoid the "Here for a short time. " is because I want to keep my funds locally, going to women who live here; so far there are really only a few reliable, consistent ones. I figure if I arrange meetings with them they are more likely to be here longer.

    It is a strange sight to behold when two eccentric people dance this dance.).

    Reminds me an expression from the late 60's early 70's "Keep On Truckin!" Still have that framed poster.

    Happy Hunting.

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    Tipping required!

    Sure she looks great, but I'm not touching this one. The upsell looks endless. If you choose to take one for the team, please post and tell me what I'm missing, and at what price.

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    Serious Touche and other rants

    Quote Originally Posted by OnThinIce  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for referencing the concept of amortization, and also using the word "endeavor", in your post. Touche.
    That's looking at the bright side of things with amortization.

    Lioness / Lavender Grace has been giving me the runaround. Schedule is up in the air. Says one thing then cancels. So flaky I give up. It made a meeting with Nicole Lords that much better.

    These gals would like repeat customers I'm assuming. The ones that I hold in the highest regard and return to, are those that can keep their damn schedules straight. I get it sometimes things come up at the last minute or you contact them at the last minute.

    Lavender has definitely not got the whole scheduling thing down. Nicole Lords, Carmen Rose, Sage Green, even Lorelei have it down better. Suffice it to say I was very impressed with Nicole. She does not look at all her age. Which is saying something given that most providers look older than their stated age.

    Being younger than her I didn't know what to expect. She definitely kept up and was tons of fun. Great gal for the entire visit and if there was ever a doubt about her. Don't even doubt.

    I love the line "serious inquiries" etc by the gals and then they pull shenanigans all the time. Oh well. Good hunting sorry about my rant.

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    Jade Lynn

    Quote Originally Posted by AzButtMan  [View Original Post]
    I have learned to ALWAYS trust your gut instinct. I think we have all been scammed, duped, or bamboozled by a provider at some point, tough lesson learned. Hope she calls back.
    Update: I heard from Jade today. She said her phone broke and she just got it replaced today. After apologizing, she told me she could meet next week after she finds out about her schedule. We'll see what happens. I don't think this post will necessarily benefit anyone since she has apparently left Tucson (told me she would have to come back for the appointment), but given what I wrote yesterday, I felt obligated to send this update.

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    Curious if any of you fellow.

    Hobbyists have seen any of these providers & if you have I would love some intel I am willing to exchange any I have.

    Thanks all & good hunting.

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    Hey NotPhat

    Quote Originally Posted by NotPhatAz  [View Original Post]
    Not so bad really, just amortize it out.

    Several = approx 5 | So lets say you are a 1/2 hour guy 240/5 : 48 extra per endeavor.
    Thanks for referencing the concept of amortization, and also using the word "endeavor", in your post. Touche.

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    1st report

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfresh  [View Original Post]
    Had to make a stop in Tucson for work.

    Had a little time to Blow.

    Saw chocolate drop a very sexy bbw.

    100 % real an safe an nice location.
    Hey Kingfresh.

    I'm an out of town member, but I visit Tucson a lot. Nice 1st report and welcome aboard. One thing my new friend, for credebility, you should include more details, the girls link, pictures etc. Otherwise no one will take this report from a newbie seriously.



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    Quote Originally Posted by NotPhatAz  [View Original Post]

    Are you familiar with AJ.
    Hey. No have not seen her before. Why?



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    Just was passing thru

    Had to make a stop in Tucson for work.

    Had a little time to Blow.

    Saw chocolate drop a very sexy bbw.

    100 % real an safe an nice location.

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    Are you familiar with AJ.
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