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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Tried out ave K spa and drew Tina, she was alone but one of 2 that work there. She had on jeans and a pullover top, which didn't bode well. She is friendly but her English is nonexistent. As she was rubbing she was a bit odorous with a touch of crotch rot. Interrupted 4 times for phone and door, and once more when lily, her adorable coworker came in. On flip she did a very mechanical V8 tug. Would repeat only to try lily, not Tina. . 6 house + . 5 tip.

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    Palm Springs intel

    Quote Originally Posted by MemphisEdgar  [View Original Post]
    I will be visiting Palm Springs next month and I am looking for a AMP with good massage and HE.

    Any recommendations?

    Please feel free to send me a PM.

    M. Ed. ,

    I haven't been there for ages but you might Google: Massage, Palm Springs, CA or go to Rubmap, Palm Springs, CA. There are couple places with many reviews and they are still open.

    Happy times to you.

    Post your experience.

    Be safe.

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    Need Recomendation

    I will be visiting Palm Springs next month and I am looking for a AMP with good massage and HE.

    Any recommendations?

    Please feel free to send me a PM.


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    Palmdale massage

    Ok, so I noticed since I have been taking my son driving around for his license test coming up that massage places are starting to reappear in Palmdale. Anyone have any info for good ones. 2006 they shut down all the massage places and they are just starting to open again. A few foot massage and some full massage along PB and other areas I noticed. Any one TOFTT yet? I've been working so much I haven't had time.

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    Palmdale Report

    Revive Massage Center.

    Awesome experience. I've never done the AMP thing but now I'm hooked. Palmdale / Lancaster area is dead. Streetwalker scene dead and the Backpage girls are a hit or miss as far as service. Anyway yesterday Feb. 15 I went to try out this AMP in Lancaster. Pretty discrete walk in its a small room with a door that has a doorbell, ring the doorbell I'm greeted by mid 30's asian woman now she is actually decent looking. Typical asian ass asian titts, not trying to profile but you guys know what I mean. She greets me takes my hand and walks me to the first room, nice clean quiet dark spacious room. I tell her half hour, I pay the house fee she let's me get comfortable and walks out as I undress. Taking my clothes off she walks back in with my member hanging completely out and she asked if I wanted water. I respond with yes and she gives me a hug with a smile and grabs my cock. I lay face down she starts the massage. Now I'm really a sucker for massages to me any massage is good. I don't know what a bad massage is I mean I consider just touching my back a massage, anwyay I enjoyed the massage. She was teasing me with cock play when she was massage that area and she pretty much sat her pussy on the back of my head when she was doing my lower back. Flip comes and she takes my towel off and starts rubbing my thighs and casually grabs my cock as she is rubbing my thighs. Then without me having to ask she grabs the oil pours it on my cock and starts doing the deed. Great technique and she allowed me to grab her ass and finger her asshole. Release and then tip. I love this I think I will be hooked on the AMP thing you get a great massage with cock teasing and a release at the end wich to me is better than any backpage girl. Hope this was helpful trying to get this palmdale av area back on the map will be posting a lot more. Also keep eye out on strip club reports.


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    Blythe Massage!

    Blythe Massage!

    So, with no luck in Yuma, AZ and heading to Las Vegas, I gave this one horse town a spin. No advertisement that I know of, just a local listing on yelp, yellowpages.

    Theres 2 MPs that I know of in town, lets just say its not the Japanese Massage listed.

    So I ask for rates before I get there, expensive, geez. 40 for 30 min, 50 for 45 min and 60 for 60 min. No TS, just a standalone shower.

    The gal I had is Tina (only one there that I could see) older woman (50's), small tits and a little belly. Not attractive. She was a little hard to understand but I got through the ordeal.

    I paid for 45 min and took shower, laid down on table and she starts, not a bad massage. So some brushing of the balls and her kitty at my hands. So I brush the kitty, kind of moist down there, probably sweating IMHO, so kind of turned off by that.

    So the flip. And to the goods. She wants big time money in this one horse town. Man. I didn't want a HJ, that's childs play! LOL. So I got her down or should I say she got me down to 60 for BBBJ. Paid upfront (I hate that) got to get up, got to pants and pay. Then she started the BBBJ, I was fingering the kitty and ass (sweaty). So the BBBJ took awhile because I wasn't that enthusiastic on the sweatiness. So BBBJ was switched to HJ and sucking on balls! Went back and forth. Finally Mt St Helens erupted.

    She says she is leaving back to LA and another couple of girls will be rotated there. So if I go back to Yuma at some point, I will stop by to see the talent. But these prices in the middle of the desert got me running scared a little, sort of like the gas price gouging out there in Bylthe when just across the river its 50 less!

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    Santa Maria

    Quote Originally Posted by Lpsg435  [View Original Post]
    New to the area. Does anybody have any information about Spas in Santa Maria?
    I know you posted this months ago. But here's what I know.

    I use to live in Sm. I use to go to a massage place on Broadway near Spencers market. I'm not sure of the name.

    Anyways. I usually saw a girl named Michelle. Korean in her 30's. Very sweet and cute. Small boobs and a nice small ass.

    Although I only did HJ with her. I was new to the game and was nervous about more. After she got to know me she would let me pet the kitty, suck the boobs and she would get so turned on that we would kiss. I asked about FS and she said yes, next time. I moved away before thee was a next time. I really enjoyed her. I am even thinking about visiting the area just to see her for some fun. Let me know if you go and what happens.

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    Quick FYI-I happened by Bamboo on T. O. Blvd. Yesterday morning right at opening. Caught a little hottie out front sweeping the place clean and wearing Daisy Dukes and a short T-shirt-bare midriff. Not sure if those were her working clothes or her "working clothes" but not too "therapeutic" either way.

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    Lily. Tapo

    Stopped by here this week, easy back entrance from the side street.

    I met one of the girls that used to work at Evergreen in the same center. Good times, recommended.

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    Found a new prospect I wanted to share, PM if interested.

    Thin, pretty Chinese girl, 20's (early 30's at worst), happy attitude. Not my type with no chest, but she seemed to hint about extras if you BYO.

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    Anyone been to A-1 in Camarillo recently? Saw some good reports a while back. Want to hit something up in cam tonight. Wondering if its still good there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirateluffy  [View Original Post]
    Santa Paula is no longer open as of right now.
    What's up with THAT? PM me if you know details. I'll check with Kitty to see if she heard anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donalds  [View Original Post]

    She is only working at MAGIC MASSAGE on Ventura Road in Oxnard right near Cherry's. She is there Tues., Wed., and Thurs.
    Santa Paula is no longer open as of right now.

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    She is only working at MAGIC MASSAGE on Ventura Road in Oxnard right near Cherry's. She is there Tues., Wed., and Thurs.

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    Santa Clarita

    Had a session at the place on Soledad and Langside. Didn't know what to expect but am glad I went. Started out with a nice FOB gal who really put a lot of effort into the rubbing part. When it came time to be happy, she seemed rather confused. So she left the room and got the gal from the desk and they both went to work on me. Then the first one left and the new one came into take care of business. A lovely lady named May, maybe 35 ish, very slender with lovely be's. It certainly didn't take very long for me to get my cookies. $0.60 + $0.20 + $0.20 I left with all 3 of us happy. I would go back and insist on May for the whole time..LDP.

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