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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Cape Canaveral region

    I had some sore muscles and a headache so I decided to go over to Sunrise after lunch. I spotted a deputy sherrif in his cruiser across the street 1 block away, and maybe an unmarked a block past. He was probably just running a speed trap or maybe eating lunch, but I decided to pass today. Better safe than sorry.


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    Massage Heaven

    First time there, I met the girl named Connie, she worked at Asiana couple years ago, place was very nice and clean everything was new, massage was good too, but flip time was a nightmare, she gave me a terrible HJ, she was like try to destroy my cock, it was hurt I told her to slow down, finally got her work done, being nice I still tip her, I will go back only for a good massage but no HE. Peace out brothers.

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    Titusville massage on hopkins

    Quote Originally Posted by Fffun  [View Original Post]
    Just a heads up. Saw a new sign going up on former eye doc building on Hopkins, between Knox McRae and Cheney. Apparently, Titusville has hit the big time! Can Olive Garden be far behind?
    Older Asian lady daughter works front door. All legit no happy endings here.

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    A really great massage at the Asiana in Cape Canaveral

    I've been to most of the AMP's in the area and a HE is pretty much a given. But a real quality massage is not. Stopped in at the Asiana spa and was greeted by a cute lady (Yoko) who.

    Spoke good English. (a real plus! She was very friendly with a great personality. Spa was clean and smelled fresh. Many seem musty to me. TS was nice with all of the right places.

    Getting good and clean. But what really stood out was the quality massage. Yoko new all of the right places and didn't mine when I asked for it harder. Once again the English really.

    Helped. I recommend this location highly to all of you who are looking for a great massage and for always leaving happy.

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    Titusville AMP

    Just a heads up. Saw a new sign going up on former eye doc building on Hopkins, between Knox McRae and Cheney. Apparently, Titusville has hit the big time! Can Olive Garden be far behind?

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    Connection between AMP on PB Rd and the one at Wickham and 192

    Haven't visited either since I have read weak reports on both places. Seems they have a connection.



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    Sunrise Yumi

    After reading a couple of reports decided to take the drive out to Sunrise in Cocoa and was met at the front door by Yumi. Another girl was there and no other customers.

    Have to say that is probably the best massage I've ever had. Great look gal, fun to be with. Strong hands and amazing massage. Took the table shower and there was a lot of attention almost immediately. Back in the room, strong massage, lots of teasing from behind, then the soft touching began and you are teased with that. Flip, great HE while she allowed the hands to roam. Then after, no rush and back to a lengthy frontal and face massage. A full hour, 80, gave a 60 tip because it was worth it.


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    Visited MM lately while in town and wanted to give my personal review. Called into the business early in the morning and was hoping to set something up on short notice. The pleasant young woman on the other end was able to set me up immediately. I enter the building and was met at the door. Was asked for either hh for 40 or the h for 70. I opted for the h and was introduced to the girls who were courteous and pleasant. I chose a girl who I had not seen reviewed here in my previous searchings, amy. Amy has a bright smile and a cute face that seemed friendly and we headed back. A shower was offered, but I had just gotten out of the shower not long before so I passed. We entered the room, which was nicely decorated, smelled nice and the sheet on the table was crisp and clean. I took my place on the table and proceeded to work the knots in my back. Amy has a very down to earth mentality and was nice to talk with. She was very good with the rub down and working loose some stress. I would say she didn't have the deep tissue skills I needed, but pleasant none the less. I'm still fairly new, but I was picking up the hints after the flip and I donated to her future children's fund. She had an engagingly GFE feel which only made the massage sweeter to its final ending. I would recommend unless you need a deeper massage. Being fairly new, my personal experience matters little but I did find MM to be a quality establishment with quality woman. Although, in line with other reviews, you wallet may take a bit harder hit then heading to others in town. Personally, I plan to repeat.

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    King spa

    I've been to king a few times over the years. Never a bad experience, never a great one either. I stopped by a few weeks ago, can't remember the name of the girl, there was an older one and a younger one, my dream was with the younger one. I TS was fine, not alot of play but good cleaning. The massage was fine, not great but ok. Not much playing or flirting. At the end asked to flip where got an ok hand shake. Again nothing very playful more mechanical. She was not open to any other touching from me. So if in mood for a decent massage and a straight forward handshake, then maybe a good place.

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    Tampa Spa

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeYama  [View Original Post]
    Orange Spa was great, although it has been a couple years. I hit a newer one recently, I believe it was called Crystal. Both places had amazing offerings when I was there.
    Orange Spa is top notch. Extremely hot girls. A little pricey but well worth it. If there was a Orange Spa here I would be bankrupt.

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    Tampa suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by Cgeoyf  [View Original Post]
    I go to Tampa a lot, have a few suggestions?
    Orange Spa was great, although it has been a couple years. I hit a newer one recently, I believe it was called Crystal. Both places had amazing offerings when I was there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geaknow  [View Original Post]
    Wow a new girl. Very cute seems young also nice pretty long hair.

    The best message.
    I believe her name is June. Saw her a few days ago when I met up with Sunny. She is not the skinny spinner that Sunny is, nor the drop dead beautiful type that Aylee is, but relatively young, nice body and legs, cute and, according to Sunny, a sweety. No idea on the level of services.

    Sunny, as usual, provides good services and aims to please. Extras are limited and if you want those things see an escort, but within her limits, she can be fun if she is comfortable with you.

    Note that Aylee is on vacation until sometime in the first half of March.

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    Message Heaven

    Wow a new girl. Very cute seems young also nice pretty long hair.

    The best message.

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    I know some of the folks on this form are from the Orlando area, but the majority would be from the Space Coast. For the Orlando dwellers, this will not be a surprise.

    I had a chance to get over to Orlando recently, so prior to my trip, I made it a point to RTFF for Orlando. I read about the Escorts and the Body Rubs. I had several providers in mind that I had hoped to dream with, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to reach them when I had arrived in Orlando. Fortunately, I had a back-up plan of a visit to the Luxsa spa (lots of impressive reviews). It is a very difficult place to find (especially for someone who is not that familiar with Orlando), and that is about the only negative thing I can say about it. Seriously, WOW!! I had two providers names in mind, and fortunately, my first choice was available. I won't mention her name, but if you are planning a trip, PM me and I'll tell you who I saw. You will not be disappointed. I'm already counting down the days until my next opportunity to visit Luxsa.

    Unfortunately, after all those wonderful memories, the alarm went off and I realized it was all a dream.

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    Just a data point, went by last week and saw Mya. She mentioned she was going on vacation to New York for a couple of weeks.


    Quote Originally Posted by Irvin555  [View Original Post]
    Had a little time today so I decided to try King in Melbourne today. Pretty cute woman met me at the window, thought I was in luck, hoping for a great massage and HE. Unfortunately things didn't turn out that way. So-so massage, no roaming, and lack-luster attempt at HE, ended with me leaving unhappy. Will never go there again. Sorry I didn't get the name, but this was my third try there and never had much luck. Happy Hunting to the rest of you. Irv.

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