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    Angel Baby

    I've seen Angel Baby twice. Sweet and no drama. Nice c's.

    Good DFK, okay BBBJ, tight pussy.

    Saw her for outcall first, then an in call.

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    Head Doctor

    Any suggestions on a good head doctor who takes it in the face?

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    This was a day from hell and one that could have been much worse. I had the itch today that needed to be scratched so I took a look at CL. I have had good luck there before but it has been a few months. I saw an ad for a 23 year old wanting help with rent. I reached out and about 2 hours later I heard back. She send me a pic and she is a young black girl slender with a great rack and she was attractive. We make plans for me to pick her up at work. I arrive where she said she works and the place is closed. She send me a text and says she is at the gas station next door and wants me to come over there to get her. I look over and I see 3 guys who looked out of place just standing around. My Spidey sensed kicked in so I told her to come over to me at the restaurant. Out of no where she appears at my car window. I have no idea where she came from. But his chick was fat as hell and so ghetto I thought I was in Compton. I tried to get away graciously but that was not going to happen. She told me she needed the money now to give to brother who happen to be one of the guys at the gas station. I told her I needed to to hit the ATM and when she came around to get in my car I got the hell out of there. The 3 guys from the gas station had no crossed the street in my direction. I just got the hell out of there. I have no doubt it was a setup.

    So because I still had a strong itch I saw this ad. I sent a text and asked for a pic. She sends me a pic of what looks to be a an attractive mid 40's woman with a nice slim body. She gives me an address on Lem Turner that is a business. When I ask her about it she said she wanted to be safe and sent me you correct address. Her address is west of 95 on Lem Turner and is in Riverview. When I get there I see 4 cars in the driveway, I asked her to come front door and when she did I saw my grandma. This woman was slim but looked like a woman in her late 60's. Damn I struck out again.

    Be careful gents. It is slim pickens. And when my favorite go to is slingin cottage cheese between her legs it is time to go back to the SD sites.

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    Alabama Mollie Lately?

    Just curious if anyone has fed her cock lately? I've been thinking about reaching out to her again but from some recent intel, I've heard that she's been sick a lot and losing a lot of weight. Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    Identity check.

    Isn't this the same west side SW that would hang with strawberry. Or at least had the same driver?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wpgsh34  [View Original Post]
    Saw this ad and was considering a visit. Then I looked down and saw those stanky ass feet LOL. Turned me right off. If those feet are stanky. Wonder what else is.
    Smart man! I tried to see her about 6 months ago, and everything about this woman was NASTY! The sad thing is, she thinks she so hot. Ugh!

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    I Swear

    Quote Originally Posted by Seen1  [View Original Post]
    Yeah I know we all play the cool but this was a first for me. Well at least in a while LOL! Been doing this thing of ours for awhile. The pic she sent me had the little guy doing all the thinking for me. But it gave me a reason to go to that part of Jax. I did find an excellent wing and Philly place while there so at least something worked out!
    Some of you guys say the funniest things, LOL: I didn't find the pussy I was seeking, but I did find an awesome sandwich shop.

    That cracked me up! XD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFatGuy  [View Original Post]
    I saw her two weeks ago and wanted to see her this weekend but have not seen an ad from her since Wed. Think I might spiral into depression.
    She only post once a day. But she works most days.

    I could see her going 45 minutes working close to edge and multiple pops.

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    Edging BBBJ

    Quote Originally Posted by EdgeCumPlay  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys, long time reader first time poster. I looked back through the threads but have not found the dream that I am wanting to have. In this dream I have this huge oral fetish and love to be teased long and slow BBBJ with CIM. Then after the wet dream happens the dream would continue with more BBBJ and CIM. This whole dream should take between 60-90 minutes and should be just straight BBBJ and CIM with multiple wet dreams. Has anyone found anyone like this PM me please if able or post on here without violating the rules. I would really love someone who is great at doing this. Thanks.
    Had a girl like that back in my old area in Connecticut. A married MILF, short and cute, only gave BJs, fully clothed out of the Living Room in her house. When I setup my second visit to her I told her I wanted Extended Play, and she said that would be extra. I agreed, showed up, dropped my pantalones, reclined in the comfy chair, and she proceeded to go to town on me for close to 40 minutes before I presented her with a squishy gift in her mouth. This girl loved to play with dick and suck dick. Story I heard is that Hubby came home from work one day and caught her with the Mailman's dick in her mouth. That ended her pleasuring career as far as I know. Good luck in finding similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayTime731  [View Original Post]
    I think this is a girl that I saw a few years back and I lost her number didn't she go by the name of Jade? Does anyone know what her rates are now? Will have to copy and paste the link, sorry just got a Mac and not sure how to ad hyperlink LOL.

    She goes by Kym on P411 and rates out at $$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdgeCumPlay  [View Original Post]
    Sounds great! Yeah it doesn't have to be sucking the whole time. Licking and edging is just as great. It's hard to find I know but definitely looking.
    I saw her two weeks ago and wanted to see her this weekend but have not seen an ad from her since Wed. Think I might spiral into depression.

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    I remembered her username wrong: Ldymarmalade.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZoomLens2013  [View Original Post]
    I got one of my sugar babies to do that for me. Now, it wasn't 60-90 minutes, but for 45 minutes, it was exactly what I wanted. She said no guy had ever asked for that before. It wasn't all BBBJ, she broke it up with a baby oil handjob, and I blasted her face really good at the end. LOL Got me thinking about it, now. I'll have to see when she's available.

    Anyway, she's on SA. Look thru the Sugar Baby section for LadyMarmalade50.

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    Thanks bro

    Quote Originally Posted by PoniBoi  [View Original Post]
    Tho I didn't jump thru the same hoops you did, I almost went thru the same rig-a-ma-roll you did. Forgot what it was but somethin in her comms wasnt right. I believe it had somethin to do w / baby daddy, baby sitter, time, & a couple of other shit. Once I realized all that didn't add up, I sat my ass back down & pretended that I was still on the way, all the while tryin to hit up another provider. Once I called her out on it & explained to her (well attempted to explain) that what she was sayin didn't make any sense, she finally stopped responding.

    Its too bad too bcuz at the time she wasnt too far from me. Now that she's in the more "stellar" part of town I don't think I'm going to dream about her. Maybe. Got to sum up the courage to venture into her new locale. She DOES have a nice bod tho. Yummy.

    Yeah I know we all play the cool but this was a first for me. Well at least in a while LOL! Been doing this thing of ours for awhile. The pic she sent me had the little guy doing all the thinking for me. But it gave me a reason to go to that part of Jax. I did find an excellent wing and Philly place while there so at least something worked out!

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    Same old Lana

    Quote Originally Posted by Highwayman69  [View Original Post]
    I had a dream that I made a 30 minute appointment with Lana. When I arrived she had a towel around her waist and was topless. Good start so far because she has nice looking fake tits. But then it all went down hill. She spend the next 10 minutes just yapping about nothing. She answered calls on her phone from clients, was brushing teeth and drying her hair. When she finally got to to the job at hand she must have started her tug 4 or 5 times and each time had to get up to do something. I got pissed and started to leave and she begged me to stay. Against the direction of my little friend I stayed. Needless to say it was a lackluster performance and I will never return. She not only talks to damn much but her lack of enthusiasm and rules about her tits make it for a very bad experience. She told me her boobs always hurt so they were off limits. YMMV with this one but I will never repeat and I can give you a hundred reasons why.
    Yes she has done the same thing to a few of us. She is always reinventing herself by either posting some great pics or having the blonde girl with her. Forget her name. Last time I saw her she spent 10 minutes folding laundry and another 10 in the bathroom doing SOMETHING. All I know is when she came out it was a completely different girl. Medication made her very sleepy and gave a halfhearted rub but the lolli was still good. Said I wouldn't repeat. But last week I wanted to see the blonde one. Made an appointment and went to the Airport motel. The one that looks like a trailer park. I got there early and saw a cruiser slowly turning into the parking lot. I did a lap and as I was leaving I saw the same cruiser parked at the entrance. I booked and disabled all existence of Lana. Be careful fellas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaxGhost  [View Original Post]
    New attitude, and ways to experience a great time call me - 39.

    Has anyone seen this one lately, I was in the mood for a quality MILF, I read all of the older reviews​, but nothing lately.
    I dreamed about her 6 months ago. Smoker, messy place, ok face but body has seen better days, 30 sec BBBJ with covered missionary only and rushed.

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