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    Heard from a long and very good friend Gina yesterday. She wanted to see me so I was off to her private and safe haven. Truly one of the top providers we have here in Jax treats you like a king. No drama! Fun and more fun. She just loves what she does and gives all she can to make you leave with a great big smile. And those guys saying she has a little weight that's bull, she told me she lost too much eating healthy. Dang she's so cute and makes you laugh. And let me say again no drama!

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    Don't DO IT

    So last night met up with Jersey Jenny. What a horrible choice that was. Got to the crappy hotel near jtb and 95. She asked for the $/ hh up front. I didn't like that idea, but did it anyways. As no one else was in the room and she locked the door down. Took her forever to get ready. Once she finally was, I wish I had never gotten a hold of her. I like thin, petite girls. But this girl looks like she has an 80 year old womans body. Sagging everything. Huge turn off. She wanted to start with CBJ. BJ's really arent my thing. So covered made it REALLY not my thing. Then she got a call on the hotels phone. At this point I was completely turned off. Aka little guy really wasnt having it. Then she wouldn't let me touch her, like whatsoever. She says I need to hurry up because someone is coming by to pick something up. Then theres a knock at the door and this short / fat thuggish black guy with a womans voice, or girl that looks like a man comes in. WTF. They go into the bathroom for a second, then said man / woman comes out and tells me I need to leave 5 minutes into a 30. I say I've paid for 30 minutes. Said person continues to tell me to "kick rocks nigga", and then pulls A GUN on me forcing me out with clothes in hand. DO NOT DO IT. STAY AWAY! Even if the session would have played out naturally, I would not have returned due to how horrible jersey jenny looks naked. But this incident has me thinking I will not even see a provider staying at the hometown at jtb /95 ever again.

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    Angel and Mya

    I agree with Spacedog everything I found was the same only a little more to add. She's very sweet and love the southern charm. She says not a clock watcher but said my time ran over and I needed to give more roses. When I said there was talking time and hugging getting to know each other time. She said I charge for my time and what ever else happens is included no matter what she or I did together. I explained how our girls here in Jax are very much into repeated clients and felt it was part of the business to give some time to chat. She said this girls do it there way and she does it her's. Wow, I will not repeat and this is not Savannah Georgia were the pickins are slim. Plus not as many guys review as Jacksonville does on here. Guys work for the best providers and share the information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spacehog  [View Original Post]

    Saw Angel (Blonde).

    919.295. 2379.

    Good safe location off baymeadows, looks exactly like her pics. I opted to see her over the other because she just seemed friendlier and she was very nice a little shy however she stated she's been doing this a few years. She knows what she's doing multiple positions everything covered however the downer for me is she doesn't make hardly any noise at all. But if you like skinny cute blondes no tattoos that I remember seeing and is clean and a clean room then I suggest calling her. I personally wouldn't repeat because of the doesn't seem to get really into it but she is attractive and worth a visit. I did not see her friend but judging from the video in the add she looks the same as her pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisNy  [View Original Post]
    Just had the most lovely dream wt Maliyah. Not only are her pics and reviews spot on, she is even better then that. Her personality her body everything was just flawless. I will definitely dream wt her again. If you do ever meet her please treat her wt the respect she deserves. All joking aside. She has to be the most sweetest and well rounded women I've ever meet.
    No doubt about her. She is one of the best provider I ever met.

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    Zip code

    Quote Originally Posted by JaxTantricMan  [View Original Post]
    Great approach and one I also use except for the math equation, which is a fabulous way to determine the scammers and phishers and another tool in the tool belt. Thanks.
    Math equation is good. I personally ask for zip code. Yes, it is often ignored. I in turn, mark them as spam.

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    Summer has stood me up a few times now

    I have tried to confirm with Summer multiple times the day before. Each time we are go for the next day. I get to her spot and then she drops off in drug haze and we never hook up. That's the reason I've now reviewed Brittany Banks and Nevaeh. I tried Summer because she has been around a while but she's on a limb somewhere. Don't waste your time guys.

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    Experience of a lifetime

    Just had the most lovely dream wt Maliyah. Not only are her pics and reviews spot on, she is even better then that. Her personality her body everything was just flawless. I will definitely dream wt her again. If you do ever meet her please treat her wt the respect she deserves. All joking aside. She has to be the most sweetest and well rounded women I've ever meet.

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    Mongers & Provider Odor

    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyMetal85  [View Original Post]
    Makes me wonder if the price came down to something affordable. Some mongers can handle some odor if the price is right.
    Oh man, tell me this isn't true!! "Some mongers can handle some odor if the price is right. ".

    Maybe there's a chart that shows the amount of odor vs cost so we can find the break wind point, I mean the break even point? Just funning of course.

    I do think quality providers have a direct relationship with looks, aroma, performance, drama level, cleanliness, safety and price.

    But every Hobbyist has his limits.

    Would I do Ashley Judd right after she took a righteous, post chili eating contest dump, with the door open?

    Heck yes!

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    Close representation of pix

    Quote Originally Posted by MrMeogi  [View Original Post]
    Maybe because she is from jaxs and has family here, and Doesn't want her family to know what she does. I mean would you use your real picture on this forum if you had to use a picture? I know I wouldn't want my family to know what I do (hence the reason none of us use our actual names.
    Wait, wait, we aren't suppose to use our real names? Dang, wish I knew that earlier before I signed up.

    The pix is a tricky issue. Certainly they want to be discrete, especially those with family members who cruise BP and this Forum. Reminds me of the horror story where the guy was on travel, contacted an agency, exchanged pix (not real ones of course) and had a girl come to his room. Opened the door and the first thing she said was " Hi Daddy, I didn't know you were in Vegas this weekend?

    As far as close representation, if it is in fact real close, I'm OK with that. It's the ones who use pix that are 40 pounds and 20 years different that make me walk as soon as I see them in person.

    In all fairness, I don't send my "real" pix either, but a close representation. Sure it looks like George Clooney but hey, it's a close representation!

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    3rd Site Verification

    Quote Originally Posted by Herbvette  [View Original Post]
    I never. NEVER - go to any 3rd sites for verification. Mine or theirs. Girls (hopefully they are girls) as "casual connection" advertisers on often comeback with a 3rd party site to go to, or a link to click, once you have responded to their initial ad. They will say it's to "avoid the nuts out there" or to "avoid repeating a past bad experience once had", or whatever. What they seem to ignore, or forget, is that you are already responding and corresponding on a legitimate email service. If you receive responses that require you to click on a link. DO NOT DO IT. If you do go to a 3rd party site to "do a verification" and the site asks for a credit card number and expiration date "just to check you I. The. " - DO NOT DO IT. I usually respond with a short note that I will not go to any 3rd sites. And then ask the other party. It they respond again to me to solve a simple equation. Like 6 + 2 - 1 = ? Invariably such requests are ignored and you now can be almost certain you are in the sights of an experienced scammer or phisher.
    Great approach and one I also use except for the math equation, which is a fabulous way to determine the scammers and phishers and another tool in the tool belt. Thanks.

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    Mr Meogi turned me on to Miranda and I'm glad he did. Thanks Mr, M. What a little sweetie! Cute, very cute, tiny little blonde spinner with great BBBJ skills and the cutest little ass I've seen in a while. I've already repeated a couple times and she's almost at the top of my current atf list, only reason she hasn't risen to the very top is no greek, oh well, you can't have everything, well sometimes you can! I really like her, treat her nice, she's a single mom trying to get by. Friends and trusted seniors can PM for details. JD.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	miranda 10.jpg
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ID:	370479.

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    Posts: 66

    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by TBoneSteak  [View Original Post]
    I saved the best to be posted in a review on her own which she so deserves. What can be said that is being said so many times over. One because it's true about this lady. She does not turn her back on you and is concern about you. I feel she really means well from the heart. This lady takes very good care of herself and her place is so clean. Has one great personality and so sweet never rushing you off. Gives you all the attention and not treating you like you are in a cab with the timer running. Never looks at her phone while you are with her or looking at the clock rushing you along. And dang what a great body she has I mean well put together. And taste so good all over. If you want a dream come true lady this is her. Guys being the dogs we are slip away to other providers thinking maybe this one she has it right and find what was I thinking there is Maliyah. The only one I have truly meet that treats you like a friend and not a client. Girls need to take a lesson from her. At least those that want to be a top of the line qulity lady. Thanks sweetheart for being there for the Bone when he has his down and out moments.
    Your write up was generously kind. Thank you tremendously, TBone.


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    Just saw Nevaeh. Nice girl. She is clean and so is the room. She has fun with what she does so she is another good one to check out. The same as other providers tell me mongers try to go hoodless and she gets real upset as she should. Why would a guy even try unless he already has something that he's not worried sharing? I had more fun with her than I had more fun with her than I have with most. Definitely with the price of admission.

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    A nice dream with Brittany Banks

    I had a good vision of Brittany. It was easy to set up with her. She responds to text and calls. She is a little shy at 1st but easy going. I think I know where some of the negativity comes from regarding her. She told me of guys trying to slip hoodies off or not wanting to use them at all. She doesn't do greek and makes that clearly understood from the beginning. Treat her right guys. The price of admission is higher than most but she's a young blonde spinner so as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoniBoi  [View Original Post]
    Was her real looks very similar to the pics she posted or really far-fetched?

    What kinda vehicle did this ***** arrive in?

    She wasn't anything close to the real pics. About 30-40 lbs over but had much larger tits. She was wearing a hoodie but her frame looked as if she had some belly fat compared to the pics. I saw the car from the a distance but it looked like a black honda accord, or something similar but a newer version black car for what it's worth.

    In nj with established escorts or any escort we tend to provide the money up front so I thought it was the norm to do so. Now I know better. She is still posting / updating her ad on BP so she's still at it.

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