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    I've seen so many rave reviews on this one I had to see her. She was easy to contact, responded quickly and was on time at my place. She's a hot little spinner with a great personality, great face and tight little body. Soon as she gets there she makes ya feel like you have known each other for ever. We got donation out of the way and then things heated up. She started with BBBJ that was amazing and damn near made my toes curl. I was ready to blow after 10 minutes. But I had to try that amazing little kitty that I was feeling and wow that kitty us tight. It was one O after another for her, which makes you want to blow just by watching. I finally blew in the cover to end a perfect night. Will repeat as often as I can.

    Guys I will reiterate Alex by saying treat this gem well and she will be 100 with you.

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    Re: Angie

    Quote Originally Posted by HaveSumClass  [View Original Post]
    I came across the same pics on a different site. Not BP. The pics were pretty hot compared to others on the site, full nude close ups. Made me suspicious from the start. It only got more suspicious after texting, so, I moved on. Odd thing is, same girl, same pics, different phone number. Now I'm really curious. The number I texted for the same girl; 727 XXX 5583.
    I've seen her and she said the same about the McDonalds. I actually parked across the street at some business and when I texted I was there, I directed her to where I was. So I encountered no issues. I generally won't meet up at a place like McDonald's because they have cameras. And I try and keep as low a profile as I can. As for the experience, I got what I was looking for. Oh, and this was months ago that I saw her and she was still prego at the time. I've lately thought about trying her out again since she had her kid, but the motel and bed bug story makes me apprehensive. Anyway, my 2 cents in trying to help you guys out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TailSct  [View Original Post]
    I have seen Carolina twice now. Do not go for more than a QV visit for. 80 because as reported, she is a bit mechanical and kind of standoffish. Even though she provides CBJ, her suction was quite good and maintained eye contact for the most part. Even when I was fucking her from behind, she kept turning around and looking at me. While she was on top prior to doggy style, I think she came because her pussy get really wet. I have not seen the other one yet (older blonde) because I don't know what kind of services she provides. That might've been reported on here already as well.

    To confirm, they are both working out of the same room. They appear to be independent and drug free. According to Carolina (The dark-haired younger one), she will be here until 27 October. Then she will come back on 9 November. I can only assume the older blonde one will follow the same timelines. Stay safe and as always, happy humping.
    I saw the busty Lorena yesterday and she's got a fantastic body. Late 30's, big tits, curvy ass but not GFE. Everything covered and a bit rushed even though I got an hour and told her, no rush. Kind of put a wet blanket on Jr.

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    Orlando monger in Tampa, don't know if tbis gal has been review here, but she is cute, very thick with descent below average rates. Everything covered, she likes to take control. She makes sure you have a good time and makes sure you vet your whole time even if you pop. Everhthing covered, bring you own bag. Would repeat.

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    Stormy Li'l Bit

    Hey guys. I don't know about you but the pickin's have seemed pretty slim out there for me lately. Meanwhile there's a favorite for some of us down in the southeast bay area who can use some company.

    I've always had sweet dreams of Stormy and if you do your research, you'll find that most agree. There are some reports of her being flakey but I'm pretty sure that that's not the norm. She's always been great by me.

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    It felt like trouble

    I came across the same pics on a different site. Not BP. The pics were pretty hot compared to others on the site, full nude close ups. Made me suspicious from the start. It only got more suspicious after texting, so, I moved on. Odd thing is, same girl, same pics, different phone number. Now I'm really curious. The number I texted for the same girl; 727 XXX 5583.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnQPublic1  [View Original Post]
    Normally I go to Orlando to AMPs, but wanted to change things up. I found a lady in St Pete that seemed like a good thing, so I set something up. This was my first go at meeting someone off BP and being I live in Polk with Grady. Spider sense was on high. She told me to meet her at a McDonald's on 34th st which was no problem. When I got close I noticed a cop sitting nearby, so I text her to maybe meet somewhere else. While I waited for a reply I Googled stings in that area and found one not long ago. After about 15 minutes I headed home with no relief. I finally got a text as I got on the bridge. She didn't seem upset that I cancelled. Figured I would check with some locals to see if I was just overly cautious or if a good read. Any info would greatly appreciated because I would love to go back and meet of she is legit.

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    Hott Holly

    Saw Holly earlier today. I originally booked her for a hhr to come see me, but ended up having her stay for the hr. Damage was 200 roses, but it was well worth it. There will be a repeat. She's a good mornin workout.

    Ad Link:

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    New Nikki?

    This girl looks very familiar, but no real history at this number. Anyone recognize her, or know anything about her?

    Has a neck tat not visible in these photos, looks like she been around here all her life. More Mug shots than beauty shots, with plenty of face picking, but before her slide she was HOT.

    From her EB reviews sounds like she might have been on Maternity leave for a while, or it could be a fake pimp post review. Wondering if maybe she's cleaned up a little?!/tampa/p...73912/24448618
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    She looks familiar

    This girl looks familiar? I believe that was a fake pic maybe uncle?


    Today she has a back page set up with just the face pics.

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    I met w Dylan recently wich I have to admit she is one of my go too's. Sometime hard to get ahold of but worth it. She is I very sweet girl, now she is not a spinner but by absolutely no means is she over weight. She is a very pretty women and very laid back. She usually starts off w a nice back rub. Then on the flip she just knows what she is doing and is very good at it. She is clean no signs of candy at all. Anyways. After the flip she starts off w a BBBJ. Highly recommend. Then some mish, doggy. Cldnt take much more and unloaded in the hat. A nice touch she does is a warm wash cloth for the clean up.

    Not some roll of paper towels sitting on the night stand. LOL you know what I'm talking about. LOL we have all been there. Just saying I highly recommend her. If you can reach her.

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    Kenziee toftt

    TGTBT. Toftt, Contacted Kenziee was easy. Place was in a low end Clearwater hotel. Got to the room she gave after I got to parking lot. When she opened the door, met by a very cute spinner type. Just not the girl in the pictures. She said it was for her protection. I have a feeling it's more the she doesn't want to be recognized. Add " Call me baby GFE, backyard play 24.

    No GFE, no BJ, no date, miss. Or dog only. She jacks you covered to get stiff then lays there eyes closed, moaning like it hurts. So bad on flip, couldn't finish. It's to bad an attitude can be so bad to loose wanting to finish.
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    LOL. I have seen her on several occasions walking down Nebraska ave. Usually with someone. And damn every time I see her she looks pissed off raising hell w someone. BTW. Not the greatest of areas.

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    Skye / Mia

    I can confirm Skye is Mia, formerly Preggo Mia. I initially reached out to her last week, but our communication was spotty. After a couple of texts, she went dark. I took a chance Friday night & was able to reach her. She was at a new location but says today she will be returning to her old location.

    She still has lots of baby fat, but still looks good with nice & big naturals. She remains very GFE. Lots of dfk & I enjoyed BBBJ, daty, dato, & cfs. Hhr was $. 20. She has a roommate who stepped outside, but I'm not sure if she is a worker. She says she is currently not working with Erica.

    She is eager to see all her old friends. Her posting is sporadic because of BP but she is reachable. She prefers texts over calls. Go get her boys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NephriteJade  [View Original Post]

    Don't mind the guy in the background, you see nothing. I'm still going to hit that one day LOL.
    LMFAO, buy 1 get 1 free?

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