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    Quote Originally Posted by FieryStud  [View Original Post]
    Can someone post the link of Grace? I searched on BP but couldn't locate her. I'm visiting Tampa this weekend and based on your reviews I'm eager to meet her. Appreciate your help, thanks!

    Stay safe!
    Has probably gone back home, doesn't live in Tampa, just visits sporadically and was scheduled to leave Friday.

    Doesn't post on BP, usually just contacts members here to let them know she's coming to town.

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    Jessica dime

    Just curious, did anyone else get a pm that she is back in town?

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    Link please.

    Can someone post the link of Grace? I searched on BP but couldn't locate her. I'm visiting Tampa this weekend and based on your reviews I'm eager to meet her. Appreciate your help, thanks!

    Stay safe!

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    Doll / Lean

    Visited "Doll" this week based on other comments on this site. Delivered as promised. True spinner who wants to please. She indicated business was slow so you might be able to get a great rate. Wasn't looking for Greek, but she indicated that her ass was sore from abusive customer. Saw the same comment 2 weeks age, so either, he really did a number on her or she doesn't want to do backdoor but too nice to just say no.

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    Desi un-retired

    Quote Originally Posted by BillHo  [View Original Post]
    For those of you looking to hook up with Desi. She has retired and is "happily living ever after".

    She may be getting married soon and would appreciate it if you guys would please stop calling / texting her.

    Her last ad was in July. Bill Ho.
    All of you who did not think it would last were right.

    Desi (AKA Debbie) will see a select few older guys.

    Bill Ho.

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    Dylan Jade

    Quote Originally Posted by Ricarrrdo  [View Original Post]
    Did she give you the 813-520 number? I checked my sources and she doesn't have any new issues preventing her from great service that I found. We will keep our fingers crossed.
    Not sure as I deleted it when I bailed. It sucks because I connected well with her and had some awesome dreams. Will give it awhile and see what happens.

    Stay safe!

    Surf out.

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    Brook / Phoenix

    Finally had a dream with the infamous Brook, aka Phoenix. I have read all the reviews and decided to take the plunge. She resides at a private home in east Brandon / Valrico. I scheduled the visit for 5:30 pm, and kept in touch up to that point then she went silent for 45 min as I was just heading out, but told me a sob story so I decided to keep the appointment for the dream 1 hour later. She looks like her photos and has some of the nicest Tatas I have ever seen. She cleans you with some wipes then proceeds with some body kissing on down to an unbelievable BBBJDT. Although the mood got killed as she answered the phone a couple of times and even grabbed some cash and took it to someone at the door and talked about her SD. Finished in CFS K9. It was a nice dream, but not sure I would repeat just beacause of all the other BS.

    Be safe.

    Surf out.

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    This may be the best. Worst review of a person I have ever read.

    Can't quit laughing.


    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zync1  [View Original Post]
    She just lays there like a dead fish.

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    RE: Christina?

    Quote Originally Posted by Angel350  [View Original Post]
    Does any one have info on this girl.
    Same pic in your post has an ad in Tallahassee at 11:53 AM today. The link you provided posted an ad at 12:16 PM today. One catfish or two? I have no clue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zync1  [View Original Post]
    She is real but reviews show she is a waste of time. She just lays there like a dead fish.
    Also uses multiple name ie: Christiana, Naomi, Lovely, and now Ava. Good providers know their name and phone number is ther Brand and meal ticket and will their best to keep their trademark. Bad providers change often to confuse us. Often times it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brasky  [View Original Post]
    Gentlemen, Tues I had the opportunity to see Grace and everything that has been reported is spot on! Grace is PSE on the front end and GFE for the finish. Awesome woman! I had spoken with Jessica a couple times this summer, but schedules and timing never seemed to work out. So I when I saw Grace was back again, I made sure we connected this time. Now let's see if we can get Whitney back for a visit!

    Grace greeted me wearing a black fishnet teddy, crotch-less, and black stilettos. OMG what a sight. She purrs like a kitten in a sultry PSE voice turning around to show off; and then backing her sweet round ass into my crotch while my hands explore every inch of her body. I now understand why the condo stairway to heaven was so intoxicating. We moved to the bedroom for some LFK and moving down her body sucking her amazing 34 D's. Finally settled on her delicious honey pot for some extensive DATY with a little DATO. Grace bucked like a bronco when she O's and you could feel her pelvic muscles twitching. She's extremely vocal too, esp I when alternated with sucking her clit and tongue fucking her sweet pussy. Next it was my turn! She lay on the bed while giving a killer BBBJ with her ass in the air begging for a couple smacks and some more FIV. She eagerly attacks your cock like she hungry for it, fast and slow, sloppy and wet, she sucks your cock like she can't get enough. Did I say PSE?? Moved Grace to the middle of the bed and covered up. The view of Grace's body laying beneath you with legs wide open and beautiful tits is simple intoxicating. Nice slow Mish with LFK and little bit of DFK was heaven. Switched things up for a 69 to finish with a BBBJ and while grabbing her ass and pulling her beautiful pussy and ass into my face. Boom goes the dynamite. Finished up laying on the bed and caressing her curves and pillow talk.

    I will definitely repeat next time Grace is in town! Today is her last day in tow, catch her while you can!

    Monger on.
    Had high hopes of finally connecting with Grace this trip, but Brandon just didn't fall into my travels this week. Shame she didn't end up in Clearwater as originally planned. I'll try again on her next trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel350  [View Original Post]
    Does any one have info on this girl.
    She is real but reviews show she is a waste of time. She just lays there like a dead fish.

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    Does any one have info on this girl.
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    Grace is the real deal.

    Typically I like to read the reports here to see what's out there but rarely do I act on them because I mainly stick to my Top Gun Sandra who is still the absolute best for me. However, the chatter about Grace had me a bit curious because some of the reviews have been so well written that I had no choice but to make the call because my curiosity was killing me. Grace is one of the ones that I am glad I did call, met her at a nice incall last evening and it was time well spent. Everything that has been written about her is true, she has an extremely high Sex Drive and really gets into it with a unique ability to make you feel like you are the best thing since slice bread. I enjoyed the naughty room where she can be as slutty as you want her to be along with being that GFE that you always wanted. She's truly the complete package with her looks being the icing on the cake. All I will say is thank you fellas for the suggestion, you know who you are so keep the suggestions coming. Would love to have one night with her and Sandra which will leave me no choice but to retire because that will be the time of my life no doubt. Tonight is it for this visit down here so if you are on the fence about seeing her before she departs don't walk to her, RUN! She's the real deal my friends.

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    Jackie Snow

    Had the pleasure again to get blown by Snow. LOL.

    Honest, her BBBJCIM is awesome! No price hike either.

    Her new number is 813 970 thirty eight twenty one.

    Go see her, she needs help with the rent.

    No visible candy use.

    Bill Ho.

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