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    On my last trip to Tampa I found my self tight on fun funds due to unexpected expenses and no way to discretely replenish. So instead of a follow up visit with my favorite friend I had to opt for something on a budget. Decided to get a massage. Normally that would be a trip to see Sunnygirl but decided to try a new person. Saw Kelly's ad Also was posted on BP but ad / link comes and goes. $1. 2 donation for the hour topless and I assumed HE included. Easy set up and good but cluttered incall near USF. Texted upon arrival and got the Apt. Number. Went up and seemed to take 3 to 5 minutes to answer, a bit awkward standing at the door. When she opened the door I was somewhat disappointed. I thought not as good looking as the pictures and thicker, especially in the waist. She seemed nice and I was just there for massage so I stayed. I believe the pictures are her and probably recent but her hair was up which took away from looks and the pictures do not really reveal the belly. A bit thick in chest but nice nice perky C's and the ass picture is accurate. She does exercise and seems to be into healthy habits, belly is not flabby just thick. Massage was ok, not LMT good but good. Sensual but not on the level of Sunnygirl, Samantha or Bree when she was around. She is fun to talk to and I enjoyed conversing with her. Prior to the flip she had already moved my hands to her tits. On the flip I paid more attention to the tits and she hinted at a tip for that access, I expected that included. She proceeded with a nice HJ to completion. She actually asked for a tip of 60. I gave her 20 which is all I had anyway. At $1. 2 an okay experience, at 1. 4 there is better available. Beyond that then there would have to be much more available and in my case even if I had the extra $ I really was not interested. Again, better available. She mentioned deep throating is a turn on and based on conversation I also think for the right customer and donation a trip to Greece could be on the table. Other than being too pushy on tip and tip expectations being unrealistic there is no reason to not see her. That being said I do not expect to return as IMHO there are better massages available for the same donation and she was just not my type for anything more. Others though may find her to be just what they want, each to their own.

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    Bb greek

    Anyone know a good provoder that is into bb greek services?? I neeedss it! LOL.

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    Nina and Devon

    Took Mikey up on his recommend and holy shit he wasnt wrong. Easy setup, quick response, no beating around the Bush about what I was looking for.

    Got to the spot and she was running a little behind and told me 3 min. 5 min later walk into the apartment and led to a bedroom. Devon was right there waiting and Nina was still wet from the shower. Off go tops and bottoms and laid me down on the bed. Double BBBJ to start then brought devon a little closer to let the hands roam while Nina worked that amazing mouth. Nina had to leave the room for a minute so I figured I'd sample some DATY with Devon. Shit you not, 2 min into was the first big O. Nina comes back in and Devon is still panting away, so it becomes Ninas turn. Few minutes longer but same results in the end. Nina slips on the cover and climbs on top while I work on Devons clit again. Orgasm 2 for Devon and Nina suprises me by shifting around and taking me to Greece. She's rocking up and down on me while I keep on exploring Devon until we decide its Devons turn. New cover and she's on top now while I rub all over Nina. One leg cramp later and its missionary time so I can get a good look at both ladies. Orgasm for Nina while inside Devon and that's about all I can take. Blew into hat and spent some time just chit chatting. Fucking awesome hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TManXX71  [View Original Post]
    Hey Shark, the password does not work.
    Try it again. Its working good here. Make sure the u is lowercase. That seems to be the main issue cause most keyboards auto capitalize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TManXX71  [View Original Post]
    Hey Shark, the password does not work.
    Sorry must have entered it incorrectly in my excitement to view it. The password does work. Great Job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salsashark  [View Original Post]

    Password. usasexguide.

    You're welcome. Numbers are in previous posts.
    Hey Shark, the password does not work.

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    Great vid. Thanks.

    But didn't see any numbers in previous posts? Maybe I'm just a bad searcher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTY954  [View Original Post]
    Mia has upgraded her surroundings to a much better upscale location. If that was holding you back in the past, give her a shot now. Just though I would share- still the same sweet girl.
    Could you post a link.

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    Aya and Ria video

    Password. usasexguide.

    You're welcome. Numbers are in previous posts.

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    Mia has upgraded her surroundings to a much better upscale location. If that was holding you back in the past, give her a shot now. Just though I would share- still the same sweet girl.

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    Izzy no more greek

    Quote Originally Posted by Rub101  [View Original Post]
    From Izzi?
    She no longer offers greek, just FYI.

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    Nina & Devon. Duo Delight!

    I've known Nina for a minute and she is well reviewed on here by me and others. Apparently she was away on holidays for a while so I'm glad she was around while I was in town. I inquired about a double and she mentioned she had a girl she thought I'd like. Fast forward a few hours. I liked her a lot!

    This was a pre-dawn visit and Devon's first double. She was admittedly nervous. Both stripped and I was a happy man. Both women are middle aged (aka not spinners), but both have great TnA and I mean both have assets that are superb to look at. The session began with the two of them going to fucking hamtown on my frank and beans. Alternating back and forth between Bill and the boys. Nina then applied a cover with her mouth and hooked your boy up with some CG while Devon licked my chest. It was clear the nerves had settled and I wanted to fuck the shit out of Devon. I propped up on my knees and removed the cover. The gals crawled toward me and the head clinic continued. Another cover was applied and my playdate with Devon began. She is white or Hispanic with long thick pretty black hair. She has great tits and the softest ass you'd ever want. More than that. She's bubbly and fun. We joked through a lot of the session which included CG, DS, Mish, and more K9 til I popped in the hat. I'm not doubles pro, but unless you have a particular type of look you are aspiring for, I can't imagine a better duo (although I heard Dylan and Katt were fuckin amazeballs). Both gals are oral pros and as open minded as you'd ever want. I highly recommend some sampling of these two. I went back for a round two less than 24 hours later. It was just that fun!

    NiNa. Tampa area. Tree ate won atey fity. (aka don't pm me for diggies.

    Until next time. #TPAMONGERS.

    Mushroom stamped (APPROVED!

    Michael PoPz.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20180222_040608.jpg‎   IMG_20180222_040606.jpg‎   IMG_20180222_040552.jpg‎   IMG_20180222_040549.jpg‎  

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    Saw no reviews so decided to toftt, nice girl still new I texted back & forward with her (FYI she may take awhile to respond) finally set up a date with her, got to her location & she greeted me in the stairs there waiting for me was a beautiful blonde with pink highlights & tattoos, we go in to her room & proceed to lay down her donation $150 hh she pulls her one piece outfit she had on to reveal a beautiful body I like my girls thick (not fat) just right & that girl has a ass made for pounding, so before I start everything is covered (I know it's a deal breaker for some fellows) but this girl has a beautiful body in my humble opinion & nice kitty in my dream I jump on it from the start with missionary & this girl gets wet quick, then I switch her over for some doggie then decided to get some headache relief I was happy I didn't have to change covers I jacked hammered her head with my pole I asked how it tasted & she said I always taste good LOL & boy does it I went down & this girl smells divine from head to toe, but her kitty taste great I usually don't go down on non utrs, but this girl was wet & the aroma got to me like I said taste great. We switched back to missionary were she started cumming & I finished in the cover with her juices running down my legs. Overall good experience. She needs some work but has tons of potential. Very sweet & willing to learn. No Greek I asked

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    Great photos.

    The photos are great and you are spot on.

    She is ATF. Never a bad time and she always seems to raise the bar.

    She is very beautiful and the photos capture that.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyPopZ  [View Original Post]
    Met up with Dylan and I got to reiterate the girl is fuckin gorgeous. Doesn't matter if she's in sweats or a dress. The dark hair and light eyes works wonders for me. And apparently for Papasitio as well, but let's not get ahead of myself.

    The rated portion of the main event began with a back massage. I threw on my bday finest bday suit for the occasion and DJ bared all less her panties. It was pleasant and really helped set the mood. Mini-me needed no additional motivation for the forthcoming winter Olympic events, but the massage ensured the milky liquid display for the closing ceremony would be immense. After the back massage I was instructed to flip. A bit more of her soft hands exploring all territories before she arrived at Mt McOoodatdik. A few strokes of her hand were followed by that patented slow, sloppy, tongue swirling BBBJ that DJ is famous for. When I began feeling seismic movement, I pulled her on top of me and she began grinding away. Her milky skin and eyes radiated through the candle light. By this point I'm adamantium hard. We stroked away for a few more minutes while I massaged, licked and rubbed all over her thick, sexy body. Switch. Grabbed two pillows and propped them beneath her mid-section. Assets up. Once back inside her, I took hold of her hips and and thrusted forward as I pulled her heart shaped bubble back in to me. Speed and intensity varied until the build up got the best of me. I hopped up and repositioned myself on my knees in front of her. Dylan inserted my fully erect, throbbing penis into her mouth and the closing ceremony began. She licked, slurped, swirled and stroked me until I could feel the pressure mounting beyond my control. I lightly grabbed her head with both of my hands and began thrusting farther and farther inside her warm, wet oral oven until climax. I exploded with pleasure in her mouth and down her throat. She continued with the mouth massage until Mikey P. II passed out. I must have been well hydrated because D rarely leaves evidence behind. On this occasion there was a pool of jizz and saliva draped across my stomach that she drooled out as I let go in her mouth. The date concluded with a warm towel cleanup..

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    Ryder is hot

    Quote Originally Posted by FishinForLife  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone had the pleasure? This gal says she's is new to the area.

    Couldn't find much info the normal searches. Any help is appreciated. Pm if you prefer.
    She is real, hot and the girl in the pics. If you like young tight mixed spinners then you will like her. I don't monger often but I really wanted to check this one out. We text back and forth she was friendly and replied quickly. So I went for a visit last night and she looks just like her pics. She got nude and all I could see was a big fat clit that I wanted to daty. Damages are 100 qv, 150 hhr I think 250 hr and bummer upcharge for daty. I did hhr she wanted 50 for daty we settled on twenty extra plus the hhr rate. I went straight for the that beautiful pussy for daty and she mad some nice sexual sound. After 15 minutes of that we did mish and lazy dog. I think she told me everything is covered but I never ask about a BBBJ. I little more than normal but she was cleared headed and a hot brazilan mix. Told me she may leave Friday.

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