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    Quote Originally Posted by DifferentDays  [View Original Post]
    Trying to set up with this one. Any insight would be appreciated.
    I have seen her as well, she was definitely fun and worth the visit. She is the one in the pictures, but the pictures look better than she does in person. I will see her again.

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    Just a heads up.

    Hey I know this is backpage but a friend sent this to me. Phone number comes back to a Columbia county government cell phone. Smells fishy. Just looking out for us on here. Please remove if not allowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RabRynn  [View Original Post]
    She goes by Haley. I see her about every other week now. She's fun. I recommend.
    Thank you sir. Means a lot.

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    Ms. K, 55 massage?

    I have had some great times with this type of mature lady. I'm older and more comfortable with someone who takes her time and knows what to do. Any locals tried her?? Coming to Augusta next month for biz trip. Thanks for any help. !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DifferentDays  [View Original Post]
    Trying to set up with this one. Any insight would be appreciated.
    She goes by Haley. I see her about every other week now. She's fun. I recommend.

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    Asian Girl on Backpage

    Anyone have insight onto this girl? I see the facebook link alot but the number seems to change, wondering if its real?
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    Trying to set up with this one. Any insight would be appreciated.
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    SASHA 706-xxx-0968 HEx Approved

    I had been noticing the positive reviews and comments about this young lady for the past few months. I'd even received personal referrals from 2 Augusta gents with whom I have a very good hobby report with. Upon receiving their thumbs up, I gained an interest in meeting Sasha.

    This week was a slow travel week for me, so I decided to give the lovely Ms. Sasha a call. We played phone tag for a bit before finally connecting with each other. After a brief introduction, we agreed upon a time whereby it would take me a little over an hour or so to make the drive to Augusta. This was perfect timing for her. So, I headed West toward Augusta.

    I arrived at her place and was greeted by this tiny, bubbly and beautiful young lady. Some you gents are old enough to recall the acronym from back in the day "PYT" - Pretty Young Thing. Well that's the way I would describe the lovely vision that met me at the door with a big smile and warm welcome. After guiding me back to her room, we talked and got acquainted for a short while. Just basically chit-chatting about "life" in general. It was a pleasure to meet someone who is a pleasure to talk to. And also a pleasure to look at during conversation.

    After a bit of conversation, we undressed and sat on the edge of the bed for a little caressing and petting as we continued to talk and get closer to the real reason for me being there. This young lady has a charming personality and body to die for. I mean, a nice blend of tiny and bootyful. In my opinion, I would classify Sasha as the PERFECT PTY Package. And yes, the pictures in her recent ads are really her.

    It was a joy as my hands roamed all over her soft petite body. And as I kissed her neck downward, we had a nice connection. She offered (and I gladly accepted) a short but nice body rub before engaging in a spirited display of intimacy. Fellas, this young lady is beautiful from every angle - from the top, from the bottom, from either side and O*M*F*G what a lovely view from the back. I could hardly control myself the whole time I was there. But, I managed to take my time and thoroughly enjoyed this first visit.

    Before I even made the call to Sasha, I was well aware that she would not be the total GFE type visit that I usually prefer. But my visit with her was to my satisfaction, as I had a wonderful visit enjoying conversation and intimacy with this lovely young lady.

    My thanks to the gentlemen who referred her and to the lovely Sasha for allowing me the pleasure of her company.

    Fellas, she is a special one in Augusta. Treat her well.

    Happy Hobbying and Play Safe!

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    Link for Asia I forgot to ad on my review

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    Not real

    She's not real. I tried her a month or so ago.

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    Found a rare gem in Augusta (Not sure if first one posted or not)

    Seen Asia this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Pictures are real but of course at a better angle. She is tiny at at 100 pounds and 5 foot tall. Spinner type with a great great attitude. Beautiful body and killer smile. Easy two call set up. Easy to get to hotel with easy set up. Has a roommate but not an issue. She waits in car! Everything was covered and eager to please. Any position available except Greek. Will definitely repeat. Really cool girl!

    Face. 6/10.

    Body. 7/10.

    Eagerness. 9/10.

    Attitude. 9/10.

    Will repeat and treat her right. Don't mess this up guys!

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    Actually found a gem

    Asia was a rare find in Augusta. Hotel was easy to get to and very simple call system to set up. Room was shared with another provider but she left and sat in car the entire time. Room was a little messy but not bad! Her pictures were actually her and recent but of course angles look better on the pictures but all in all a really cute girl. Young spinner type. Everything was covered. Great CBJ and eager to please. Any position was available. Beautiful body and gorgeous smile. Finally found a person that matched their pictures. Liked to joke around and put you at ease. Around 21 yr old, I'm guessing. Weighs maybe a 100 pounds and about 5 foot tall with a big booty and big breasts and pierced nipples. Never said no to anything and was able to carry on a conversation about life and anything else. Will definitely repeat. Originally didn't want to share, I wanted to keep this gem to myself but we need to share more on this page! Damage was only $. 6, not a clock watcher at all either!

    Face. 6/10.

    Body. 7/10.

    Attitude. 9/10.

    Eagerness. 9/10.

    Location. 6/10.

    Will definitely repeat very soon. Treat her right and don't mess this up guys!

    Also let's share more for the benefit of everyone!

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    Ofcourse not

    Quote Originally Posted by Rub101  [View Original Post]
    Once you pay, incentive is gone.
    Ofcourse not LOL. Just said I've been curious about seeing her when she first started posting last year. Glad I didn't pull the trigger.

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    She was good

    Quote Originally Posted by WillDo4000  [View Original Post]
    I think at one time she was ok, but she is now managed and the same big guy was there, read my posts. This was my first time actually seeing her up close, and I can tell you that if she had stripped before I gave her the money, I would have left, that is worse than the pilsbury dough boy in terms of rolls!
    At one time she was ok, but sounds like she had gotten mixed up with someone now. She can give a damn good BBBJCIM.

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