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Thread: Massage Therapists

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake4999  [View Original Post]
    Anybody experience Zoey? Her photos are great. She list her location at Century Center.
    Damn she looks hot if that's her. Pics look genuine so maybe!

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    Anna or Anny

    Quote Originally Posted by HonoluluYobo  [View Original Post]
    Does anybody have any intel on these two?

    The one with the longer hair looks nice.
    Sorry HY, I couldn't find post but I did read in Massage Therapist or Massape Parlour Thread that a fellow monger brother tapped her, she is working with Chinese Sunny #611. Hono#1.

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    Question for Abby massage

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadRunnin  [View Original Post]
    I went for a repeat visit yesterday and I wanted to update you mongers. First let me say the boobs may have a little more sag than I first stated. I was looking from the side last time and I was look straight on this time. They are real, big, soft with responsive nipples ( inch wide, long and 1 - 2 inch areolas). I usually go for a 90 minute massage, she doesn't do 90 anymore, so I went with the 60 minute. I want a good massage and a release after. I got an awesome massage and a happy ending. I like a hard massage with kneading and stretching and that is what I got. On the flip, she got between my legs, rubbed, kissed and asked if I wanted my little man smothered in those glorious orbs of delight. You must understand, it doesn't take anything for me to get off and this didn't take very long either. She popped my cherry on this type of release and I liked it! She has posted a new ad with her cell number. I'm not sure how that is going to work, because her English is almost nonexistent. Anyway here it is; and yes the photos are her. If you are like me and the massage is the main event, check it out. If the extras are more important, I would recommend somewhere else. Damage was $.2 and this going to be is my new masseuse.
    Is Abby the only girl working at this location?

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    If you insist on seeing Summer at Pin Thai Aiea, may I suggest.

    Quote Originally Posted by Duro08  [View Original Post]
    I did try her again for the second time. As you said no roaming inside her panty. But I tried to pop her tits out and she said no to me. Oh well. LOL. I love her massages though. It's a plus.
    By seeing her two times, you obviously like Summer's massage & HJ / HE, however, in my opinion, you should be progressing in the boobage and pussy areas. Both areas are available for play (I forget the name of the dude who got his finger "stinky" with Summer), so you need to come with an angle (by the way, the angle to get your hand into her panties / thongies is really tough when you are on your back) to gain access to her big (natural, according to her) tits and pussy.

    May I suggest the direct approach? "Summer, I enjoy your massage. This is my third visit with you. Playing with your boobs and pussy will greatly increase my pleasure while you are stroking my cock. If I am happier at the end of our session, your tip will be happier. ".

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    Anybody experience Zoey? Her photos are great. She list her location at Century Center.

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    Anny and Anna

    Does anybody have any intel on these two?

    The one with the longer hair looks nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky808  [View Original Post]
    She gives an ok massage and HE. Pics are her but maybe 5 years younger.
    Raja that boss. Mahalos for the info.

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    Cherry from Royal Makaloa great technique

    Made appointment for makaloa site, across DH side of kalakaua from fabric mart. Park in their stall next to the stairs, room on second floor, clean with shower. Cherry has the girl next door look little thicker but not overweight. Small natural boobs with big nipples. Starts with back rub that goes ok, works her way down to thighs and starts reaching under and playing with sack then starts jerking, when you respond she goes straight to tickling your ass, if you like it and she knows, she will put her finger in and slowly works dick, balls and ass, she then ask if you want flip or continue, on the flip she take her clothes off and ask if you want suck, does BBBJ with full prostate fingering, just like in porn movies, totally mind blowing awesome. Never rushes and does not check time, over all one of the best techniques around, well worth the fees.

    60 hf 50 BBBJ said FS is $$ but did not try. Will definitely return, she told me to go to CC next time and can try other girls or do threesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmellMyFinga  [View Original Post]
    She gives an ok massage and HE. Pics are her but maybe 5 years younger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmellMyFinga  [View Original Post]
    Didn't someone say this was snow spa? If so, she does a very mechanic, almost routine massage. With HE. Cute lady, but never clicked with her.

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    School Girl

    PM the info if it's good.

    Quote Originally Posted by SmellMyFinga  [View Original Post]

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadRunnin  [View Original Post]
    Okay I'm a longtime lurker and feel it is time for me to reciprocate on all the excellent information I have gleaned from this site. I met this therapist through Aloha Massage Therapy School that is on the 22nd floor of Century Center. She did three massages on me as a student. I'm an old fart that likes deep tissue and she fit the bill and does an awesome job of getting my knots out. The last massage that she did for me at the school included a lot more teasing, so I asked for her digits and told her I would look her up when she got a place to work out of. She has one now and this is it; I just had a 90 minute massage and she did an excellent job on this old fart. I told her I would mention her on a forum that I knew of, if she wanted to attract more customers. I also told her that the going rates for 60 min massage and extras were $. 2 - $. 4 for HE, $. 4 - $. 6 for BJ and $$ for FS. I don't know how much was understood, because her English is miniscule (as in mostly talking into Google Translator). I opted for the 90 minute because that is what I usually need to get the kinks out. I went to her for the massage, and was pleasantly surprised with a happy ending. Let me warn you, I have a hair trigger and an hour worth of massage followed by some teasing had me ready even before the flip. After the flip she didn't waste much time getting to junior, again I say her technique worked very well for me, but I am so easy to get off, that I sometime think if a hot chick just looked at me seductively, I would shoot! I was serviced by the one with the big hooters in this ad, if you want a young spinner; stay away. If you want a cute MILF with some nice natural D's (I'm just guessing on the size) with big nipples that get hard when you play with them, then she is your gal. They do have some sag, but I wouldn't call them droopy. The one with the big boobs goes by Abby and I also met the other girl, she walked in during my massage (after the flip awkward), she goes by Lucy and looks a little slimmer and may be a few years younger. Lucy says she was trained in massage in China. They are both Chinese, Abby is 35-40,5'5", and maybe 120 lbs, cute face, maybe an 8 and she wears glasses (teacher fantasy maybe). Lucy I only saw upside down and for less than a minute. Her face was maybe an 8 too, and she looked 30-35 to me, she was about 5'5" too and maybe 110 lbs. Guys I would make a really lousy witness, because I will most likely get flamed by someone saying my numbers are way off. Like I said, I had the 90 minute massage and HE, but other stuff was on the table, for me anyway; YMMV. She asked if I wanted to go for a second, but I declined. I didn't give her much as far as directions, but she seemed very open to options. The place is small and has a shower and was pretty clean. I would be interested to hear from any of the senior posters that decide to visit either one of these ladies. I do plan on repeating, because an excellent massage followed by a release is what I'm looking for. 90 min massage and HE - $. 8, I know I may have overpaid, but I told her it was a welcome to business present.
    140 is steep for 60 with HE. I would not call that the going rate. As the guys have said, it drives prices up.

    For those wary of the Chinese Network, the 439 number in the above link is Lucy Massage in the low-rise of CC:

    Lucy has been reported on over the years, as Momo from back when she was a solo indie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiAnt34  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for your response. Went to see her recently. Nice looking Thai girl with big boobs. Very conversational, good massage. After the flip, massage is mostly light touch, HJ / HE good and she takes direction well. Roaming up top and down below over the clothes is OK with her. Lifted up her shirt and popped her titties out of her bra for a bit more inspiration during the deed. Fingering her pussy over her shorts is permitted. Dipping a finger into her pussy was a no go. She is OK with hands in her shorts for ass grabbing. 10 Minutes shorted on my 1 hour massage. Tip adjusted for time shortage. Clock in the room is 5 minutes ahead. Overall, good experience.
    I did try her again for the second time. As you said no roaming inside her panty. But I tried to pop her tits out and she said no to me. Oh well. LOL. I love her massages though. It's a plus.

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    Thanks! Maybe it was a bad hair day for her when I went. Either that or I got myself paranoid with all the bait and switch talk / experiences lately. LOL! May circle back around to Ei-Ei and will report back if I decide to do so. Strange, but I haven't seen anything reported on her. But it is hard to search when the names are 3 letters or less.

    Safe mongering! HT.

    Quote Originally Posted by RubMaidix  [View Original Post]
    HappyTug, yes Ei Ei was there, had a customer come in same time as me, he went to shower first so yeah yeah and Ei Ei talked for a couple of seconds in the hall, they introduced me to Yuki, Ei Ei definitely the one in the picture.

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