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    Quote Originally Posted by Datsurman  [View Original Post]
    I am also interested. Intel anyone?
    I believe she is part of the same service that employs "Thai Jenny" "Kim Tang" and "PSE Jin" because eros always indicates they are online simultaneously. If she is like the others, the pics will be fake, but she will be attractive and the service good. That said, they double book, so you will have to deal with much frustration and may end showing up and not getting seen.

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    Had a dream I met up with a BSW on 47th off of Cic. Around 12:30 last Friday night. As far as looks go, she was probably an 8. Incredible legs / titties, had a tiny bit of a gut. CBJ was good too. Didn't get digits since I dreamed we were in a residential area and I was nervous and ready to gtfo. LOL. She says she's there weekends though so I may return to see what other goodies I can dream about getting!

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    ?? *Mature Massage by a Very Sexy Woman*.40 ??

    *Mature Massage by a Very Sexy Woman*.40.

    Poster's age: 40.
    Location: Chicago, Apt. Private 94 / DunDee exit

    Has anyone had an appointment with her? Can anyone share information and or experience on what an appointment was like with her? Forum or PM is fine.

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    The first link she's using pictures of someone else I dream about in the city. Skeptical.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Bixler  [View Original Post]
    Just saw these girl today,

    Both are genuine. Selected one for special. From inside she looked like old timer. Didn't enjoy much but kind of "good for money".

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    Me 2

    I am also interested. Intel anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick387  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone here know if this girl is legit? Thanks in advance.

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    Just saw these girl today,

    Both are genuine. Selected one for special. From inside she looked like old timer. Didn't enjoy much but kind of "good for money".

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    Any intel on Mia? I have seen numerous ads but never bit. She seems close to me so that is a plus. PM please.

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    Does anyone here know if this girl is legit? Thanks in advance.

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    I'm with Zuess on her. I used to have her out to my house when she was posting for massages. She worked for a agency then but now it looks like she's on her own. In the beginning it was $130 then it went up to $150. Usually just a rub of some oil on the back then a flip with a HJ. Sometimes DATY was on the menu but never FS. She used some of the same pics then, not her, but I never turned her away either when she knocked on my door. This was probably 5-6 yrs ago so I'm guessing she's even more not like the pics now. And her rates are way higher too. Check her out and let us know how it went.

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    Vicky / winter

    Hey, fellas. I noticed a post earlier today from around 6am for a real beauty. Petite, black, maybe Latina. No tats, slim bod, looked early 20s. Used names Vicky and Winter in the post. But no longer found online. Wish I woulda jotted her number down cause she was def on the list for this week! Anyone have any info? Available south side or NW Indy?

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    Miracle 916-790-7147. She was using way dated pics last year, which were younger, hotter and more thin than current reality. Pic in black more representational. Decent looking, but service was pretty lame. A fellow hobby ended up seeing her just before my session! LOL. Maybe we coulda joined forces and done a dou-bang for a discount. If you do see her I'd recommend NOT to go for her initial absurd rate. But I would not repeat. Anyone have a more recent session please PM me or post with how your session went.

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    Amelia by Midway

    Ok I think she looks very nice but no review. She has been advertising for a bit but nothing. Just wondering if anyone have info on her. Please PM.

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    The real?

    I saw makenzie about two years ago. She's 702 area code now, but same pics and same name, same "ms areola 2008" claims. But something's off- she was def NOT the girl in pics. Skin looked unnaturally, and unattractively, tanned. Def different girl than pics. TOFTT, wasn't terrible but I'd had skipped for another for sure. Only bright point was she had a rump and pushed it back nicely.

    Can anyone confirm if she's real pics, cause other site states real, but too many fakes and self posts on their site to be sure.

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    TGTBT, all fake pictures and looking to take you for whatever you have. Don't know what name they are using now, could be Angel, Amber or any name but you would be lucky if you get a rub. Stay away and save your money.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyBigToe  [View Original Post]
    Wow. What a jaw dropper! Can anyone give me some intel on her?

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    W addison apt.

    Stopped by the apartment on west Addison down the street from the Citgo station and Dunkin Donuts. Hadn't been there in a while and its seems they've had a turnover in staff. I was offered a choice between a black girl and a Spanish girl. Chose the Spanish girl, Lucy, for a 30 min. Session. Rubbed lotion on my back for a few minutes, then told to turn over. Rubbed a little more lotion then asked if I need additional treatment. A full menu was offered, but at highly inflated prices. I've received the same treatment for half the price at their previous location. Should have walked out, but I was weak. In and out in under 20 minutes. Hopefully this is not indicative of a new price structure and level of service. I've always had a good time here for a reasonable price. Negotiate or walk away. I only wish I had been strong enough to do so.

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