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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen60  [View Original Post]
    Feeling frisky, and having read her reviews on another site, I wanted to see if I had the strength and stamina to handle a real live Cougar. Entering her liar, I was greeted with a big hug and kiss, and clothing was soon shed. Stripping the bed to the sheets, as I lay down, she quickly followed straddling me. As I began to massage her natural breasts with my tongue, my hands were roaming, and I gently pulled her forward to taste and gage if she were in heat. My tongue caressed her bud and had a fantastic time stimulating the area, as she grabbed the headboard above. Such sweet tasting Cougar nectar should only be gathered slowly so as not to damage the bud. At some point, she switched positions, and we were going at it in 69 style for all it was worth. Guess she got hungry, and needed something in her mouth as well. Sensing I wasn't going to last that long in this position, I flipped her over so I could experience the inner heat of this super-hot Cougar. Within a few minutes of entry, I could feel a terrific eruption about to take place, as she met me stroke for stroke. Finally with one of my best all time releases, I continued on, wishing I could double down. No such luck, as I was soon reduced to a wet noodle. It was one hell of a ride and was soon apparent I hadn't tamed the Cougar. Oh well, I'm in no hurry, as it gives me more opportunities to continue my taming mission I've encountered Cougars before, but nothing compared to the ride of this one. She does, by the way, have a fantastic disposition which only enhances the experience.
    Amber Rose sounds like a keeper. Are her photos recent what were her rules.

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    Number is 7735590617.

    This is an local agent number (they have many different number and different girl pick up the phone) they will let you go address" 530 north ave lombard il" which is a hotel location then you call them ask which room, they will let you drive to another shop which in a plaza shop name"Girl Girl Girl". After you go there you will be charged 100-200 for enter, yes only for enter room! Then they will left yourself alone in the room, may 20 minutes later some girl coming in ask you do you want additional service from 500-2000, I tried 500, they just do a lapdace! For 500, fuking people! Folks! Warning you! When you hear address is" 530 north ave lombard il", never go there!

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    These girls were posting a few months back, especially Jayye (with the smile). Has anyone ever seen her / them?

    Thank you, Stan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fdottt  [View Original Post]
    Like what?
    She had to have edited the ad before we all got to chancd to see what was wrog with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fdottt  [View Original Post]
    Like what?
    She switched the pics. The original ad had one pic with her and her son and the other pic was of her drivers license LOL.

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    What's Wrong With This Ad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fdottt  [View Original Post]
    Like what?
    Possibly a Tranny?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayPuff  [View Original Post]
    Like what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubAddicted  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have info on Devine in Evanston?

    She looks so hot.
    Of course she looks hot. That photo comes up quite frequently on tineye. As Jazzi in Austin, or Jenny in Nevada, etc.

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    What the.

    So many things wrong with this ad.

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    You all are talking about a different magnitude of odor. Most people here have probably noticed a smell or two here and there, but it wasn't no where near as bad to be a dealbreaker. That's different than an odor that punches you in the face and makes you want to exit the building.

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    Looking for a Gurnee area chick

    I'll be up by gurney this evening. Any girls worth checking out up there, or in general area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonM  [View Original Post]
    When going DS of course you're going to smell something. You're close enough to her backside to get some sort of smell. I don't complain or say anything to her about it. That's what it smells like anyway. I just switch over to Mish.
    Ron, that's just the way it smells? WTF. It'd not like it's a spontaneous encounter, club or bar pickup. She's setting up an appointment for you to bang her. She should have the decency to throw some soap in that crack! Even if she's running a high traffic turnstile operation, there is no excuse for bad hygiene. I wouldn't think any hobby should have to accept something like that. Each his own.

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    Anyone have info on Devine in Evanston?

    She looks so hot.

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    702 is Vegas, I stay away from that area code, too much carp. This one turns up same number, different girl, obv fake pics, also seems "she" changes name and age.

    I say stay away, but what do I know.

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