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    Agreed on lovely Lauren

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveRue  [View Original Post]
    Be interesting to see how the lovely Lauren plays out. She's in a relationship with an AA guy which in itself doesn't mean anything. She also friends with Mila which has not great reviews I think she just gives a back rub. (Too bad since she's smoking hot.) this in itself doesn't mean anything either. She's also moved around a bit and can be flaky in keeping appointments. Again in itself doesn't mean anything. Just 3 interesting facts. Sounds like with a few improvements she'd be a good provider. Again be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    I saw her a couple months ago when she was first starting out, she was very sweet and cute face. A little thicker than I generally like but her innocence and cuteness made up for it. We went with a nice massage and standard. I liked her and would see her again but I did see the quirkiness and kinda liked it, what I didn't like is that her place was a bit too dirty and I itched for days after leaving. As far as Naomi / mila I've tried to get her to do an incall at Lauren's or somewhere but she declined. I only go to incall. I would like to see Naomi as she seems cool on the phone but after reading the reviews on her I doubt I'll ever connect with her.

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    Help finding a girl if she still around

    I saw this girl a while ago she changed her number and I'm trying to find her but her adds were always.

    Young, tight, bombshell🌹127801; very seductive 😘 call for an amazing time 🌹127801;.

    Last 4 were 2860.

    She went by the name of lacey.

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    SouthSide Amy

    Anyone remember Amy in the south side doing massages? Haven't seen her post in months. Wasn't sure if anyone had heard from her.

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    Angel baby

    Have seen few reviews before and tried few months back but no luck. Tried on Friday when I was in the city and got lucky.

    Standard text before appointment but she asked for picture. With hesitation I sent mine. She replied with face pic as well and sent the location. It was her apartment on the east side. The place was okay but her apartment was decent and lives alone. She has a cute cat though. I mean real pet cat. LOL.

    HH FS is $. She smokes but I asked if she could clean up before the event for which she agreed. Events does not include travel to Greece and cover is of course a must. I was okay with that. We started with gentle kiss per my request. But YMMV. Fact check before session. Good performance and show. She was little rushed (to my expectations) but can't complain. Maybe because it was my first visit. Overall would recommend and she is a nice girl. Attached picture although I don't expect the ad to be removed.

    Any specific questions, PM me. I think many seniors do know here although she had changed her pictures recently.
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    Off to a rocky start

    Quote Originally Posted by Db2007  [View Original Post]
    Visited Beth and had a wonderful time. Good conversation and the massage was superb. It was a satisfying experience. Will repeat.
    I apologize that I was not on top of my game when starting your massage. I hope you will come again. [Deleted by Admin]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBeam555  [View Original Post]
    Any mongers know this one?

    Appreciate the feedback guys.
    Just the feedback that was on here already. Been trying for a while and she never responds back to texts or answers the phone.

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    Could be intellect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spwam1  [View Original Post]
    This genius, , included me in a group text letting everyone know her new number (as well as the number of all of her gentleman callers). Thank god for burner.
    Could be laziness combined with a side order of why should I give a fuck about you? Either way, distributing everyone's number to everyone else is potential cause for alarm. Phones do get seized by po po from time to time, and if one does, guess what? Officer Allmenarepigs just got a nice windfall to add to their database.

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    Quality, schmality

    Quote Originally Posted by IndyGolfer60  [View Original Post]
    She is safe and I agree on the Quality.
    I'd seen her a few times over the years. Used to give great service, but as the dress size has increased, the service has decreased. Set something up a couple weeks ago. Went to her in call on nw side. Not only was a guy maneuvering through the breezeway and showing up wherever I did, she nsncalled me. Just completely went dark, despite the fact that I was texting her five minutes earlier. She's a street walker with a smart phone. Nothing more, maybe less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBeam555  [View Original Post]
    Any mongers know this one?

    Appreciate the feedback guys.
    Saw this and checked out this young lady a few days ago. Hence spurring a report. She had and I call at the local hotel off greenwood exit. Texted back and forth and agreed on. 8 for thirty min. DFK, Daty, and covered BJ. Horrible oral skills, but amazing tight kitty and super responsive to requests. No island trips. With it if you like them young, and new to the game.

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    Commenting on the Bad Review

    I'm not trying to 'white knight' for the girl[Deleted by Admin]

    Yes you were


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    Kylie #1173

    Any mongers know this one?

    Appreciate the feedback guys.

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    Uncle might have some new assistants

    A couple of the assistants might go back moonlighting on BP trying to get extra credit with uncle.

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    I had a great time with Dani as well

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevrob911  [View Original Post]
    Just got done meeting with Dani early this morning.

    To be clear, this Dani Luv: (Note: 'Dani' does not appear in this ad.).

    Communication and responsiveness was excellent on all counts, as our meetup was scheduled 2-3 weeks ago.

    Dani answered the door in her layers of streetwalker attire. This of course is an invitation to peel those off once the playtime commences-- they didn't last long!

    As per Dani's preference, an excellent cock sucking session started right away with a music playlist of my choice. If you want to know more about Dani's cock sucking skills, see my earlier review of her on this website.

    Once ol' faithful was about to blow, I asked to do the CFS thing. Dani has plenty of female condoms and is willing to use one for you if you choose. If you have latex allergies or something else that prevents you from doing the female condom, then you might want to bring them and let her know before the fun gets started.

    Anyway, Dani put the condom in place and we had a fabulous finish to our first round.

    Once that was done, we engaged in some pillow talk, followed by cuddling, followed by another DATY / O session followed by another CFS session.

    Dani is a self described 'horn dog' and is certainly able to keep up anyone (probably). I love playing with her and will be repeating when the next opportunity arises.

    Her website is:

    She is P411 I'd: P229323.
    I got the chance to meet Dani this week as well. She is worthy of the recommendation. She she is very professional from the attire to the candles to the silk sheets she brings from home. She really is trying to please you while you are there and give you what you want. It was a very nice change of pace from many of the young girls I had been seeing. I'm relatively new to the hobby and don't don't think I had seen anyone older then 26 up to this point. She is mid forties but tight and sexy. BJ skills are great as advertised. She sucks to the beat of the music, which may not be for everyone. But it kept me on edge for a good long while until a huge explosion in her mouth. She is also very receptive to giving Gary some attention, if you are into that (think South park).

    I had the last appointment of her night and she did not rush me at all. She is a talker (even read kevrobs prior review of her in full at one point.) I enjoyed the chatter since it did not mean less play time. We ended running quite a bit long but of course YMMV, especially depending on her other appointments. But it speaks to her truly being committed to having you leave happy. Pictures are accurate.

    Round 1 was just a long BBBJ.

    Round 2 was DATY / O BBBJ and then her riding me. Greek is on the menu and I planned for it but she was so good elsewhere we never got to it. Next time we will, as I will see her again.

    If you are on P411 contact her there as she provided a perk for doing so. If you haven't seen her this visit I think it's too late now, but she stated she visits every 4-6 weeks typically.

    Only minor negative was that she does read all review's on anoTER site. She had recently got a bad one and sorta second guessed some of what she did. Not sure HOW she got reviewed poorly, but she did and it effected her a bit. I find confidence sexy, and she had reason to be confident, but seemed to lack it at times. It didn't have a major effect on the experience, however. Definitely one of, if not the best time if had in my young monger career.

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    This genius, , included me in a group text letting everyone know her new number (as well as the number of all of her gentleman callers). Thank god for burner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyGolfer60  [View Original Post]
    She is safe and I agree on the Quality.
    She is definitely safe and when I last saw her about 2 years ago the quality was already on the decline IMHO.

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