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    Anyone know?

    What happened to nikki69 or however it was spelled. Short blonde. Advert. Couple months ago?

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    Anyone seen Ashley yet. Swapped a couple texts with her. Said she just moved to Louisville and is off Market St. Pics look great and rates reasonable. 100 in and 120-140 out.

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    Pretty sure it's Derby City MILF. I saw, and reviewed her, on 5/2 - post 24155. There's a non-BP link to pics in there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ohboy469  [View Original Post]
    Link not working, who is she?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fapping  [View Original Post]

    Enjoy, she is smoking hot and a GREAT performer!
    Link not working, who is she?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fapping  [View Original Post]

    Enjoy, she is smoking hot and a GREAT performer!
    Link is already down. Any pic that you can share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyMode  [View Original Post] photos /5023022115/13039797.

    The photos are her. Possibly 2 years ago. That's def not what she looks like anymore. She's very personable, very talkative. Small talk lasted way, way too long. Asked way too many personal questions. Little to no foreplay. I will not repeat.

    PM for deets.
    Thanks for the review! She was on my radar last year and then disappeared. Saw she was back and wondered what she was like now. Those curves still look tempting but may defer now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RippedOffGuy  [View Original Post]
    What happened to selena / sabrina? Just vanished?
    Who cares? Maybe her thug BF took her away.

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    Melissa churchill

    Went to see Melissa at Churchill the other day. Good price decent location very easy to find. Opted for the HH was getting close to closing time. Pictures are deceiving larger than what is portrayed. I didn't mind but could definitely turn some people away. Rub was really just a tease for the main event. Started with standard asked for more said that I had to pay for the VIP gladly did wasnt to much of an upcharge. Took direction well did everything I asked was very interactive. Overall good experience for a one time shot probably won't return.

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    Enjoy, she is smoking hot and a GREAT performer!

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    Well going on a previous review I had a dream that I called her Saturday night. Easy call and setup and off to the east end. As I'm pulling in I get a text from her that was meant for someone else and then another. It was to guy friend and seemed urgent if not kind of panicky. Texts are hard to interpret especially when the nerves of a new meeting are high. I got cold feet and bounced!! Texted her to say that it freaked me out and I was leaving.

    She apologized over and over again and implored me to return. But understood. After a lot of back and forth and some good faith pics from her for reassurance I decided to return.

    And I'm glad I did! She is as advertised. She is a MILF! Maybe not for everyone if you are looking for young and tight body but she more than makes up for it in performance! You def don't need to worry about the backrub because it's all good. Outstanding BBBJ with great technique and eye contact, off to a raucous daty session that had her over the top and then whatever position I requested to finish on any target I chose. Sweating and tired at the end. Worth the second chance for sure.

    Be sure to see her as my initial communication snafu was a fluke and truly don't believe there's anything to worry about. As always treat her right and she'll be good to you. She did mention she's selective so as always YMMV.

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    What happened to?

    What happened to selena / sabrina? Just vanished?

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    Young slim blonde with glasses, holding her hair up!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sexmoron  [View Original Post]
    The girl in your link is in the very same apartment as Peaches.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sexmoron  [View Original Post]
    Here you go; look at the foldout bed:
    That pic' should go in the dictionary to illustrate "PPS" {platinum pussy syndrome} because it strikes me that having the word "platinum" tattooed on her groin just above her pussy, at the waistline of her thong, probably gives an indication of what her prices are going to be like! _ Sincerely: A' K'.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    Don't spam the forum with repetitive posts.


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    Thumbs up on new hottie visiting

    Had very good luck with 30's slim, white, long hair visiting from SC. Def GFE, text then called when close to decent incall off Breckenridge. Was dressed very sexy, thigh highs, tight top and heels. Not a clock watcher, made me feel comfortable. Little small talk, then fun rounding the bases to home. Open to directions, fetish, good attitude. Smokes but not with clients, couldn't really tell. Only doing incall, here a couple days. Seniors PM for details. 120-roses for hh.

    Kasey 540-XXX-6558, ill try post link and pic. Late for work but was worth it.
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    Honeylove And Alisa

    I was having rough patch for few weeks. Finally, I happen to try a new little known, reasonably priced and easily available, full- bodied red wine called Honeylove in shepherdsville. Had a fantastic time and will definitely repeat. Due to variations in palate not every wine will taste the same to everyone. Like Penrose talks about golf, I am talking about wines. Also last week I saw Alisa last week for a great experience which is truly representative of her reviews mentioned earlier. Supply of good ones is real short at this time. Indulge responsibly.

    Quote Originally Posted by BestBuddy  [View Original Post]
    Saw her this week and I don't think I'll visit again. Discovered donation got very little and much upselling for basics assumed included.

    There are a number of lovely ladies with less hassle and drama available. And the drive only added to the disappointment.

    But if you want a chunky and enjoy lengthy negotiating she might be for you.

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