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    Thanks for the heads up. I pass thru there a couple times a month on my way to work. I will stop by next time by.

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    Hammond, LA. Pilot

    While sleeping at the Pilot I had a dream that a WSW spinner named Crystal came a knocking on my door. A petite, cute brunette with perky firm A cups. She comes in the truck to tell me her life problems. I listen to them & do a check to her story. .4 CFS & BBBJCIM & swallow. I ask & get permission. 2 to take photos & to share them. Very skilled in all depts. Small tight box. I would dream of her again, but no digits.

    I don't think I would have had this dream across the street at the Petro. I kept getting waking up by security to move my truck at all hours last night.
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    Truck Stop Reports

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