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    New ad

    Baltimore. TherapeuticMassage / c-new-arrival-girls-sweet-asian-new-feeling-301-717-4075/31348287.

    This new ad popped up today.

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    Eastern MC Guys Pay Attention:

    If you're on the eastern side of the county their location is probably less than 25 minutes from wherever you are.

    After a regular located in Laurel would not answer her phone just to setup an appointment, I decided the Columbians could answer the bell for me as they have done on many an occasion. I knew I couldn't go wrong with them and I was right.

    I opted for Kayla (who told me her name was Katalina) because after seeing both in person I deemed Dayli a bit too big for me. She wasn't fat or even thick but she's a big woman and I'm a little guy. Kayla is light, a brunette, about 5-6/7 and about 120-130 lbs at the most with a 7. 5 face, a tight body with a tight little bubble booty. She was just the right size for me.

    Fortunately, I had a choice between the two and I did the old fake coin toss trick as to not make the Dayli feel bad because she wasn't selected. It was just a matter of luck. Funny thing is, I never bother to say heads or tails before throwing up the coin but showed the coin and went through the motions of the actual coin toss and then gave Dayli the shoulder-hunching sorry gesture when the coin toss supposedly said to go with Kayla. I pointed at her and told her I'll see her next time and she smiled.

    Kayla was a whole lot of fun as she told me she was crazy a few times during our session and her english was pretty good. I said me loco too and we laughed and joked a lot during my 30 minutes with her. As I layed on the bed, she cleaned me up with alcohol and then did a strip tease for me and we cuddled as she rolled all over me a few times and when I gently pushed her hands towards Jr and said "easy", she gave him the feathery touch and he was at full attention within 1 minute.

    I stood near the back of the bed for my upcoming CBJ but instead she gave me a gigantic hug with her face all over mine. But no mouth kissing, which was ok with me. She had a cute neck which I kissed several times. After a minute of hugging, and me groping and pulling her booty apart, I gently pushed her down at the edge of the bed, stood over her with my dick in her face, she really knew what time it was. She also knows what she's doing when it comes to her head game as she made a lot of slurping noises. After a minute or so of that, I told her not to move and gently fucked her mouth for a couple minutes and it was out of this world!

    It got so good I had to move on to the main event. I said come on, let's do doggie and she set up near the edge of the bed but I pushed her forward into the middle of the bed because I did not want to do K9 while standing up. I gently pushed her knees together (K9 KT) and she asked to put me in and in there I was!!

    After entry, I always pause for at least 30-45 seconds to give the pussy a chance to adjust to Jr. All the while I'm telling her to take it easy mami. After my initial exploratory probing began, she decided to pound herself as she backed that lovely booty into me with force, while I held firm and didn't really move. I really enjoyed it and this went on for at least 3-4 minutes as my warmup song (Sexy Mama) was just finishing.

    Love To Love You Baby came on and we continued to smurf it out to the beat while both of us had a lot to say. I was her baby and she was mine, I was papi and she was mami. The song ended and I took a quick water break.

    I put my favorite bust-a-nut song on and I asked her to be still and relax so that I could drill, gun, twist and turn, circle, plunge, marinate, stab and dab into her gui cat cave without any pushback. Almost 8 minutes later I once again built up what seemed like a glorious 12-15 spurt orgasim and rolled off her laughing. I pointed at her as if she's the man and gave her the double thumbs up sign and she laughed. I basked in the afterglow as she layed on my chest a bit and then cleaned me up. I pretended I was dizzy from what just happened and she laughed again.

    I finally got dressed, we hugged a couple times while wishing each other well, I then left the premises a happy, clear headed man and that buzz would remain with me for the next few hours.

    I love this operation because I know the girls will look good with nice bodies, their attitudes never stink, the price is right and the location is great. If you can handle a NON-GFE encounter for only $100/ HH or $160/ Hr and are within 30-40 minutes of their location, you should check them out.

    Their ad is in BP and they change every week so here's a link to give you an example of what they offer!

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    Gabriella. Takoma Park Latina

    Gabriella is one of the Takoma Park Latinos doing non-GFE 15 m for 60. She has a nice body with nice big breasts and above average looks in her 30's. She is friendly and good value. Good CBJ, good movement on top, switched to doggy and then finished in missionary. Good bang for your buck if you're on a budget and need some stress relief.

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    Colombians In Laurel!

    I had a dream about an outfit of Colombians in a sleepy apartment complex in Laurel that always has, almost each week, new, very nice looking girls no older than 35, who also have a very nice body also. I visited there recently and met someone named Salome who was a light sandy-brown, dark haired 5:9 lovley who was very, very complaint for only $100/ HH or $160 H. Boy she was a real treat and my tool seriously got worked. They know what they are doing!

    As long as you can enjoy a NON-GFE time, you should have a great time with any one of them. I've heard from someone in here that if you don't take control, the girls won't perform well. So take charge and let her know how you want it and they will comply and you'll have a great time as long as you stay in the NON-GFE realm. (but they will play with your sceptre!

    I always take charge and after I asked her to lay with me (instead of just her throwing Mr. C. on my limp sceptre), we cuddled, which lead to a HJ, which included her kissing me all over my chest. It worked, I had a boner! So then, I elected to take my head pinned against a wall for a couple minutes until I had to beg-off of that and then we smurfed it out in the main event for at least 12 minutes in the sacred K9/ KT position. One reason for this post is I'm hoping some of you wiser gents will partake and that will aid in my mission that this great place never closes.

    Their ads are in BP's Baltimore section and the pics of the girls are very accurate but they don't show their faces. IMHO they are well worth even a 40 minute drive if necessary if that means you get to have fun with a nice looking lady with a nice face and a very decent attitude even though they can't speak a lot of english. With these rates, girls and the location this joint offers one of the best bargains from the DC metro area to the greater Baltimore area. Enjoy!

    Here's their recent ad. or here.

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    Little Nadea Comes To MC!!

    Little Nadea is now in MC. She delivers a non-GFE performance. If you're interested in a lot of romance she may not be for you but if you're interested in getting a boner and then working your tool inside a nice, tight little booty, for as long as you desire, she can and will help. At $120 for HH she's a great bargain. Here are her pics and they are real! or.

    Have Fun!!

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    Johana Of Silver Spring Helping Me Get My Tool Worked!!

    It was Johanna's turn to get killllllt and killllt she was. I'm a K9 type of guy and any escort that actually puts out, who doesn't mind K9 and without a really big butt is perfect for me. I don't ask for or need much from escorts and Johana always delivers big time for me.

    All I need from an escort is. Let me play my music during my session, help get my sceptre hard, (preferably by playing with it with their hand) then suck it for a couple minutes (lately I've been standing up and gently face-fucking) and then assume K9 and let me get busy for at least 10-12 minutes, moving only on my command and finally, let me bust a very serious, mind clearing nut. That's it.

    I don't need to kiss, although she's cool with kisses on the cheeks and neck. I don't need to stick my fingers into anything. I don't want the BB stuff, but that's only because I might catch something but thankfully I can easily live well with the basic non-GFE stuff.

    Johana's body is just the right size for me, especially that booty. She'll cuddle with you if that's what you want and play with your sceptre also. She has an above average covered head game and the pussy was tight and gooey at the same time. As always. I had the pussy making a lot of noise!

    She will pay big attention to you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave if that's something you like and / or need and she won't answer the phone while you're with her. She doesn't make a lot of noise but she purrs every now and then and sweetly responds to my utterances. (I'm a talker!).

    I set out to get my tool worked and that's exactly what happened with Johana ending in a very squishy, explosive, mind clearing rendezvous. Johana lets you take your sweet time with her and I did. (whistle).

    If you're interested in getting your tool worked and don't mind allowing a Non-GFE, kind faced, 40 ish Latina MILF to help you with that most important mission you should give sweet Johana a call. Her rates, performance and location (private) make her a must look into situation for anyone (within 30-40 minutes) looking to get their tool worked. Do give her a call Monday-Saturday 2-6 pm.

    Here's a link to her pics!!

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    Thank you!!

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJimmy  [View Original Post]
    She's still available & a lot of fun in the Aspen Hill area and mostly works only 2-6 Monday-Saturday. Give her a call during those hours for best results.

    Thank you for that info. I got in contact with her!!

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    I assumed that the Aspen Hill area was dead after that "car date only" Latina left that area. With the new website I cannot tell where the provider is located. I miss the Shady Grove girls.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJimmy  [View Original Post]
    She's still available & a lot of fun in the Aspen Hill area and mostly works only 2-6 Monday-Saturday. Give her a call during those hours for best results.


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    Johana Of Silver Spring!

    She's still available & a lot of fun in the Aspen Hill area and mostly works only 2-6 Monday-Saturday. Give her a call during those hours for best results.


    Quote Originally Posted by Powkid  [View Original Post]
    Haven't seen her post in a while. Does anyone know what happened to her? She worked out of her apartment in Olney. 240-550-.

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    Latina MILF Johana??

    Haven't seen her post in a while. Does anyone know what happened to her? She worked out of her apartment in Olney. 240-550-.

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    Gents In East Montgomery County. See Sasha In Laurel!

    I missed her a couple times over the last month due to my last minute scheduling conflicts but I caught up with her yesterday. She's a very small bubbling brown skin lady who's a pro and knows what she's doing in a non-GFE way. She looks better than her pics in person and can't weight more than 110 lbs and has a very nice bubble booty.

    I undressed and jumped in the bed with her and surprisingly, within 30 seconds of her gently playing with jr, I was rock hard so it was condom time for some of her always excellent CBJ. This time I wanted it standing up and I couldn't take more than a couple minutes of that succulent activity so I requested she assume the position of K9 with her knees together.

    As I entered the dragon she softly moaned and I paused at least 30 seconds to give her pussy a chance to adjust to my piece. I withdrew a couple inches to see if there was any grip and of course there was. After another 10 or so gentle strokes she was tight and quite gooey already. I knew I had to be careful with this pussy lest I bust a nut way too soon and therefore spoil the encounter.

    I thoughtfully probed inside her every which way but loose with my kaleidoscope of strokes and after 12-15 minutes I decided to release the hounds of love. The result was a extra strong electrical current starting in my balls, running up my spine, charging my brain, then back down my spine and then out my piece in what seemed like 7 or 8 very good & long spurts.

    NON-GFE little Sasha always answers the bell! At $120 for a half hour of her time IMHO is money well spent. Most of the time she's in the Laurel area and in the baltimore BP. If you're interested in a non-GFE encounter with a little cutie do give her a call and please be a gent.

    Here's her ad on BP and her phone number starts with 915 and ends with 8826.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sasha--- 915-538-8826 --TER--327298-----100417-.jpg‎  

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    Lily and Jessica

    Quote Originally Posted by PootyLover  [View Original Post]
    Seems like a new Asian crap shoot. I sampled both. Lily is no more than 18 or 19 and...doesn't know what she's doing but damn is she cute.
    Lily works with Jessica and they do like to offer double specials that are relatively cheap. Girls are 6-7 but the operation is definitely a Chinese low quality / high volume gig. Once you blow the show is over and they hustle you out the door. The girls were either silly or drunk and you'll get better service if you drive to PG.

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    Cute young Asian spinner

    Works out of Rockville with another girl. Seems like a new Asian crap shoot. I sampled both. Lily is no more than 18 or 19 and she just started. She literally doesn't know what she's doing but damn is she cute. (347) 348-1451. I don't even know if she's on BP yet I went there answering her Partners ad and she gave me her number after I got talked into a threesome for a bargain. It was one of those things that sounds great in your dreams but in reality didn't live up to it. If you decide to partake pm Me and let me know how it went.

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    Finding Talent

    Quote Originally Posted by Obx1824  [View Original Post]
    So where is everyone looking? I hate EROS, find it hard to navigate.
    I still peruse BP hoping to find a diamond in the rough while also expanding my search outside of the county. There are other review sites you can try as well, but I think there's a prohibition on naming them on the board.

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    So where is everyone looking? I hate EROS, find it hard to navigate.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShallowHall  [View Original Post]
    BP closed the escort section. Providers moved to the dating section, Women seeking Men. On top of that, BP recently instituted new rules seemingly to make it more difficult for providers to advertise. You'll just see a phone number instead of headlines and the ad itself won't contain much more. Not sure why, but I have some thoughts of my own. And don't bother clicking on the social media links. It's another requirement recently instituted by BP. Some of the social media links are fake fillers, but I recently read that some of the"t-you-um-b-ler" links are real. Some mongers just use that term as a search feature.

    Some providers have the good sense to put text on one of their pictures, such as location and name. When I get curious, I switch to the gallery view, right click on the pictures that interest me and open the ad in a new browser tab. I'll open several before pausing to review the tabs I opened. Sometimes the ad will have more details such as location, but most do not yet.

    The therapeutic section is gone also, but the providers moved to the massage section. From what I gather, the BP selection has gone downhill for awhile.

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