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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMongerMash  [View Original Post]

    Anyone have experiences they could share or have seen her reviewed anywhere?
    Google the phone number. She's been around forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smcddtc  [View Original Post]
    Just saw this new add on BP. TGTBT? Anyone has info?

    The other brd, google img search, tineye all turned out nothing.
    Your Google-Fu is weak. Those pics are all over the internet, that's Suelyn Medeiros.

    Stay safe, and happy hunting.

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    Just saw this new add on BP. TGTBT? Anyone has info?

    The other brd, google img search, tineye all turned out nothing.

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    Any info on Keli?

    Anyone have experiences they could share or have seen her reviewed anywhere?

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    Amili Chelmsford

    Saw this one a few days ago. The pics are real she's short maybe 5'1 very petite. She looks really young ad says 21 I doubt she's even 20. She was alone in her room. But I doubt she's staying alone. Service was just ok. Everything covered hhr $. 2 started with CBJ on to mish cowgirl doggy. She's really quiet you can tell she's new. Seems like she has some potential if she sticks around and gets better at this. I'll repeat maybe it's because I just have a thing for the petite ones. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonJack17  [View Original Post]
    Looks TGTBT but hopeful she's not. Anyone have any feedback on this gal?
    Google image search places her top photo mostly in Tampa and the next one all over the place. Bottom two photos however may actually be real. So take a chance and see if her face matches up. I wouldn't even bet a penny on that happening, that's for sure. Bait and switch I'd say.

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    Cambrdge jnny

    Looks TGTBT but hopeful she's not. Anyone have any feedback on this gal?

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    Saw Fiji a few days ago, phone goes right to an agency. Girl on the other side is nice, asks references, then gives you room number. She gave me the room number and I showed up at a nice hotel near Cambridge. Unfortunately she doesn't look at much like her photos as I would have liked, and even though other reviews say they are close, I didn't really think they were. Her body is a bit more athletic and not as tight as I was expected, so I was a bit disappointed in that. She has a cute face though. Anyway, services made up for it. DFK at the door, excellent BBBJ, and doggie to completion because I just had to take my frustration out on her backside. I may not repeat but I'm sure she'd be the cup of tea for many here, as her services are good and she's a cute gal. Just not the petite latina / asian girl I was picturing in my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolem  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know about April Marie? Nothing on ThE otheR site, zip on image search. Pic is from an earlier ad. Thanks!

    Attachment 371628
    She's been on BP for awhile using different numbers / pics. Slim decent looking gal, very sensitive to touching / kissing so def. Not GFE, everything covered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveLatin05  [View Original Post]
    Stay away.

    1st time being scammed. With all the great reviews she had, I didn't think it was possible.

    So after a few days of trying to get in contact with her, we finally was able to meet up. She tells me the place in Randolph across the street from the lodge. I come in put the donation on the draw. She asks me if I have rubbers and I tell her no. She then tries to call her "friend" to get some. After some back and forth with me trying to ask for my money back, she says its not possible and request I take head instead of the FS.

    After a good 15 minutes refusing to pay me back, she ask that I just take some head. I refuse. Another 5 minute goes by a guy comes rushing in. Then asks me "what am I doing her", tells me to leave.

    Of course now, I really had no choice to just leave.

    I didn't think it was possible with so many great reviews, but it happend.

    The number on The other site where she is reveiwed. T# 160042.

    77 O. XXX . 9696.

    857.XXX. O799.

    781.XXX . 6 O31.
    So after a month of going back and forth, I knew I would never get my $ back. So I took the session she promised with no games or drama. I meet her at the original apartment and after a long what seemed to be sincere apology we got to business.

    I was pleased and satisfied with her "head game". All in all I left the apartment happy. Who knows if she would have corrected the problems if I didn't have the "tecy smart" to cost her business. I would probably have repeated if it wasnt for the drama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeepsDeepSsg  [View Original Post]
    She has good reviews on another site.

    NOT GFE.

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    Pics all over

    Quote Originally Posted by BagTag  [View Original Post]
    Anyone see her what a body? She told me she is all natural 36 DDD and 5'7" what a package.
    Not to ruin a dream but google finds those pics in recent ads in CA, CT, TX and across the ocean in UK as well among other boards. She may be just as hot in person but unlikely. Very little chance you will meet the real model who others stole the pics from.

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    Just want to say that this girl is real.

    At least the ass shot and the front with the shirt up pics are her, I picked her up off the street so I didn't get to see her fully nude. She is thin and ass was good.

    I was driving through Chelsea and saw her walking down the street. She gave me a look and I pulled over to let her in. We went to my spot and she gave me a BBBJ and cfs for $40. She wanted $80 for sex, $40 for a BJ, but I told her all I had was $40 and she went with it. The ad was up about an hour after I dropped her off and the number match's what she gave me as well as the location of where she said she lives. I don't know how her service compares with when she hosts or what she charges but for $40 she wasn't a bad pick up off the street, way better then anything else I was seeing out in Chelsea the past couple of nights. If anyone sees her off of backpage at her place before I do can you pass along the rates, I'm assuming she will want $80 for sex, and service offered. I'm interested if she is GFE or offers multiple pops.

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    She's pretty cool. Saw her a couple of years ago and had an ok time. Decent reviews.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelz  [View Original Post]
    Hello Gents, its been awhile. Here's a new, well, not so new girl that I had a the chance to see. Her name on here is Eva. She's about 5'1 no more than 100 lbs, Acups. Very petite, smells good, very clean. I like the fact that she shows her face. No bait and switch. Easy to talk to, very accommodating. I was very fortunate to find her nearby and scheduled an outcall. I've been texting back and forth with her for a couple of days. Got to my house, dressed in some jeans and sweater. Did an LEO check. Had some back and forth banter to get acquainted. She specified she wanted $. 5 for the half. Told her she agreed with me via text on the phone for a $. So that's all I had. She seemed hesitant at first, we worked out a deal. BBBJ at first, pretty good at it. Took her time, gave some directions as to how I like it. Then some Reverse CG. Light GFE, takes direction pretty well. Was pretty into it during the whole time. Liked it so much, I gave her another $. This time I got a half, might be my new go to gal. More details, PM me. My apologies to those that have contacted me, I responded back: Below is link, Ad and pics.

    Happy Hunting.

    **EXOTIC** PETITE**100%REAL Pix** Special Req Avail**24/7 - 24.

    Posted: Saturday, March 21,2015 12:12 PM.


    **EXOTIC** PETITE**100%REAL Pix** Special Req Avail**24/7 - 24.

    Enlarge Picture.

    **EXOTIC** PETITE**100%REAL Pix** Special Req Avail**24/7 - 24.

    Enlarge Picture.

    Hey it's Eva looking to have some fun, meet new people, and maybe get off while doing so. If that sounds good to you then here's sum more 411.

    * in OR out calls 24/7!!

    * experienced with many fetishes.

    * very open minded.

    * donations begin at $100 & up.

    * time never rushed.

    * pix real & recent.

    CALL 617-417-0155.

    Poster's age: 24.

    Location: Boston / Camb / Brook, MEDFORD, SOMERVILLE, CAMBRIDGE, REVERE.

    Post I'd: 29071358 boston.

    Attachment 370660Attachment 370661.

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