Adult Vacation
Adult Vacation

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    Awaiting Email Confirmation

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    Absolutely bad experience

    Please, please, please don't see this girl. First she wants at least minimum 150, talked her down to a bill even.

    Not even close to the girl in the pics and if it ever was her it has to be at a least 7 year old pic. Absolutely stick frame looked like a junkie that just woke up, socks with sandals ripped up t shirt. The whole 9 yards.

    Once the action started kept complaining and asking if I was almost done, Jesus I just wanted to leave.

    Two different ads that she uses. She's located in Everett off a main road.

    She also has an 857 number that ends in 4456. I wish there was a way we could flag girls like this so they would be forced to provide good service. A way where NO one would see them almost as if they're barred from getting any of our money. Well good luck to all. Hopefully I can at least save some of you from this god awful experience.

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    Sydney or Areyal

    Anyone have experience with either of these 2?


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    Any info on Khloe in dedham?

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    In town Wednesday night.

    Hi Boston! I am in town for a night and am looking for a reputable provider that provides GFE services and can either do outcall to my hotel downtown or is in downtown. If you have any suggestions please message me privately! Thanks.

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    Seen her reviews on the other board so I decided to go. $. 4 for the half. Upscale hotel. Knocked on the door to hear a dog barking ended up being a small ugly one but she was smoking and in heels. I would say SOME pics are accurate. She is 10-20 pounds bigger. The once that show a big butt are real. Below average CBJ but she offers bjjj for a fee. No cowgirl. Doggy was great with fake moans. She doesn't really let you go deep and HAM and I am 90% sure her ass is not real. You can only pop in her. I wouldn't repeat simply because you can get a more from bella for the same price.

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    Savannah Taylor, Southcoast

    Where to begin. On first contact via text I get a slew of copy / paste messages that state its 6 to. Watch her play with herself and 8 if you want an HJ while she does. Asked for pics and she sends a few but they are NOT RECENT. Anyway I opt for the 8. Get to the loc and there are TWO CRUISERS nearby (not there for her apparently there was a domestic in the room over) I text her to let her know its hot at the loc. She tries to reassure and eventually I come in. Asks for the 8 up front and starts the show but she doesn't get naked. Just bottomless as she goes at it with an empty cigar tube. Doesn't do the HJ but that might be my fault for not reminding her about it. During the show she upsells for another 2 if I want to finish on her ass. I decline. After all is done she mentions more being available on the next visit. Not sure if ill take her on that offer but one thing to note. I was there for 15 minutes and walked out smelling like a goddamn ashtray. YMMV though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izmiz  [View Original Post]
    Anyone seen this girl? She seems to good to be true.

    Thanks for the help.
    In my experience when they say 24 hour service and 100% independent it means they're pimped and TGTBT.

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    Lizzie, Lizbeth, Liz RI

    While the pictures in the ad are not her they are indicative of her body type. She's on the larger side but has some amazingly huge boobs which she gladly offers up for play during the session. While not a firecracker in the sack she's really friendly and upbeat and is generally fun to be with she's one I'd be visiting again. Recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energizerbunne  [View Original Post]

    I texted her once. She got back to me hours later, saying she had just seen the text. Asked me to call her and I did, several times. She finally called me back and told me where she was located. I asked her to text the address, as she was (or said she was) walking back from the store and the call kept breaking up.

    I get over there, albeit a bit late as OnStar didn't hear me correctly. I called and texted several times, without response. I finally gave up, but saw that she kept posting. This leads to my question, has anyone seen her? Is she legit? I'm a bit peeved that I wasted the time that I did.
    Crummy apartment next to train stop. Good face. Ok body. Lots of stretch marks unfortunately. CBJ, doggie to finish. $60. Nothing special. Nice enough girl. There I'd's a loud suitemate who knocks on the door or texts, or both.

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    Kasey anyone?

    Anyone seen this girl? She seems to good to be true.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Bubbles, RI

    AVOID THIS ONE. Decided to pull the trigger and pay her a visit. Pictures are old at the very least she's MUCH thinner than the curvy girl in the photos. Hotel room was a total mess. She had a companion with her who hid in the bathroom once I arrived. Asked for money up front. On the night stand a ziploc baggie full of white powder "oh! Thats just salt" she says. Uh-huh. She dims the lights and lays a sheet over the bed and strips down and she's got some kind of pick marks or needle marks on her thighs "oh that's from shaving" I've seen razor bumps and those arent it. I asked for 1 back told her she could keep 6. "Fuck you wasting my time" so I left empty handed but lesson learned.

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    Jessica RI

    Have seen her a few times. Her pictures are accurate. She's got a nice rack and body for a woman at least 41. The only knock is she's pretty procedural when it comes to the act. Knock knock come in get naked a little head then the main event. Haven't ever really made small talk with her since once its all said and done its get dressed amd and time to go. Outside of the a. B. c. Nature of how she does things her specials make the trip worth it.

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    Deb. Near Franklin

    Have seen a few times now. Pictures are accurate. She a touch paranoid (if she sees anyone on the street she gets nervous) but you will be rewarded. My visit was small chit chat and then quickly to the main event. She does offer BBBJ but I only roll. Covered. Followed up with cg finished mish. Then general talking touching and canoodling for the remainder. She's an absolute sweetie.

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    Makayla in South Boston

    Quote Originally Posted by Handiman69  [View Original Post]
    I saw her a couple of years ago for. 70 for a HH. I thought she was nice enough, she is a big girl but she was clean and tight and had decent skills. I would repeat in a pinch. But I am not running back. YMMV.
    I saw her too, over a year ago. Decent personality. Friendly enough. But like others, I was very surprised by how much bigger she is than she appears in her pictures. She might have lost a lot of weight since then and that might actually be her in the pictures in her current ad, but a year ago she was much, much bigger than her current pics.

    Her skills were just average, and her location wasn't easy to get to other than by car. I guess for 60 she'd be an option if I was in her area and she assured me there would be no upsell for BBBJ, and I was really in the mood for some relief.

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