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Thread: Craigslist Advertiser Reviews

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    If anyone emails you from thyour name sherry Dee don't see her. Got burned by her. Junky thief. Think she might also streetwalk. She's hot and it's tempting but don't go get her. She wanted to fool around in the car, made a grab for the money and ran.

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    Sturbridge spinner aka monica

    So based on some of the previous reviews and acquiring the phone number I reached out and got in contact with Monica. After about two days of correspondence several very risqué photos and lots of dirty text messaging I finally went to go see her. Right before Before the visit I got nervous that my spider sense was going off but I think I'm just paranoid now due to too many shitty encounters. I choked down the spider senses and went on to my visit. It is definitely the girl in the pics she is a little skinnier looking in person very sweet girl and has great oral skills. After all the enticing text message banter This girl had me pretty spun up could not wait to see her. She says all the right things via text it sends amazing pictures. Previous reviews reflect $100 visit with a great time to be had I after getting all spun up was thinking with the little head and agreed to 150 for the hour but she assured me multiple pops and a great time. I arrived easy to call system as previously stated there is a boyfriend he walked out the door as I parked and not look back. I got in the room which was cleanDidn't smell like cigarette some minor weed.

    Paraphernalia laying around but nothing serious. Some light conversation followed by a wonderful BBBJCIM and a swollow. About 20 minutes in when I pop followed by nice conversation. I soon mention I'm rdy for round two and she says "Do you really think you can cum again a lot of guys say that and never do". Slightly disheartened at this point I reply with "we're going to have fun trying". In my mind I'm thinking where was the enthusiasm in your text messages earlier when you said you could get two or three pops out at me no problem? By the way we continued several different positions for another 30 minutes or so, covered. Much to my dismay she was right no second ppop for me but as stated previously I had fun trying. With my time up reality set in and I just paid 160 for a bbbjwcim and swallow. Altogether good time enjoyed myself cute young girl very tight box she seems to be motivated and wants to make us happy I will repeat however only on more realistic terms knowing I'll probably only cum once and will pay accordingly.
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    Don't waste your time

    Replied to her post on CL asked her if she was available that night she said yes and then I didn't here back from her for hours. Made plans to do something else that night and then sure enough she decides to reply and give me her #. She sends me the first pic with her face cropped out and she says that's she does that for her safety which is fair response. She then becomes adamant that I send her a face pic which I'm weary of considering most of them never ask for a pic. I eventually send her one and then she wants me to send another one. I told her that I'm not sending anymore pics and at this point I'm fed up with her and I'm ready to cut my losses. She then tells me that her offer was only for tonight and I tell her I can't because she had taken to long to reply and I had made plans to do something else. She then says that the offer is only valid for tonight and accuses me of wasting her time and her attitude goes completely sour. WTF? And this was after she refused to send any decent pics / even tell me her name. YMMV but my advice is you see her posting don't waste your time.
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    Car ride

    Got a response with the attached pic. She was looking for 60 which is higher than I'll go for a car date in Worcester, and wasn't smart enough to send me a phone number. Ad is expired. Anybody know her? She worth seeing if she pops up again?
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    Kitty in Webster.

    Scroll down after link opens (two posts) to see my post 3143 regarding her.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFunyun  [View Original Post]
    Got a hit from this one, looked familiar but couldn't place her and didn't see any posts about her. Any advice? Thanks.

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    Aka Kitty.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFunyun  [View Original Post]
    Got a hit from this one, looked familiar but couldn't place her and didn't see any posts about her. Any advice? Thanks.
    She's on here, do a search. Personally, she's a great lay. Costs a c note, covered. Ignore the negative reviews of her, cause if you just want a BJ, you struck gold.

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    Sharon or Kitti in Webster

    Two other posts below, one says not good the other says not bad, which makes it your choice to see her or not, I think others have also posted about her, one has a picture that I am pretty sure is the same girl.

    Just a FYI if you have a picture of someone then searching forum photos is an easy way to identify them & see if any posts have been made about them.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFunyun  [View Original Post]
    Sharon in Websta Got a hit from this one, looked familiar but couldn't place her and didn't see any posts about her. Any advice? Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by IsThataSw  [View Original Post]
    Kitti in Webster
    Quote Originally Posted by LadySniff  [View Original Post]
    Here Kitti Kitt

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFunyun  [View Original Post]
    Got a hit from this one, looked familiar but couldn't place her and didn't see any posts about her. Any advice? Thanks.
    I have a passing familiarity with most of the working girls in Webduh. She isn't ringing any bells, though. Probably because she doesn't look zoned out and doesn't have white powder under her nose.

    Honestly, if she's legit and the body looks as decent as the face, I might have to give her a try instead of schlepping to Boston for a piece.

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    Sharon in Websta

    Got a hit from this one, looked familiar but couldn't place her and didn't see any posts about her. Any advice? Thanks.
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    Lola putnam

    I got a reply from a girl who calls herself Lola and she's in Putnam Connecticut wondering if anybody seen her and give me some feedback.

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    Sheri Wesbster

    Met Sheri in Webster. She is OK provider. Went for quick view and ok service. Mediocre BJ and no active involvement.

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    I've seen Mary a couple of times over the past couple of weeks but never got around to posting. She's a nice girl who does aim to please and is low damage. Her place is kinda hard to find / get to the first time around but it is in a pretty quiet area. Just to confirm some of the stuff others have reported because it seems like no one as reported on her in a while. 1. Her BBBJ is a bit teethy. 2. Her room is riddled with a cigarette smell that gets stuck in your clothes and you can still smell hours later. 3. She is married and has roommates that are well aware of what goes on but they won't bother you. I've opted for early morning visits to avoid seeing them which didn't seem to work. I bumped into a different person on each visit LOL. 4. I didn't notice it the first time but there is a drug problem in that house. 5. She does offer FS without a cover with CIP despite her giving a speech about not doing it the week prior LOL. She gets the job done but I probably will only repeat if desperate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cackalope  [View Original Post]
    Confirmed. Tell her I sent you if you want a better deal. She said if I recommend people she's hook them up.
    Anyone have this chicks contact info? Would love to give her a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasualBlackGuy  [View Original Post]
    Replied to ad on CL calls herself "Pink". Quoted 100 for FS and does incalls in Worcester. Doesn't seem to be any reports about her. I have her phone # and Facebook she seems safe and will probably end up TOFTT and reporting back when I do. Just wanted to see if others knew of her.
    Anyone have any updats on this little peice of trash. Wouldn't mind taking her for a spin. I have plenty of trades for SENIOR members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DowntownBoy  [View Original Post]
    I seen an ad yesterday for this girl that is posting in Leominster she sent me an email saying it's $100 per hole but she did not send me her phone number I'm not sure if this is the 21 year old girl that you guys are discussing I will attach a picture again I do not have her phone number she will not reply after the initial email back she won't reply to me.
    I saw that ad and replied. At least you got a response because she never got back to me at all. I'm not confident that she's real considering she asked for a face pic and cock pic in the ad, which is usually indicative of a scam or a gay guy trolling CL for pics.

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