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    First of all, I agree with a semi-retirement. I'm fairly new to this site but I have found the information very useful in staying safe and not getting taken. I probably wouldn't have had the guts to try if it weren't for senior members providing information. Secondly, has anyone seen Alyssa, the Irish playmate recently? Could you provide a link. I can't seem to find any info. Thanks.

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    Never retire

    Quote Originally Posted by TheBro  [View Original Post]
    ...I've been thinking about retiring from the scene for good, and I still might...
    We should never retire completely. Those of us with years of experience should at least maintain a presence on the review-boards and similar sites, to help keep the thieves, handlers, and scammers in check, and to try to educate the younger guys on how to make the adult-services industry a safer place for everyone. I considered walking away too when NR shut-down its boards without notice and took with it all the many years of educational threads so many of us had created there. But quitting would allow the scammers to win, and force so many new guys to stumble and fumble their way through the industry, which is exactly what most handlers and thieves count on: having uneducated, unsuspecting victims to prey upon.

    Right now, in addition to outing thieves, one of our biggest challenges lies in convincing guys that every time a customer patronizes a drug-addicted / handled girl, he is making this industry worse and more dangerous for everyone, by giving those dangerous people more incentive to stick around and keep targeting us for cash. And that inevitably leads to someone's death, and it's usually one of us.

    We as active and former customers are the ones who can change this industry and make it better and safer for everyone, if the majority of us start holding ourselves and the girls we see to a higher standard. The stolen-pics, handlers, drugs, up-selling, cash-and-dash and similar bad aspects need to be rooted-out of the industry and only we can do it, by only spending our money on the girls who actually deserve it.

    So if you or any veteran does feel the need to stop being an active customer, please use some of your free-time to continue doing research, sharing your knowledge on the boards, and educating younger guys, so we can hopefully get rid of much of what makes the adult-services industry less than safe, and return it to the fun activity it's meant to be.

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    Sweet Steph

    As you guys know AA is pretty bad right now. Lots of drug addicts, SWers and thieves. Not to mention the girls apparently working with the cops. I've been thinking about retiring from the scene for good, and I still might but I had a good time today. I first saw Steph a long time ago. Wasn't a good experience but she impressed me by keeping cool after I had some unexpected family company arrive at my place. Still her rather robotic and cold performance made me not see her again. Until today when I figured I'd try again.

    Set up was easy. Nice safe incall; it's cluttered in a college student type way. She answered the door naked, which set me at ease. Great body, nice ass. Pretty tall too. Looks like she hasn't aged since I saw her more than a year ago. From the very beginning she was a lot more personable and at ease than last time, and I guess part of that was due to her remembering me. We talked and chilled quite a bit. BBBJ was really good. Moved to cg which was really good. She's rather quiet during the deed and will not talk dirty but seemed to be enjoying things. Doggysyle was good as well. After that we chilled a bit before BBBJ and then finish.

    I had a great time. YMMV. Like I said, first time was very meh. But her rates are pretty damn good so the second time you see her could be worth it. She's very pleasant to talk to and you can hold an intelligent conversation, something I've never really done with an escort. And most importantly she's safe and seems drug free.

    BTW she doesn't always do full service. Usually she's doing body rubs and BJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBro  [View Original Post]
    Wow, glad you're ok. As I said I did outcall with her a couple weeks ago. No signs of drug use, didn't see track marks but I wasn't really looking at her hands hard. Another girl to mark off my list.

    I noticed she had an ad up early yesterday morning using the name Misty, with a different name. Once I confirmed it was her we texted a bit. She claimed she was going to be doing outcalls later and just had an incall today. Eh.

    BTW she has an ad up right now.

    Another girl lost to drugs. This never has a happy ending, does it.
    That weird usually girls change their name and phone number but this one change only her phone number and kept her name. Also did not say that she will be in town for week!

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    Tori and Autumn

    Quote Originally Posted by OrionSky  [View Original Post]
    Why not share with all?
    Long story short: I wouldn't do any incalls with her. Stay folks.

    And speaking of people I'd avoid:

    I checked the Toledo forum and apparently she's been arrested a couple times. I wouldn't risk an incall with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBro  [View Original Post]
    Seniors can PM me for info / opinion on that Tori ad.
    Why not share with all?

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    Seniors can PM me for info / opinion on that Tori ad.

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    Tori Egyptian. Warning ad

    I just saw this. Everyone be careful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelElizabeth  [View Original Post]
    If I can figure out how DM works I can helpy ou reach angel. Sadly my sister Nikole informed me she has retired.
    Hey, if this is Angel and your still in the hobby, can you pm me your contact details? I had tried to get to you thru Nikole but never could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everest  [View Original Post]
    When I had an outcall with Ms Bella a few months back, she had a limited menu. No BB, no Greek, no kisses. If those are not deal breakers for you, she is decent.
    If I can figure out how DM works I can helpy ou reach angel. Sadly my sister Nikole informed me she has retired.

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    Apparently someone got ripped-off by Brooklyn and is doing his best to spread the word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSoul69  [View Original Post]
    You were right on this, wasn't able to find Nicole. Can someone tell me anything about her?
    Dark Soul, Krystal has been reviewed several times. Most recent one just few posts down. Does not seem safe.

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    Thebro your inbox is full.

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    You were right on this, wasn't able to find Nicole. Can someone tell me anything about her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBro  [View Original Post]
    There's a whole lot of info on Nikole and Bella on the forum, you can search their names.

    I will say that with Nikole I know for a fact many people who have tried to contact her over the last month or two never got a response, so keep that in mind.
    You right I have been trying to got hold on her for over a month but No luck "Nikole ".

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