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    Nevaeh 25 yo WSW 5'9" thin and lean, light hair on east side at 12:50 am eastside

    She gave me 4 different names and finally settled on Nevaeh, which she used as a dancer. But I'd guess that was a couple years ago. She is now into another scene, IMO. Anyways she is a bubbly girl, although spoiled and a bit of a princess. Still, she was manageable and fun to play with and fuck.

    She sucked me most of the way to my hotel, and more in the room. I returned the favor a little, but was careful not her have her nut. She says after orgasm, she is too sensitive even to fuck.

    She is tall, lean, and can easily put her legs behind her head. Nude, this is a nice pose. LOL. Besides oral and fun, I got CG, K9, and a mish finish.

    She gave me a number for referrals, and agreed to a pic. Here she is with her giner and small perky B sized titties. Be safe and good hunting. MW.
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    Lisa 35 ish WSW 5'4" blonde, thick east side at 8 pm

    I have dated her before but it has been a while; maybe a year. She is very patient and cooperative; and aims to please. Her BBBJ is way above average. She spent about an hour with me and we both got off. Her twice and me once. I got CFS CG and a mish finish.

    Lisa has very long giner lips and enjoys oral as much as we do. I did not get her digits but she lives where another girl used to live. She said knock on her door any time. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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    Turned it down

    Saw Brittany last night. I remembered the post about not having a good attitude so past on her. She did come over to say hello. The initial thought to skip it with her didn't change as we talked. Went and found an old regular. It was satisfying as usual. Sorry, no names or locations.

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    Brittany (sp?)

    Says she is 27 about 5-3 to 5-5 120-130 ish B's wavy light brown hair. Picked her up today she quoted the standard rates, only had time for a b on the go. Payed up front first misstep but I was short on time. After literally 2 miles tops at roughly 45 mph so way less than 5 min she pops up and gives me some line about how guys lately are holding their nut and its a bunch of BS. Well I was doing the furthest thing from that just looking for a quick release. Sad thing is I usually tip for good attitude and at times very well. I asked for her name at the end and she I think that she knew that I was not too happy, so it may not be correct. Bottom line total waste of time.

    Did see a few other out but they were all scoped very quickly.

    On a side note Nellie from MW's posts, I know he doesn't need endorsements his rep speaks for itself, would be someone that I would and did give a generous tip too. Great attitude hope to run across her again soon. Was actually hoping to see her today.

    Be Safe.


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    Does anyone know Alycia??

    She is a white Bbw SW from dort. Has a glass eye. She sucked me off very well several times. I fucked her doggystyle outside. Very big turn on. Hmu if you had her. Not the best looker but she kan suck your urethra out!! Fucck imma go look for her. She's back!

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    Had the pleasure of spending some time with Nelle last week. Thanks to Mw Jrp I was able to contact her via phone. We set up to meet at the local store and then went to the hotel. She was a very cute girl that loves to please and have some fun. Started off with some DFK and then she preceded to give a very nice BBBJ. Lots of slurping and great eye contact. I then asked if she wanted to ride and she hopped right on and rode me raw. Had a great time and she is not a clock watcher at all. I did try and call her today but the number is no longer active.

    Be Safe.

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    I haven't seen sonya for a couple months. Stopped by her place she was free, great date as always but her arms are marked, I didn't know she had a problem with candy. I don't work or live in flint no more, so sonya is my only contact any more, if any members could help a guy outit would be great.

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    Everybody was out in the eve yesterday

    I saw Taylor, Nellie, a blonde, and even Kara on the east side before the Desi date. Since Desi was not answering I almost scooped one of them, but held off, and glad I did.

    Kara was waiting in a car with another girl not far from Dort. It looked like they were killing time waiting on a purchase. But who knows. They hung in and around the car for 30 minutes. I considered giving her a call to schedule a get-together, but decided she would be too much of a hassle. Since she stood me up the night before. LOL.

    There were many others; some I know their names, many I do not. If Desi was unavailable, I was looking for a younger, hottie, like Leanne. But I never did find one. However, I did see 2 that were not working that would have filled my car seat. But they refused my advances. LOL.

    Oh and to BigMex, you need to contribute to this forum before any intel is shared. Asking for dark gals that suck or preggers, and never dating anyone, won't cut it here. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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    Nellie 29yo WSW petite gals, again

    I found her at 10:15 pm this eve. Since she knew me and what I like, the date was even better than before. Nellie nutted 3 times and I got my one. Here's another pic of her money maker. And she enjoyed meeting a couple of you that I referred to her. And she gave me the number of her 21yo very, new-to-dating friend.

    Nellie has a hot little body and the skills to match, IMO, and would like to hear from a couple of you. Be safe and good hunting. MW.
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    Brandy the young 22 yo w / no tits, again

    And you ask why I report and repeat with this one, over and over? Well, it's because she is that good. Grrrreaaat! LOL. I found her near her home at 11:15 pm last night and dropped her home at 12:45 am. She is about as patient as they cum; er, as I cum! LOL. Oh and she came 5 times last night!

    She said she would leave the hood in 2 weeks and "clean-up" her act. So, if that's true (and we hear that often), and she may disappear for a long while, or possibly forever. As much as I will miss her, I pray she finds a better life.

    But fear not. Fortunately, PH has a thousands of gals that love to suck and fuck for a small donation. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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    Sarah 27 yo WSW blonde 5'-7" green eyes South side at 6 pm

    I saw her walking briskly down the street, even running a little. I circled to show some interest but she kept on going until she parked on a bus-stop bench. She sat there paying little attention to a couple of us circling for her. So, I rolled on and got some gas a half mile away. I then went back to the "stop" and she was sitting on the bench. But this time before I reached her, she spied me, hoped up, and walked down the side street. Well I circled for her but when I got to her there were people in the yard, so she kept on walking. By this time I knew she had decided to "hook".

    So, I circled some more and caught up with her 2 blocks off Fenton, in she hopped, and said let's get outa here, there are too many people out and too many cars circling for her. At this point I figured I had a fresh newbie. But she insisted she had done this before. But she did complain repeatedly about the donation, before, after, and during the sex. LOL. So, I'm guessing she has been a BP girl, or knows some one that fucks for higher rates.

    In spite of her pronouncements her BBBJ was weak and poor. But her little giner was especially tasty and boy did she respond when I licked her clit. It was sweet, odor free, and very tasy. Oh yeah. It was difficult to focus on enjoyment with her whining, except when I DATY. Then she thoroughly enjoyed herself, even though she said she did not quite nut. Could have fooled me since she oohed and aahed the enire time (about 10 minutes), and even asked to me adjust my technique so she could bust.

    Usually when they don't nut, it is because of opiates. But she had no signs of marks, so she is probably a new user, IMO.

    Anyways, I finally, finished CFS mish. It was not a great date by any means, but she was a new, different, and fresh pussy, so that was the only plus. She had a phone but I skipped asking for digits or a pic. She also texted before and after, and even called a guy. Sarah also said she was knocked up a few months, but it was difficult to tell. She has a healthy meaty body, not really fat but not petite or small at all.

    I think she had a fight with the BF, probably over "use", and decided she could earn her own cash to support her avocation. Just my 2 cents. I dropped her at Rite Aid. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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    Taylor 22 yo WSW 5'7" thick but skilled, again at 1 am eastside

    I like Taylor, because she does everything I love, never watches the clock, is skilled, and seems to enjoy herself, as much as I do. I was happy to find her, since Leanne had me drained and I wondered if I'd be able to finish again, even with a rest between girls.

    With Taylor, finishing in fine fashion was not a problem. LOL. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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    Leanne 18 yo 5'4" thick redhead near Angelo's at 7:45 pm

    This gal was cute as could be. She looked too young. But I asked her if she needed a ride and to my surprise she said yes she did. I figured it would be another free ride like Kara, earlier yesterday. But Leanne was out working and wanted to make a few dollars. She started off high like many of the younger, newer gals do, but we settled on a more typical donation for H&H in my hotel suite.

    She gave a weak BBBJ, but I had her there to enjoy her tender, youthful, 18 yo giner. So, I DATY and she whimpered like my teenage GF decades ago. Leanne actually nutted twice with extra vocal pleasure and rolling her tummy muscles, like some do. LOL.

    I asked her to ride me CFS CG but she balked at that. So, I rode her CFS mish and finished in short order. It's hard for an old guy to hold off busting in a teenage hottie. I thought she might kiss as I pounded her tight, very wet coochie, but no kissing for her. Again, she seemed to enjoy the fucking almost as much as I did. LOL.

    I had negotiated for a hh but probably used 20 minutes of it. That's how it goes with new, young pussy. LOL. I dropped her near the pick and did not get a number. Although she had a phone. BTW, I asked her 3 times about her age and each time she repeated 18 yo, soon to be 19. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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    I decided to take a cruise to the Southside this morning. I wasn't really looking to partake, just curious if there would be any girls out. It was around 730 am, seen one WSW who I've seen before. She looked a little rough today. She had black hair in a ponytail braid. Since I was in the work truck I wasn't stopping. I remember that she gives a good BBBJ. Papa Be.

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    Brandy 22 yo ATF with tiny tits

    I found her on the south side at 7:15 pm today. In she hopped and off we went. Her phone is off until tomorrow, she says. And since few call, she isn't too concerned about it. Still she is an ATF of mine. The girl has skills, knows how to stimulate me to the max, takes her time so I enjoy every minute of the hour, and has a no-kids tight one. Oh yeah!

    I asked if she wanted a pic for our website and she said not this time. Brandy is one of the best in Michigan, IMO. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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