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Adult Vacation

Thread: Non-Asian Massage Parlor Reports

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    Saw this girl for her half hour $. 40 of course pics are not her but close enough body wise. Colombian, wouldn't take top off unless there was more $. Lame legs rub and more of a scalp massage. Manual release and wanted $$$ for oral.

    "Hello guys.

    I am Mia. A beautiful girl with big juicy butt with real perky breast with soft skin Looking to relax enjoy some quality time with a beautiful exotic big butt beauty? Located in a private apartment with candle filled amstophere.

    Let me give you a very sensual, exciting, slow body rub session & melt all your stress away with total unforgettable relaxation and mutual touch.

    100% real pics Call / text 🌹Mia 🌹 +1 (347) 667-2521 INCALLS".

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    CBJ on 2nd visit

    Quote Originally Posted by MaMongerman  [View Original Post]
    2nd visit was still good YMMV I got more than a HJ.
    I have since returned once and was given CBJ, I'm curious if she offers more? A few extra notes: paid for 1/2 2nd time and got over 50 minutes, she really took her time with the finish it must've lasted over 20 minutes alternating between HJ and BJ. Quick safety note: be sure to make sure a dog isn't in the yard before you head up, it's an aggressive breed and is left out there sometimes unleashed.

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    Latina / Brazilian Massage

    Does anybody know any good Latina / Brazilian massage places around the area? It's kind of dry now and I can't find anything. Foster is getting old and girls on Washington aren't open anymore and those girls in Medford are overpriced. Anything? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SupremeJay  [View Original Post]

    Called and an English speaking women picked up. Was told there were two girls working and that they're located in Revere.
    Looks like the girls from foster st. They advertise on CL often and use that mispelled word "comen" instead " come and ". Do a search for foster st and you will see the reviews. There is a thai place in the same bldg.

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    Anyone tried this. Looks new.

    Called and an English speaking women picked up. Was told there were two girls working and that they're located in Revere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuke  [View Original Post]
    Anyone keeps getting texts from Jackie if you can see her? She texted me a couple of times asking if available for her??
    Yeah I got a text from her too the other night. Definitely didn't appreciate the lack of discretion.

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    Anyone keeps getting texts from Jackie if you can see her? She texted me a couple of times asking if available for her??

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    2nd time

    Quote Originally Posted by XBostonBoyX  [View Original Post]
    Ad pretty easy to find on BP, runs specials sometimes for $ for 1/2 $.3 for full hr. Dumpy apartment in Hyde Park off of Truman, not a terrible area but definitely not the best. Girl is very nice and although apartment is a dump the actual room where the massage table is is well decorated and has a good ambience. She definitely has had professional training and gives a very therapeutic yet tremendously sensual massage with Grade A teasing. Was rock hard on the flip and she proceeded to talk dirty and alternate between HR and Russian until I came on her big tits. Girl is thick (which I'm not usually into) but sexy and has some serious skills. Pricing changes depending on time of month from what I understand but no extras were offered (none were needed, she is good at what she does). Would definitely recommend if in the area and you want a higher quality alternative to an AMP.
    2nd visit was still good YMMV I got more than a HJ.

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    Venice is lame

    I was kind of intrigued with a hot blonde with big boobs and was ready to take the plunge. We did back-and-forth and apparently all they are willing to tell you they offer is a topless massage with the hand release for $200. For my money there should be more than that on the table for $200 walking in the door. What's weird is they seem like free spirits with things that they infer but who knows. I don't care how gorgeous the lady is so I declined. I'm closing the book on this one. If anyone has any better intel I would be happy to hear it.

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    UTR Massage Therapist in Quincy

    I have a Quincy connection. Definitely YMMV but boy does she have a talented kikuyu and she gives an amazing massage to boot. Yes, she is a true unicorn. Happy to share if I am provided similar, verifiable information. I've been screwed over too many times sharing information!

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    I could be wrong for sure

    Quote Originally Posted by Willfullone  [View Original Post]
    You got this one wrong! Price will push her off some lists due to personal value, but I will repeat for sure.

    I did find an ad that matches what some have been saying. But what's funny or not really is, guys have seen her but no one wants to post the ad. No wonder why some don't get info from others. Duly noted in my book.

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    Valentina- Sonya's girl Wey

    Met up with Valentina on the South Shore, pretty girl, a little thicker than I would've gone in for normally, but whatever I was there. She has HUGE tits, and is generally pretty.

    I stripped down, laid on the bed and we made light conversation. She doesn't seem to have much in the way of massage training, but she has strong hands and honestly seemed eager to please. She in the top 5 of massages that I've had this year.

    After about an hour of massage, flip into arguably the best BBBJ of my life, followed by CFS to BBBJCIM. We went about 20 minutes over our time and she didn't say anything.

    Damage $$ + tip / hour.

    Looks: 7/10.

    Massage quality: 9/10.

    HE Quality: 10/10.

    Value: 10/10.

    Final word: Good rub, truly "no rush", she was into it, had a great conversation with her, and got off hard. Will repeat, possibly often.

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    Maddie in Revere. Meh

    Visited Maddie in Revere a couple times recently. Legit massage but absolutely zero extras for me. Damage is. 75 for the hour plus tip. She runs a budget operation out of a single room in an oldish office building. A wooden partition separates the massage area from the "office" area. When I walked in she asked me to undress and lie face down *under the sheets* on the massage table. I figured she was being cautious because it was my first time with her. Anyway, I got under the sheets but left part of my tush exposed, so she'd know I'm comfortable with "that". She came in and immediately covered me up, all the way to my shoulders! Okay, so I could see the writing on the wall already. She plays some music on her phone (which keeps getting interrupted whenever she gets calls / texts, really annoying.) Anyway, she gave a REALLY good massage with stretching etc. She would only uncover the areas that she worked on and cover up right after. On the flip I made the usual signs that I was ready for extras, but she was having none of it. About 45 minutes in, she abruptly stopped the music and walked out saying I was all set. WTF, no extras is okay but at least don't short me on time.

    Anyway, I decided to give her another try thinking maybe she'd loosen up a bit. No dice! Same deal as before, covered me up to my shoulders, good massage but not as good as the first visit. She spent a lot of time on my feet and neck really digging her fingers in, which was not relaxing but rather painful. Tried chatting her up but she's got a really thick boston accent, apparently junior doesn't find that very sexy on a chick! Tried gently touching her leg a couple times but she actually took my hand and put it firmly by my side on the table. Flip and she started rubbing some lotion on my legs and chest. Just then her next client walked into the room (on the other side of the partition though) She loudly told him to wait outside but I guess he was dense and kept lingering there. She actually had to shoo him out, but I knew it wouldn't be too long before she wrapped up the session. If that person is on here, you need to learn some monger etiquette dude. Sure enough, she ended up shorting me again, this time by about 10 minutes, same abrupt ending with the music off and walked out saying I was all set. This time I pressed her about extras and she said with a straight face that she doesn't do that. First visit I gave her a good tip hoping it would be an investment. But I'm not one to throw away my hard earned money on a lost cause. Second tip was adequate.

    Now I know some on here claim to have gotten extras from her. To me, her overall demeanor indicates that door is closed, at least for new clients. She's got a decent milfy body, nice boobs, bit of a jelly belly. Wears yoga pants and a tight top that shows off her decent sized chest. Her face is okay, long nose. Did I mention the thick Boston accent. Still she's cute overall and I certainly wouldn't mind getting some love from her. But without extras all that goes out the window. IMHO she's got a bit of a GPS thing going on. I could easily get a legit massage for less from a far more attractive LMT much closer to home. Certainly not worth the hour plus drive for me for a 45 min massage. Like they say in the dating world, if you don't put out on the second date, there won't be a third date. Sorry, but I won't be back for a third visit.

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    Sensual Jane

    Quote Originally Posted by Patsftw  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have any updated intel on Jane? Dying to experience nuru, and I've seen mixed reviews. Nirvana ( is coming here in June when the wife is away, but the prices are such that I don't want to make the wrong decsion on who to see.

    Any help is much appreciated.
    I saw her once in West of Boston, HE there was more on the menu but I did not see her little printed menu posted ubntil I was leaving, BJ $$.

    Too pricey for what you get CM.

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    All do respect Cup. But

    You got this one wrong! Price will push her off some lists due to personal value, but I will repeat for sure.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ccup2  [View Original Post]
    Come on. Guys got 5 posting 4 about this person; please.

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