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    Kassie has been around for around a month or so. I haven't seen a review so I guess this is a toftt. Set up was easy by text. Her incall is an apartment in a Kentwood complex, clean and tidy. She has a roommate, another provider. Katie was out of the shower fresh with just a towel around her waist. She is not shy about her breasts. They are actually pretty nice; you can't see them in her photos. Her roommates are too as she was just getting into the shower, a little bonus. Kassie's photos highlight her ass and from the angle of the photos, it looks pretty good but it is not that great in person. She does have a belly but no stretch marks. Nice skin and she is somewhat darker. Her post says she is from the islands. Nope. Her grandma is from Guam. Her face is kind of unremarkable, neither cute / pretty or bad in any way. Kind of plain. She wears glasses. No tats. Nice long hair. She has all her teeth as far as I could tell. She is friendly enough but not all that interesting, talks of be depressed and her ex. No signs of any substance abuse. In terms of services, she is CBJ and cfs. No GFE. Kassie is 4'9" and was fun to bang but she states she doesn't like sex all that much. She wasn't really that skilled and really the only thing that made it fun was her size and nice boobs. She does have a full bush which I like as a change. I wasn't into daty (and it wasn't an option). I did detect a faint odor after banging her for 15 or so. I can't really recommend and am not repeating. It wasn't totally bad or anything, just not good for $100/half hour.

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    One of my favorites!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverines  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the review.
    She wants you to be satisfied! BBBJ every time. Will bbcg too!

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    Who is the provider?

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaver  [View Original Post]
    Come on boys lets go get some aids!
    So we know who to avoid when mongering.

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    Fraud avoid this "Liza"

    Liza "she" is fraud. She available ANY time. Ask out side meet she make up excuse in shower and tell you go to walgreen buy something for her. She ask buy Amazon card. We all know this is old school fraud, Avoid her.

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    Brook aka Short and Sweet - 25 yr old

    Thanks for TOFTT.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slowboatguy  [View Original Post]
    Really liked the pictures but couldn't find anything about her, so I did the TOFTT. Followed those directions as well as my own and after texting her for a couple of days, I went and saw her. Very nice hotel, clean and tidy. She had me meet her outside and I was pleasantly surprised that she was the girl in the pictures. Maybe the ones she posts are maybe 2 or 3 years old but she looks great. Maybe a bit thinner but in a healthy, non habit sort of way. Very nice during communication and even nicer in person and I was almost completely at ease. She's a very sweet and intelligent maybe 25-26 year old woman who knows what she's doing. Everything was covered but that was fine because I think the better you get to know her, the more comfortable she will become. No promises, but I'm ok with that. Like I said, no evidence of habits or handlers but I think she shares the room with a female friend. All in all, it was a great time and I look forward to seeing her again and again. Rates are 100 hhr / 180 hr.
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    Breezi Rae - 24 yr old

    Thanks for the review.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaxCady  [View Original Post]
    Good morning all.

    I had a meeting with brezzi

    Set up was easy a couple quick text and as luck would have it I was at the mall and her location was that creepy place in grandville I parked behind in the residential street and said I was real close and looked as the boyfriend or who ever walked out of the room so thankfully I missed another award encounter, she looks like her pics has some damage but nothing I haven't seen before I did a hh for 80 and probably lasted about 20 total time with was all me cause I came quick guess the couple beers while shopping had no effect, her BBBJ was very good very enjoyable sloppy moaning and generally getting into it, we moved to cfs witch was nice because she was wet it's very awesome when you make a quick transition get the cover on fro cfs and you didn't go down on her yet she is wet and better yet did get out or use some lube on her dried up Vijay yea I get it that for the girls we are not all dream guys so it's not easy to get excited and like most of the form talk we all have different taste. With that being said she comes recommend she has damage on her belly and kind of a Bush but also I thought her ass was great and her boobs are pierced she is cute a good kisser and talkative. I will repeat.
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    Ivy - 28 yr old

    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by LowKeyg  [View Original Post]
    Saw ivy today. $/ hhr. She was. Way nicer than I expected. I don't know why but I expected her to be kind of a ***** and was bracing myself for the worse but. No. She is really nice. And very cute. I was rushing to get to work. Started BBBJ (she asked if I preferred a cover for that and I said no), she said just say when you're ready to put on the cover. Gave me some decent head for about 10 minutes. Then asked her to giddyup in reverse cowgirl cause her ass is great. She had no issues doing that and rode me til I popped. I dunno. Based on other reviews, I guess YMMV, but she seemed like someone who would be consistent to me. Didn't see any evidence of drugs or drug use (Not that I would care; hell on the right day I might partake myself). Room was clean and well kept (the way it is built kinda weirded me out but its just a smaller room). I will definitely repeat for the hour in the near future.
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    Jennie - 28 yr old

    Thanks for the review.

    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoDawson  [View Original Post]
    My bad. No active link at time of review. For details check Wolverine's ad image in review 14543 on 8/31.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloozer  [View Original Post]
    Mayday, Mayday, Linklater alert!
    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoDawson  [View Original Post]
    Thought I'd check and see if her scheduling skills had improved. Nope.

    Asked for 11:30 and she said 12 is better. Got to be about 12 and bounced her, answered that she was delayed on the road. Ok, I said how about 1 and she said great. So 1 comes and goes with no response to my texts. Crickets. Moved on and at 1:30 she responds with sorry and some BS about text program problems and time getting away from her so she had not texted me.

    Oh well, I got my rainy day errands done and had a nice lunch.
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    Lacey - 30 yr old

    Thanks for the review.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack4140  [View Original Post]
    Had a visit with Lacey, she is between Lowell and GR, clean home, room in basement is good, very nice, communication was very spotty, her phone service there is not so good I think, . 1 HH, not as good as pics, but pics are her, I like them petite, or smaller, so not really my wheelhouse, she was clean, some Bush, BBBJ, covered FS.
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    Layla - 21 yr old

    Thanks for the review.

    Quote Originally Posted by HagStrom  [View Original Post]
    NOT the girl in her photos. She's still pretty hot and similar looking light skin black girl, but with a lot of tats. Pretty face. Nice feet. Nice ass. Shaved kitty. Estimated age: 23.

    Was sorta nice, however this is what she does: will start with ok CBJ for a couple minutes until you're hard, then she gets in doggy position where you may go to work. Will not do any other position. Won't let you go down on her. Won't even go back to BJ. Once you nut in doggy, you're done. That's all she will do, so if that's enough for you, go with the half hour. No kissing. No DATY. No FIV. An hour is wasting 50 bones. After that she'll rush you out the door with a quick kiss. I was there for about 20 minutes after foolishly paying for an hour.

    Basically makes you feel like a gross john and somewhat ashamed of yourself. No effort in providing a memorable service or accommodating individual preferences.

    Not recommended unless you're ok with every conceivable restriction. Will definitely avoid in future.
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    May fake

    She ask pay for webcam first. So this is some noob fraud. Leave this girl along.

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    She require verifiable reputable providers only to make appt

    Quote Originally Posted by Benz1  [View Original Post]
    Kandiland is open for a week. This time I waited to get my appointment confirmed before I told anyone else she's back in GR.
    She require verifiable reputable providers only to make appt.

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    Any intel on this one?

    Post I'd: 28736351 grandrapids.

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    UTR Ravenna

    If you are doing any hunting near Ravenna, I know a UTR that will take care of you.

    I posted a tit pic in General Reports today.

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    Kandiland is open for a week. This time I waited to get my appointment confirmed before I told anyone else she's back in GR.

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