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    Jade-Ivy and Chloe Sands

    Back in the Asheville / Greenville area now after an absence, a couple of years ago I saw Jade-Ivy a couple of times, then noticed when she came to Asheville she had a beautiful tall blonde girlfriend named Chloe Sands with her, saw them together a couple of times. Probably the best sex I've ever had with the provider but since then they've dropped off the radar. I emailed and texted Jade a few times, no luck. Anybody have any idea what happened to these two, if I had my choice I'd prefer the blonde named Chloe again, I really seemed to click with her. She was REAL GFE. Jade was not, but absolutely gave the most in amazing hand job I have ever had. Stared me in the eye the whole time she was stroking me and the look on her face was so smoking hot.

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    Nikki and Nikki.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joeblowjr  [View Original Post]
    For the new guys who pm'd me, this is the Nikki the massage girl that we have been talking about, new ad same s*k.

    There is another fatter Nikki who has also gotten bad reviews but I have never seen her.

    Not surprising they stopped using their names in their ads after being exposed.
    Are you kidding me? I went to see both of these girls just once, never made it past the door, turned around and beat a hasty retreat both times. Especially the skinny blonde haired one in the top add. She got great reviews for a while and I had to see what that was all about, almost had a heart attack when I saw her in the hotel room. Can you say anorexic? That's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw her. No thank you, no hug no kiss just let me get out of here.

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    Sheridan is real But it's not for everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by KittyChaser  [View Original Post]
    OK. We're talking about same one. I am interested in getting more info before going forward with her and was also sort of testing out my search skills. Seems like all I came up with is crappy scheduling.

    Big picture for all providers. It appears that crappy scheduling is the norm. Agree?

    I'll post some of my adventures soon. In general I have found it unusual for a provider to reply. So, if I look around and send out 4 or 5 texts. I "might" get one response. I usually make it obvious that I am looking a "few days out", so that may put off some girls to respond. In general I try to do research and verification before seeing someone in person.

    So. If anyone else has prior experience with "Sheridan" I'm interested. I'll even put up with some scheduling frustrations. My real goal is to avoid a "nightmare".

    I've seen Sheridan several times over the last few years. For a while she was my ATF whenever I came to Avl. She travels and does not do this full-time so it can sometimes be difficult to reach her, but when she is available she will usually answer the phone or return your call, she prefers that to texting. Her pictures are accurate, she is a tall (6 foot in heels) beautiful blonde. Her performance skills are excellent, she started as a professional dominatrix and was a professional massage therapist before that. Strong hands, she gives a great legit massage with a happy ending, I can highly recommend her for that and her pricing is very reasonable. She loves to dress up in awesome outfits too. Just ask. That damn nurses costume has got to be one of the hardest things I've ever seen her wear. She's a bit of a germophobe until you get to know her well, and that can be off putting. It's also very safe. She is not however GFE. Not into kissing, or anything like that and she is always 100% in charge so if you're looking for someone who will do what you ask during the session she's probably not for you. It's the main reason I don't see her anymore. It was fun at first, but to be honest I'm basically just a lonely guy looking for some normal bedroom relationship with a fun kind cuddly GFE- type person who I can see on a semi regular basis.

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    A more complete report

    Trip really begins at MIA, waiting to board for POP, always a dozen or so guys going there for either Sosua or Blackbeards. Spotted on 75 yr old cat, who could have been Dominican but wasn't. On the plane seated to about a 28 yr old American female who worked there taking kids just out of college who have never traveled abroad to 3nd world countries to help in projects like water purification. Somehow I told her I had not so recently gotten involved with a woman who turned out to be an opioid addict and asked if she had ever had a family member or close friend who got hooked on hard drugs? "Yes she said, and if you thy to help them the will absolutely destroy you-they become a "black hole" sucking in everyone and everything around them. " She had 3 days of work then 2 free days, spoke fluent Espanol, and made it fairly cleat that she could join me at my hotel then or another hotel in Cabarete we had discussed. Unfortunately I was there only 3 days, amazing an griga away from all relatives, friends assumes the mistress role the way European woman do before marriage-oh well.

    Anyway coming out of immigration / customs at POP, literally too 5 min-tiny aeroporto, the drivert w / Blackbeards sign is waiting. The 75 yr old cat is from St Louis-2nd visit and another 45 yr old ex-marine cat from Houston-1st visit, stationed in japan, been to Thailand many times (he was very impressed with that condition of the place and the girls-esp not having to take a 26 hr plane ride there) we all rode in the van to BB's-reduced fare for 1 passenger, other wise 2000 DOP /$45-about a 45 min ride.

    These cats and I ate together, had the same girls, made at least a half dozen new friends, saw 83 yr old Scotsman Barry, one Frenchman, one Asian. The best time to come is between Thanksgining and Christmas (yeah they had the lights up / etc.) cause most Americans are with their famalies-it was a buyers market-at least 10 hot young honeys I didn't even glance at- only so many torpedos, maybe next trip (already booked Jan 10 -13). Point being camaraderie is just as much a part of the experience as the girls, and some times more- you can only go at it so long, then what do you do with the rest o the time. Guys who have been everywhere, beginners- a great way to find out about other places taking to guys in person vs reading on a forum. No place else have I felt this "brotherhood" like Blackbeards, no competiton, not in the Sportsman's Lodge, Del Rey, Scores, Little Havana, Del Rey. The 75 yr old cat does 1/ day cause he can only pop once daily, I do two, another 35 yr old guy from NF said he got 6 the day before and everyone was good.

    Threw my neck out after 2nd that DATY, another younger guy who rode back on flight with me did same thing-he had two cervical fusion as well-only taken 10-20 years to get over. We were joking that even putting a pillow under her and going at it sideways didn't save us. Pretty much in misery fortunately I had taken some oxy, valium had saved from surgery for just an occasion. Maybe that was what that dog at MIA was going ape about on my bag, (forgot about it but had the script) -assholes were training several dogs, harassing everyone-old people in wheel chairs, dogs were going off on almost every one-one didn't pay much attention but another one stared having a fit so I said to the handler"cat" and he moved on. The is no truth to the rumor that one of us may hay have a small piece of shatter in their granola.

    Oh yeah he girls, saw Uhida-tied for best GFE ever, saw her once last trip scheduled her for the next am, another girl shows up-ask mamasan, tolds me she was gone for 10 days, another guy who saw her after me wisked her off to an island. So when I saw she was scheduled I made an appointment when she 1st arrives, repeated the last night, se asked me when I was leaving next day? Said 10 am. She replied "I can be here at 9", that's service and professionalism. We were all taling about how she reads guys, know just what they need, and gives it to them.

    Costwise, total trans / CLT hotel around $1000,2nd best room, food, beer for 3 nights $ 360,6 chicas with the exchange rate, 2 hrs is 1800 DOP, I always give them 2000 (which represents a meal or box of diapers) which was actually around $42/ ea or $252 or right at $1600 for a excellent tropical vacation. No shrink can heal a guy as much for as little. None of the stress, BS, risk, negativity, nutcases, oraddicts which is always present locally. Best trip to the DR, tied for best rip overall, just got things back in perspective "life is good".

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    Wasn't worth it. that's the link, and 919-912-9880 is the number. Anyways, paid $300 for an hour, she also quoted me that came with "two pops". TOFTT, and the set up took for-fucking-ever. She would text me back, then wouldn't say anything for an hour; rise and repeat about 4 times and I finally ended up seeing her at midnight. I first sent her a text at about 7:30, but even after I met her, she wanted me to help her take her bags to the room because she just arrived at the hotel. Didn't have a problem with it because I was sure all the time I spent helping her would be compensated for. Fast forward to about 1 AM and we're finally in the room. Talked until like 2:30 AM, and finally got down to business. Hopped in the jacuzzi with her, felt great, soon after we headed to the bed. BBBJ, which I enjoyed, but that lasted for about 10 minutes, then I finished with CG with about 35 more minutes left. Cleaned myself up in the bathroom for round two, and I come back and she's asleep. Didn't give a shot at that point because I had to be at work the next morning and it was already almost 3 AM. Got dressed and headed out.

    She sent a text the next morning and said I didn't have to leave, I'm thinking to myself "well fuck, what the hell else was I supposed to do" and she said I could come by later that day to finish up again. Fast forward to after I get off work, and I tell her I'm within five minutes. Takes her 45 minutes to text back (she had texted me just before I sent her the text, so no reason for texting back that long) after I waited half an hour in the parking lot. I went back home and she told me to come back, said fuck that and stayed home, and told her I'd come back around 8:00 PM. I told her I'd send a text ahead of time to let her know, she says okay because she was at the casino gambling. 7:50 rolls around and I send her a text saying I'm about to leave. An hour goes by, so I send her another text. She replies with "I'm playing" so basically told me to fuck off haha. All in all, not worth all the shit I went through. Also, she called me papi the entire time we texted and her pictures look like she's a Latina, which is what I wanted. She's not a Latina, and didn't call me papi once the entire time during our session haha, that's all just for show. She's black, which I don't have a problem with, I just wanted something I don't normally get around here you know? Anyways, stay safe brothers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCTraveler  [View Original Post]
    Whatever happened to Sweet Sara? Is she behind bars or still giving soak time in her hot tub and playing slip and slide? See nothing from her.
    She hasn't posted in some time, more than one conviction for selling what the good lord gave you is a felony so don't know the outcome by WLOS would be all over that if there was some resolution.

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    Sweet Sara

    Whatever happened to Sweet Sara? Is she behind bars or still giving soak time in her hot tub and playing slip and slide? See nothing from her.

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    Spinner anyone?

    Pulled the smallest woman I have ever been with, appx 5'2'-not over 85#(had a 4'11', 95 # Hawaiiian gf for 3 yrs). GFE, sweet as can be, no bs- and they always say "thank you" repeatedly. See:


    See rpt #567 by Punting George for pics, new puter probs prevent me from posting. Much thinner and nicer in person, "Clauia" even had a little " God is Love tattoo", guess about 18 or 19. Saw Valeria last night, I look different with hair grown out-said sehe didn't remember me but she remembered the dick. Calls me the "Pussyinator"(terminator of pussy). Most guys her over 55, a couple of mid 30's, about half white / half black-everyone gets along, think mostly it's a generation thing as most of us are vets and that counts for something. My old friend Barry from Scotland is here, good to see he is still around and l see familar faces. Some might say this is paradise.

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    Vacation in a Bordelo-Chap 22

    Couldn't be better, Blackbeards has improved noticeably since last year, new murals-they added a shine to the place. Only 2-3 girls still here, replacements are just damn pretty. Much more pretty girls like "Michell" the outcall girl I thought about getting in an earlier report. The isn't 5 cents difference between her and the girls here now- she's $300 and the girls her are about $45 for 2 hrs. I would rate the girls here now as pretty or prettier than in MDE. Plus nice to walk down to beach 1 block away vs being in a large city, very safe community-Costambar. Also 2hrs about $45, overnight around $90-never felt the need, and no additional expense for anal-if you want to give her a tip, fine but not required.

    Introduced myself to mamason, shook her hand and told Mamason that I need the names of the best two girls for anal-my thing, but before that I need her best two GFE girls-who really like to kiss because I kneed to get over a broken heart first. Easy peezy, completely drama free. I plan to return late Jan if anyone wants to tag along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvlLooker  [View Original Post]
    I'm new to the area, traveling between Winston-Salem Asheville for the next couple of weeks and thought I'd like to see this girl, talk to her on the phone for quite a while and she sounds wonderful. Can't find any Intel on her other than ads in Winston-Salem and Hickory and new to Asheville today. Anybody seen Her?
    Be careful had a friend who almost got scammed my multiply location ads.

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    Whenver they quote multiple locations across a state, they're fake.

    Quote Originally Posted by AvlLooker  [View Original Post]
    I'm new to the area, traveling between Winston-Salem Asheville for the next couple of weeks and thought I'd like to see this girl, talk to her on the phone for quite a while and she sounds wonderful. Can't find any Intel on her other than ads in Winston-Salem and Hickory and new to Asheville today. Anybody seen Her?

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    Anyone seen this beauty?

    I'm new to the area, traveling between Winston-Salem Asheville for the next couple of weeks and thought I'd like to see this girl, talk to her on the phone for quite a while and she sounds wonderful. Can't find any Intel on her other than ads in Winston-Salem and Hickory and new to Asheville today. Anybody seen Her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoorMan101  [View Original Post]

    Had the chance to meet up with Lizy
    I'll second the review with Lizy. A little while back I thought I had things set up with a new girl to try. I've been having really good luck not getting "crickets" when the time came, but this time I got stood up.

    I'll do that review sometime later. Anyway of course I was looking to spend some time with a gal and I started texting and calling to see if anyone go meet soon. Next thing you know I connected with Lizy.

    I did an hour. Very relaxed, no rush. BBBJ skills were top notch. Yeah, there was some spit. I'm not a fan of that, but it doesn't freak me out. Typically I like to sort of sit back with a new girl and see what kind of show they will put on. She said for next time I could ask for anything and I'll probably ask her to skip the spit thing.

    So, I'll second the pics are real, she seems safe and has said I should ask for anything I want next time. I'm pretty sure there will be a next time.

    Stay safe.


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    Lizy Asheville

    Had the chance to meet up with Lizy at the new holiday Inn in Asheville. I have read many reviews and have wanted to see her. She is real, It is her pics. The tattoo on her butt is there. LOL She does NOT kiss which was a turn off. She seemed really sweet, Likes to talk, she is very flexible she somehow was able to sit and bend down to BBBJ lots of spit, stroking and sucking then back to spitting stroking and sucking. Kinda was grossed out with all the spitting she did on my little guy. I did get her back. I CIM which I knew she allowed but she ran to the bathroom to spit. Spent an hr the damage was $$ she has 4 kids so some damage on the belly. Which was no big deal. The picture of the room seemed exactly like the room I went in. She is safe and real, She lets you DATY, BBBJ, CIM, DT, Muliti pop. We really didn't click so it was ok, think making me wait 30 mins in the parking lot ruined it for me. But if you read her reviews by others it's a very good review. So don't let my review help you decide. Just letting you know, she is real and she is safe. Maybe she won't be late for you. I like early morning's when most are sleeping. She woke up late, so maybe it was just me and the time I wanted to see her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeblowjr  [View Original Post]
    For the new guys who pm'd me, this is the Nikki the massage girl that we have been talking about, new ad same s*k.
    I'll add my 2 cents to the "Nightmare" discussion. For me, I would put it in the category of "interesting dream".

    I made contact via email and the back and forth was fine. Weeks later, when I was in a position to stop by and see her, I reached out via text and got a quick reply. Much quicker than email.

    There was a pretty big upsell via text for fetishes and all kinds of stuff I made it clear that I wanted to meet for 30 min and get to know her. She expressed some mild disappointment.

    I get there, standard LEO check. Small talk for a while as she slowly gets ready. Small talk turned to "interesting" talk about "this wouldn't be happening if it wasn't supposed to be happening". I went along with the talk, not really agreeing or disagreeing.

    She finally gets started. Good BJ skills. Kept talking at same time, which was a bit distracting. I think the purpose was to tell me how excited she was or was getting.

    Cover goes on and she mounts for RCG. Solid work and then, I'm pretty sure it was a fake O. She continued with really good RCG work, found a rhythm that was building me up and I told her to finish me off, which she did nicely.

    Good relaxation for a bit. I start getting dressed and she starts talking about "getting together" and "showing me around". I was pleasant and didn't agree or disagree, but I have never had that happen with another provider.

    The Jacket or hoodie thing: Oh yeah, she kept it on the entire time. I let her know I would rather see all of her and she said something about needing to keep it on, perhaps a security blanket.

    So, I'll say from strictly the physical part she does solid work. Be prepared for lots of interesting conversations and "stuff".

    All of that is from my point of view. Obviously, some others on here have had even more "interesting" experiences with her. That stuff is not for me.

    Anyone know if she speaks "greek"? We didn't discuss what she would or wouldn't do I figured I would see what is offered first time around.

    Who knows if I will go again. Lots on here gives me pause. We'll see.


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