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    I've seen this one a few times. Fantastic body. 80 for 30 min and took care of my needs. Not GFE but for 80 . I can't complain.

    (704) XXX-8258.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANewHope84  [View Original Post]
    I'm sure you can search her name and come up with a ton of reviews. Personally myself I won't repeat. Those pics are hella misleading and she seemed to be either drunk / high. It was very awkward.
    I saw here a few years ago. Its so so. But she will call back all the time. So make sure you have a burner.

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    Using same FB link

    I saw one recently using the same FB link. In this case, turns out they work out of thr same place. Never know where intel will come from.

    Quote Originally Posted by PokerJack1  [View Original Post]
    Guys, just because a number is valid on facebook doesn't mean she's legit, or the profile is legit. Someone recently shared a profile with me that has 5,000 friends, and 10 posts, for a 24 year old girl. Does that sound normal? No check-ins anywhere, no posts from other friends, just a bunch of guys that "friended" the girl and all they say to her pics is damn you're hot. No conversation back from the girl. No other details in her FB page filled out, family, school, tagged by other friends, etc.

    Last time any of you checked, how many 24 years old don't have an active social media life today? Creating a phony backstory is easy. Do better digging than just saying FB phone shows valid. Doesn't mean she's legit.

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    Had a nice visit with Chelle. Good massage with usual ending available plus some extras. DDD up top real nice. Sweet Southern girl. Shares a "house spa" with another procider in Charlotte. PM for details or for her phone is this ad disappears.

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    Mileage may vary

    I've seen Latin women and enjoyed the visit with them, but not with Sasha. Guess we didn't click. Rub was jackhammer, top remained in place. Would not repeat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yasemaj  [View Original Post]
    Advertises as Brazilian in concord.

    Been meaning to see her for a while, stars finally aligned. Did all communication via text. Location is residential in safe neighborhood. Was greeted by her in the same red outfit from the pics, her body type is right up my alley. Heard noise in the next room so she's definitely not there alone.

    Rub was good, she knows what she's doing. I opted for soft. She loves to tease during the session. That authentic Latin accent made me melt. The ending was fantastic. A little pricey at $. 40 (40 min, didn't watch clock) but she's worth it IMO. Would repeat after saving up a few Jacksons.

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    I had the pleasure of seeing this lovely little gem recently. She's very low key, doesn't do all hours kinds of visits, but was amazing at her craft. We texted back and forth to get the confirmation day and time and she asked if I had an outfit request. I arrived at her house and she met me at the door in the sexy style of lingerie I requested. She led me to the room where she has porn playing on the tv to get things going. We chatted and got comfortable before making out and undressing each other. She can give a BBBJ like no other and tastes great. Greek is available for an upcharge if you give her advance notice. On with the cover and she rode me like no tomorrow before we took a trip doggy to the islands. Every bit of her feels amazing and she loves sex.

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    Ms. Carter

    Hey guys,

    I shared a dream with Ms. Carter a few weeks ago, and she delivered as always.

    She bounces around Charlotte and Raleigh, and is typically available a few times per month. From a price and performance standpoint, she's probably my favorite provider. If you like them curvy, with a lot of ass, then you should give her a call. I've seen her quite a few times now, and she's been GFE every time.

    Incall is in an upscale hotel in the University area, and I've never had any concern over handlers or risky behavior.

    She gets completely into the session, and doesn't look at the clock at all. I'm pretty sure we've gone over our 30 min appointment each time, and it's never been an issue.

    She will remain my go-to when she's in town.

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    Little bit visiting Charlotte 23-24th

    For those who have seen Little bit, aka Sammy. She will be here tomorrow and Wed. She is a ball of energy and full gbe at $$hr. One of my ATF. She is reviewed on the oTheR site under 49556. She can be reached via email. Pm me for details or go to her site via the info above. She only gets here a few times a year.

    Better provider than any of the BP girls, well worth your time guys.

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    Just curious

    If you don't mind me asking, what is your opposition to tattoos. I'm the opposite. A tattooed redhead could bankrupt me. I think I like the idea that she might be a little masochistic and I guess I'm old enough to see tattoos as a sign of wildness or deviance. So what's your opposition?

    Quote Originally Posted by IH8HJsAz  [View Original Post]
    No l only got a quote of $150 an hour, and like $80 for a quick visit.

    Not with all of the tats she has. She has one near those nice tits of hers, and the lips ones near the playground. For me that is a no go, tats turn me off. I always ask now if they have tats, and where, to which many get pissed off about it. If they want top dollar then they need to be top dollar material. I swear women are going out of their way now to be unattractive.

    Yeah she is probably the stated 21 in the ad. That face is almost angelic, but the tats ruin it. I think as earlier posted here we are all getting older, and sometimes they look really young.

    The only thing l have done lately is the massage place in Gastonia on Union Rd, which sucked. Usual older mammasan types, and standard handy, and CTS which also sucked. Not finding many providers that are even tempting, hell most l see should be paying us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANewHope84  [View Original Post]
    What do you guys think? I'm tempting to bite the bullet and see what's up.
    Looks to be just an overpriced massage place and she must work there. Maybe.

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    What do you guys think? I'm tempting to bite the bullet and see what's up.

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    Bp 6216.

    Posted this in SA but probably better here. Anyone seen her? She lives around Rock Hill but travels to Charlotte often. Quoted 100/150/200.

    Checking here before I take the plunge.


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    T. Banks

    I'm sure you can search her name and come up with a ton of reviews. Personally myself I won't repeat. Those pics are hella misleading and she seemed to be either drunk / high. It was very awkward.

    Quote Originally Posted by AGoodThing2  [View Original Post]
    Hey Mongers,

    Any experience you can share on Ms. T. Banks and consultants?



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    Hey Mongers,

    Any experience you can share on Ms. T. Banks and consultants?



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