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    That is Sexy Bonnie. I met her once and had a good time. She is an older lady if that's your thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShortPecker  [View Original Post]

    Mostly I post in Greensboro, can anyone offer any info, thanks pm is ok.

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    That is Sexy Bonnie. I met her once and had a good time. She has good reviews but she is an older lady if you like that sort of thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShortPecker  [View Original Post]

    Mostly I post in Greensboro, can anyone offer any info, thanks pm is ok.

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    She and all the other girls who advertise as near Carmax look like they have a habit and are managed by some one. That always sounds like it has the potential for disaster in many different ways. I try to avoid that.

    Quote Originally Posted by BadTtBone  [View Original Post]
    This is a prime example of doing your homework and ask the board for HELP. This provider changes names from Lilith to Megan her rates go from $60 for 30 min to $160 for 30 min and the service is still not worth the $60. They rip you off blind. Yes she has report under Megan and you have to look at the source of the information. Just stop giving a street walker that kind of money for 30 min of time. If I have $100 in my hand and I have never seen the provider or there is not a review from a solid source she will take the money and not let you walk.

    Lovable huggable kissable Megan - 21.

    Posted: Sunday, August 20,2017 10:36 AM.

    Here's your opportunity and hang out with the most beautiful down-to-earth young woman you have ever met give me a call 980-251-9262 Megan.

    (please do not contact me if you are not serious about booking a date furthermore I am looking for upscale gentlemen who are financially secure if you are broke.

    I'm not the girl for you the level of entertainment in which I bring to the table must be accommodated by the right kind of gentleman

    Poster's age: 21.

    Location: Charlotte, Monroe Rd, East Charlotte.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadTtBone  [View Original Post]
    I smell trouble with this one. She post she has reviews on her. Ya right she has one by a new person and that is the only one she has. Look to be ripped off some way by money or short on service or both.

    Hey, I'm Courtney.

    In my opinion I'm the best of both worlds. I can hold a intellectual conversation while sipping fine wine and I can also throw a jersey on and watch the game with you on game day. Your time with me will be rememberable. My GUARANTEE is you will schedule to see me again. I'm very passionate with everything that I do so you will get the real southern treatment. It will not be a dull moment during our time spent together, my goal is to cater to your every need.
    Multi hours and overnight are allowed.
    I try my best to respond back as soon as possible.
    I'm not here to waste anyone time so please give same in return.
    205-747-6482 Courtney.
    It will be a light screening.
    I will not disrespect anyone who calls me, so in return I would like the same.
    I only spend time with mature professional men / couples are welcome.
    No AA.
    I don't send pics that's why I have reviews.
    Exotic review #331166.
    Call now 205-747-6482 Courtney.
    Don't hesitate trust me I'm the one.
    That ad is posted all the time here in B'ham and I ignore it because it looks way, way TGTBT. Now, though, my interest is piqued. I may scope it next time she shows up here.

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    $20 bj

    Thanks for the story. I laughed out load picturing her yelling after you about a $20 BJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monger913  [View Original Post]
    I, too, tried a hotel asian. Being new to the hobby, I thought the pics were TGTBT-but you never know. I texted three days in a row and asked if the pics were real. Every time. YES.

    I Showed up and the woman who greeted me resembled the models grandfather more than her grandmother.

    I left.

    As I descended the stairs, she was calling out "$20 BJ! $20 BJ!

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    Any help with this lady

    Mostly I post in Greensboro, can anyone offer any info, thanks pm is ok.

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    I had a dream with this provider. She is the redhead. She shares a room with the other girl Sydney. I saw her for a qv. I had to pick up covers because she didn't have any. When I got there, her right eye was swollen and a little on the bridge of the nose. She said she got into an little bumper to bumper accident. She was nice and friendly. Got started, helped me undress. BBBJ, wanted to DATY, but she said maybe next time because it's a more intimate thing. Then went missionary and finished.

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    Reporting on Concord Sydney

    Quote Originally Posted by OffGrid321  [View Original Post]
    Decided to take the plunge with a local gal yesterday for a very early appointment. After a bit of back and forth texting, the time was set. She asked one last time to make sure I would really be coming to see her, and I assured her I would be there. Once I was on my way the next morning, I texted as requested 30 minutes before the appointment, no answer. 15 minutes prior, no answer. 5 minutes prior a phone call, no answer. Determined it was not going to happen and moved on. I watched for a text or call throughout the day and received nothing. Finally, around mid afternoon, I texted just to see if I could get a response. She responded: "I'm sorry, my alarm didn't go off and I don't know why". No offer to make it up to me, etc. Not sure if I'll try again. The only reason would be her proximity to me (Very close! She's now advertising with another girl (redhead and a blond). The blond is who I was trying to see.
    I could not hook up with my regular girl, so I decided to try out Sydney. I got the address which I should have googled to see what kind hood she was staying at, it turns out to be a low end Rodeway Hotel. I should have bolted but little man talk me into going thru with the deed. She was not very service friendly, BBBJ lasted maybe 3 minutes then I tried FS and she complains about me pulling out and ramming her so she requested that she gets on top which she got me to finish. She was a snapper but had pimples all over her breasts as another reviewer has stated. I don't think I will repeat especially at her low budget location. I saw the redhead sitting by the stairwell as I was entering she looked spent. Keep safe guys, happy holing.

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    Providers that do BBBJ and BBFS

    Could anyone list providers that will do BBBJ and BBFS? I'm tired of showing up at a providers place, only to find out they only do covered BJ. I would honestly watch porn at home than get a covered BJ. I know covered FS is safer, but from time to time it is worth it if the provider is good looking enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dott9876  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the intel, the link for Roxy is dead, can you resend? Anastasia looks like fun, did you do a second visit with her yet? Thanks in advance.

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    New to area: anyone in Mooresville

    I just moved from the Raleigh area to Mooresville and am looking for a regular provider, preferably GFE. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have only been able to find sporadically listings so any help would be appreciated. If needed PM with details. I can share a few great provides in the Raleigh Durham area through PM.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBill47  [View Original Post]
    LOL. First off my name is Thomas and no I'm not exactly clean cut. I ride a Harley and drive a truck. Have tats on both arms but I am middle aged at least you got that one right. The reason she thought that is because when I was first tried to get with her, she said she would always see a LEO riding by or parked somewhere on the way to see me or while she was waiting for me. It took me 6 tries to hook up with her because of stuff like that. She is super paranoid even after I helped to fix her car while she was broke down. We were in a mall parking lot and a LEO rode down the street she freaked out and started crying thinking I was going to arrest her so I think there is more of a deeper problem there. I always use a burner phone and change the number on a regular basis so she tells me that's a LEO move. So you tell me?
    No clue my friend. LOL. I've never had any problems with her when I do see her she's always super sweet and really nice and enjoys what we do. She always says that whenever she leaves me, she always leaves happy and smiling. So I don't know why she thinks you're a cop I have no clue. But maybe it is because you use a burner phone and switch everytime. But I guess it doesn't matter now, since you've stopped seeing her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryChevy  [View Original Post]
    Well the first one is on Sugarcreek I would count that as a no automatically very very bad part of town The second one the number comes back to a guy so if you do see that one I would proceed with caution.
    I saw one was on SC. When she first posted she was elsewhere. SC is definitely a rough area but I've had some good times there and never been hassled or gotten any grief. If I didn't see her I'd leave all valuables at home for sure!

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    I tried to research her but the last number I saw had an add with a black girl in it on the same day as when she first posted the new add. Kinda fishy, I messaged her a few times and she told. Me she was new, but after I asked if she wanted me to review her I got no responses. Don't know if anyone else got to see her.

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    Another hotel provider


    FULL Body Massage.

    You will be in Paradise where, I wear Sexy Lingerie👙128132;128096;.

    🔥Candle Lit🔥* Aromatherapy.

    *Shower Available🚿*Free refreshments *Hot towel treatment So what are you waiting for?

    60 (30 mins)& 75/(HR) & 120 (90 mins).

    (Welcoming all Nationalities Men).

    Upscale INCALL (Independent).

    You will be in Paradise where I wear Sexy Outfits👙36 DD's Boobs.

    💯REAL & RECENT Pictures 15 mins, from Huntersville.

    Being new to the hobby, this was only my second visit to a hotel. I took $2 in case upgrades were available.

    I arrived on time. Decent hotel near north lake and she texted me her room number. There were pics available in the ad I saw-none now.

    The pics were of A gorgeous AA about 25 yrs old. Even though the lights were dim I could tell this was not her. This woman was older-not bad looking. A 6 instead of a 9- but I was disappointed.

    I decided against mentioning upgrades and settled on the 60 minute massage.

    She is clean and friendly, Her ad is accurate, the rub was boring, the finish was satisfactory.

    She is out of Atlanta, in Vegas this week, will return in a couple of weeks.

    I doubt I repeat.

    Upon leaving she said VIP session was $2.

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