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Thread: BackPage Advertiser Reviews

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    Kendra Bluu

    Anyone seen her? I found one review on the other site but it indicated she was Native American which is throwing me off. Was a negative review, if anyone has anything positive to say about her then Iíll give her a shot. If not Iíll just air on the side of caution. Planning on seeing her Tuesday.
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    I been wanting to go see her but she look kinda wild in the pix was hoping to get a review first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarHeel85  [View Original Post]
    Real as I'm it's a real person in the pictures or it's actually you?
    The picture is legit. I'll vouch for it.

    Stop questioning this one and try it out so you don't miss out. =].

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    I bet

    Quote Originally Posted by Rebexxxa  [View Original Post]
    Pic 100% real.
    Real as I'm it's a real person in the pictures or it's actually you?

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    Not being wise

    Quote Originally Posted by ElHombre69  [View Original Post]
    I'm fairly new on here but I've been posting on theothersite since 2013. Honestly I thought it was always like this here because people were precautious and LEO are more likely to lurk forums like these.
    One they don't, there's good reason they don't because what if they did?

    What if you posted that Mary Jane Rottencrotch took 20 dollars to suck your dick? Nothing. Who are you? Who is ElHombre69? How can they question him? What about corroboration of his statements? What about her right to confront her accuser?

    And for you, how do they contact you to arrest you for admitting to solicitation (well, they probably wouldn't arrest you because it's a misdemeanor) I don't know who you are, so how do they arrest you?

    I am in Argentina, our servers are in a jurisdiction were prostitution is legal, and writing about sex is protected speech so why would they lurk here? If a chick is advertising pussy on backpage they don't need any intel, if it's a MP they know which ones are selling pussy (no female customers) all cops do all day long is develop info they can take into court, why would they waste time on sources which are hearsay?

    So post what you want.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BackpageDude  [View Original Post]
    Never texted that ad but you should no that pic is fake.
    Pic 100% real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlasterKaster  [View Original Post]
    What is this place turning into?

    A bunch of convoluted cryptic posts that share little to no info about BP or otherwise girls. Its like everything is a secret these days and one can only hint at things, not actually post any facts.

    What happened when people had an experience, posted it on here straight up, and others read it and learned something from it? That seems to be the exception these days, not the rule.

    As much as I dislike the oThER site, at least I'm able to sort through the BS and get a good sense about who I might be seeing. Here, its all smoke and mirrors as of late.

    I'm fairly new on here but I've been posting on theothersite since 2013. Honestly I thought it was always like this here because people were precautious and LEO are more likely to lurk forums like these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackpageDude  [View Original Post]
    I saw her a couple night ago I had condoms but for some reason I did her bbf the BBBJ was great she love sucking cock she didn't want to stop.
    If that were the case for me it would have made it a 5 minute visit! Seriously she was doing all the right things so if I did BBFS with her it would have been a short visit!

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    See where it says "Report Post?"


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    Cross posting threads.

    I've seen some posts about Jocelyn from near Independence and inquiring what happened and what not. A while back I found a wildcard there that was a weekend girl. Went by the name 'Melissa. ' She's petite and a smoking hot spinner. She wasn't at the SA (trust worthy) place much because of her schedule (in school). I annoyed Jocelyn for months calling to try to connect with Melissa, but she was gone for an indefinite time period. I lurked BP until I eventually found an add that said 'trust worthy place, Melissa's back,' and I was stoked. I tried to meet up with her just to find out that the night before we were supposed to meet, the owner of the place 'didn't make it' in the place. No dice on the visit. (condolences to the community).

    Finally I did some searching and found the same digits on a new spa's ad. My first post was an attempt to get folks to realize that the place is legit. Go to the retreat and check Rebecca. They're cautious there, but once you're confirmed, you're golden and having a GoodFuckingtimE is possible. I literally have hesitated to post this, but it's good for her. Treat her well.

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    Spinner recommendations

    Hello gents,

    Any recommendations for Spinners in Charlotte?

    I'll be visiting Charlotte soon, and sadly Taeya isn't available (I checked).

    I'd like to have a good dream with a Charlotte Spinner. I don't mind skin color, just fun sized and good attitude. To be just perfect, the dream will include some good BBBJ and DATY.

    If you prefer to PM due to forum rules, please go ahead.

    Stay safe & keep dreaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoredRuthers  [View Original Post]
    Got a few reviews I need to most, thinking about how many I now realize just how much of a manwhore sex addict I am.

    But first up, my long time under the radar!

    Met her like 3 years ago on BP and seen her maybe well over 50 x. Been seeing her a ton lately as she needs cash (as always right?) and I asked if she wanted me to post and she said she would appreciate it.

    She quit BP a while back as she no longer likes doing the hotel thing or BP drama and doesn't have a place so really it is car dates in Huntersville.

    I hate car dates and normally never do them but they work out good with this chick.

    Looks. Avg.

    Service. Avg, CBJ CFS.

    Cost. HH 60 car or 100 if you got a place, (even better rate if you are a regular).

    Overall not the best looks / service but she is just so comfortable to me, and easy to get a hold of, pretty honest and have never had an issues with her (have even fronted her some cash and seen her later).

    Often I will go see her immediately after a crappy date.

    Car dates I know suck but pm me for number if you been posting a while and need a regular.

    Don't care if you believe me or not just doing this to help her out and any other hobbyists that need a regular. I deleted her old # so can't find pics, sorry.
    Whats the point in posting all this if we have no idea who you talking about. They deleted a post of mine saying it was a waste now this is a waste it should be deleted. You just rambling bragging and that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackpageDude  [View Original Post]
    You don't think those pix are fake?
    Try a reverse image on that picture.

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