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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakin1123  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone taken the plunge on this one I'm interested but skittish about new faces.
    She appears to be running about five different adds with at least 3 different phone numbers, one simultaneously in Charlotte. I'm calling BS on it but if one if you guys toftt and it's legit, then sign me up. Just my type.


    Chasing the dream.

    More than I should, not as much as I'd like.

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    Looking for input

    Has anyone taken the plunge on this one I'm interested but skittish about new faces.
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    Red Headed Daniella

    Dreamt about Daniella a couple weeks back. This was my third attempt but second dream with her. My first trip was good. Average. Probably due to my nerves; I always am overly cautious the first time I dream of someone. The second time started out great. We communicated via txt. She was talking up the dream and sending pics like I've never seen before, then it went downhill. Half to her place she starts changing up the $ and it gets weird, so I bailed. Third time was outstanding. No games via txt and the dream was better than most I have had. She dyed her hair red, which I completely dig. It was dark and rainy, so she directed me in from her front porch. I kind of knew where it was, but not enough to find it without her help. Once inside she did count the donation and gave me a rundown on how she appreciates tips. She had quoted me a little less than her standard rate, but I paid the standard anyways figuring that was the tip. I'm not one to haggle $ since these ladies work hard for it. If the quote is to high, I just move on. Anyways after she counted and gave her speech about tips she got right down to it. In my dream the oral skills were some of the best. From there, moved on to CG, M, and finished DS. Dressed and out the door 30 seconds later. She is not GFE by any means, but I really enjoyed my time and her. I've since tried to dream of her again, but she has since disappeared.

    Still chasing that one regular in the Pines area I can visit or can visit me as I like to dream much more often than I do.

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    Beautiful Brunette

    After a very long fifteen hour day at work, I fell asleep and dreamed I was awaken by a beautiful thin brunette; called Megan. I felt safe in my dream and was taken back by her good looks. She had a definite spinner body with some tattoo's that gave her a rocker chick look. We talked briefly to become comfortable with one another, then she began to undress and I followed suit. There was some light kissing, followed by a good oral lesson. Directions were followed very well and there was never any attempt to rush me to wake from this dream. I would say this was a great experience and would like to relive this dream as soon as possible.

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    Sleeping Beauty

    Gave sleeping beauty a try.

    Pros: all 3 holes optional, fare rate, beautiful titties on her, great BBBJ.

    Cons: low end motel in Lumberton, slight smell but not unbearable, felt slightly rushed, she was gagging herself before jr was even up all the way, saw a c pipe and she was wired so definitely demons there, also appeared to have an AA handler when I arrived but can't say for 100% sure.

    All in all was a good dream, but probably won't repeat.

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    No good

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackWeAllGood  [View Original Post]
    Anyone know anything about this blonde?

    Obviously demon possessed seen her twice both times very sketchy.

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    The BBW

    Quote Originally Posted by NatoNat  [View Original Post]
    Jimmy, link or a screenshot of the ad? We need something to better identify who she is. Thanks!
    Usually goes by the name Beth good service SW prices and yes those thangs are huge definitely g or some higher lettering here are the pics from ad usually doesn't post face pics though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FsbmDaisy  [View Original Post]
    Yes, I received many many texts! I play soccer and had an injury over weekend No play out of town til recuperate.
    Sounds like fun, sucks to get injured though. Take care of yourself and let it heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FsbmDaisy  [View Original Post]
    Yes, I received many many texts! I play soccer and had an injury over weekend No play out of town til recuperate.
    I am sorry to hear about your injury and I wish you a speedy recovery. I hope you plan another trip to the All American City as soon as you are back on your feet. It has been a while since I have seen you and I was looking forward to paying you a visit.

    Stay sweet.


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    Posts: 38

    AWW thanks I miss my old regs!

    Quote Originally Posted by Trek1000  [View Original Post]
    I contacted her as well. Waiting for a response.
    Yes, I received many many texts! I play soccer and had an injury over weekend No play out of town til recuperate.

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    Fun fun

    Quote Originally Posted by Mafiamang  [View Original Post]
    Yeah I tried that a couple times. The thing is she's posted a couple times in the past, so I was hoping to catch the number this time. No luck though. I went through some trouble with someone from the massage section and I eventually set things up through email which was a pain. Hopefully she'll reply.

    I saw a post # 910-XXX-3650 called no answer though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkPadre  [View Original Post]
    Saw this and wondered if any of you guys had a dream about her. Any details will help.
    Hey man, I've seen this one twice and she is hands down the best at customer service in this town. Always in a good mood, prompt, responsive, and flexible.

    I definitely recommend you give her a call.

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    Almost got me

    Well tonight I had an interesting dream that almost turned into a nightmare I was dreaming about this brand spanking new fresh out the package girl I hit her up a few times didn't get a response I kept for the next several hours trying to get in touch with her finally I did we set up a meet she took her sweet time about getting there she kept calling back and texting and asking if I know her uncle LEO every time I ask do you know Uncle LEO because I don't know Uncle LEO at all so after this back and forth and back and forth about 20 extra minutes of Gone by I was threatening to leave finally she shows up with a driver she gets out and it is the girl in the picture much to my delight I'm really surprised so she starts to get into my car we have a few words back and forth she tells me her driver needs to hold the money before she'll do anything me being at this for some time my Spider Sense just went freaking crazy I let her know that I do not give up my donation first they can see the donation but I do not give it to them first guys we been at this for a while I know the donation stays with me until we are finished never trust the new ones if they ask for the donation first 9 times out of 10 you're going to get robbed so we go back and forth back and forth for about a minute before she gets out then goes back to her van so guys watch out for she has removed her ad from BP but I did just happened to find her add on witches of bp
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    Sleeping Beauty

    I had a chance to see her and was happy with my visit. Got an hour for a bill and got all three points of entry. Great tits. Strongly suggest you guys visit her.

    Of course that was a delusion caused my excessive amounts of green beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mafiamang  [View Original Post]

    Allow me to regale you with another tale of fun in dreamland. In this dream I was on my way to run an errand and I stopped for a drink and decided to do a quick scan of the Page of Back. Looking through, I noticed an ad for a lovely blonde bird named Bunnie, off of the "Roman" rd. I noticed that I just happened to be on the same road in this dream and decided to make a quick detour. I found she was immediately responsive to text and phone calls and was more than willing to accommodate my short notice time-line. A quick you-turn and I was on my way to meet her at her private residence. Her home is located in a quiet residential area, off of a dirt driveway that starts at the end of some paved road. I pulled up to a humble little home and was met at the door by the girl in the pictures. She had a lovely smile, was wearing the pink bandana from the pictures and a jersey sundress. She was warm and friendly and got right down to it as she knew I was in something of a rush. She stripped right out of the dress and revealed lovely body with some c-cups and a soft closely trimmed kitty. She jumped right into a wonderful BBBJ which got me ready for the task and then we went right into some lazy doggy, which is always fun. All in all, a perfect quick dream, standard rates apply for this one. I got the impression that there was quite a bit on the menu for the right price. This one is not a YMMV, but she isn't the cold business-only pro either.

    In our conversation before and after, she mentioned she has been fighting an early catch of cancer which is unfortunate. I didn't see indication of demons readily apparent, but it was the back room where she conducts business so I can't be certain from my admittedly quick visit. Enjoy and be save, recommend her brothers.


    Please note: she posts in the massage section of BP!
    Brothers I had dream with Bunni this past weekend. Due to family visiting her, she offered to meet me at a hotel on 301. I usually avoid anything on 301, but my little head got the better of me and so I agreed to meet her there. When I arrived I was greeted at the door by Bunni wearing only a towel. She had just showered and was running a little late, but didn't want to hold me up. She quickly got rid of the towel to reveal a very cute figure. She offered me a BBBJ to warm me up and I must say that her oral skills were very impressive. She is very proud of her nice ass and suggested getting in lazy doggie so I could appreciate the nice cushion her ass provided. I was so impressed by her oral skills that I asked her to finish me off orally. She was good to the last drop as they say. Bunni is very friendly and accommodating. I am sure that there were things on the menu that I didn't get to. I will be making another appointment to sample her other skills. No evidence of problems other than the fact that the room smelled of smoke. A small price to pay for a good time.

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