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    Quote Originally Posted by SkeetShooter  [View Original Post]
    Was feeling real lazy and didn't want to stray too far from West Cary, so I hit this one up knowing that she was BBW but hoping the mouth was as advertised.

    Fellas, tell Mr Trump that the arms race has started; I just released a nuclear explosion in her mouth. It is as advertised. But I can't see myself doing anything other than that. Ill go back whenever I don't feel like taking a hour round trip for 'attention'.
    Just got back from her place. The BBBJ was alright but like SkeetShooter said, I probably wouldn't do anything besides that. She was really nice and took direction well. If I was in the mood for another BBBJ then I'd probably go see her again. It was. 6.

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    Heather Collins

    Dreamed that I started the new year off with a bang. She doesn't seem to get much press on here, but a great time and she really does want to please. Phenomenal BBBJ, and a RCG that didn't have me lasting long. She normally does outcall, but finally caught her with an incall. Nice time, and a sweet girl.

    Stay safe,


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    Has anyone seen this Recent chic name Lily. Posting on BP today. Attractive Curvy Black Chic with tats. Looks TGTBT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crtchadialhntr  [View Original Post]
    Check the phone number. Legit provider but I wouldn't recommend or repeat. Search under Christina or Japanese Doll.
    Why no repeat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgiii  [View Original Post]
    I think it's her Fiancee. I know her somewhat through a friend.
    Yes, it is her fiancee. She's a nice girl, perhaps not everyone's type, but definitely recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustForFun6969  [View Original Post]

    Ok I was going to do my reviews in order from the ladies I dreamed about but I have to go ahead and post this one saw this young lady (no name on ad, link should be attached) she's not exactly my type but if I can get out of the hotel scene and go to a private residence I usually give it a go (big mistake) as soon as I got there she has 2 big dogs one of which is a Dalmatian and will bite he tried to run at me but she grabbed him that should have been my first red flag but I was thinking with my little head!! This was one of the strangest experiences I've had since I started this hobby for 1 the house was filthy clothes everywhere and a overwhelming piss smell not sure if one of the dogs used the bathroom and it wasnt cleaned up or of it was just from the dogs / nastiness period!! She had her mother sitting on the couch but assured me that she doesn't mind what she does (WTF) should have been my next red flag (again thinking with my little head) her speech was slurred and I could barley understand anything she was saying signs of demons were everywhere needle cap on the bathroom floor signs of iv use all over her arms and legs pill bottles everywhere I should have left as soon as things started getting weird but I didn't I opted for hhr /70 and she kept trying to upsell BBFS for another. 20 which already had me think WTF does she already have but I was definitely not comfortable with that so proceeded with caution she almost seemed annoyed because I didn't jump on the offer (LOL how dare me) as soon as she took her clothes off it was over track marks everywhere and the smell was like nothing I've ever experienced it smelled like a mix of a fish market and a gym. Not sure if she didn't shower before we met or if she has something else going on saw what I assume is a huge boil right above the genital area and that was it I buttoned my shirt back up put my shoes back on grabbed my money off the little desk in her room and got the hell out of there even if a provider isn't very well I never take the donation back this experience however was one like no other and I took my chances hoping when I walked out of the room the dogs didn't jump on me once I left she proceeded to text my phone obsessively cursing me out and saying if I didn't bring her HER money she was going to tell the police I robbed her get me fired from my job all kinds of crazy stuff (she had no idea where I even worked and obviously I saved all the msgs just incase she did try something crazy LOL) that continued for about 2 hrs and than stopped again the next day she started again saying she was going to give me until 5 pm to bring her money back with an additional 20 $ for wasting her time. I wasted her time yeah ok. (I never responded just ignored her at this point) The pics are her minus the huge black circles under her eyes track marks everywhere and extra weight there was signs of a man (shoes, clothes and mens stuff in the bathroom) when I asked who lived here with her she replied her mom and husband but he was at work and that he was ok with what she does and they were in the process of getting a divorce anyways but they were still living together (WTF? Overall I have to say this was one of the wildest off the wall experiences I've ever had and would definitely steer clear from her I'm not sure what she has going on but I would definitely save myself the headache and disappoitment and avoid at all costs! By that point I was over it but still needed to scratch my itch so I went to see jessica and did qv with BBBJ for. 45 pics make her look way better and younger than she is but overall got what I came for prob wouldn't repeat due to the difference in her pics and real life but overall got the job done! Jessicas link should be below.

    She also has a very sweet personality and does work to make sure you leave happy!! ad (2 lady I dreamed ab).
    Just curious, were the black eyes and ghostly paleness not enough to tell you what to expect before you bothered going to see her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RdyForFun  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have any input on Fran? She's definitely a cutie!
    I doubt the girl in the pics is going to be behind the door that opens.

    Try saving one of the uncropped pics to your temp folder and then go to google images and search that pic. You'll find that an escort in San Diego is using the same pic-.

    There's always the chance that the girl in San Diego stole them from a girl in Raleigh, but I wouldn't wager much on that bet.

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    She is smoking

    Quote Originally Posted by RdyForFun  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have any input on Fran? She's definitely a cutie!
    My inclination is TGTBT. If she is real then she is awesome. If she is report back but I would be leery.

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    Any words of wisdom?

    Anyone have any input on Fran? She's definitely a cutie!

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    Ming Lee is Christina, Japanese doll

    Quote Originally Posted by MedJohnson  [View Original Post]
    Forgot the link: Asian 24/7.


    Check the phone number. Legit provider but I wouldn't recommend or repeat. Search under Christina or Japanese Doll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedJohnson  [View Original Post]
    Anyone tried this one? Seems legit but I'm nervous about Cary as I have heard they recently hired 2 Asian ladies to help close the massage parlors.

    Forgot the link: Asian 24/7.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Vossen  [View Original Post]
    Who hired 2 Asian ladies? LEO?
    Read Tee98's post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vossen  [View Original Post]
    Who hired 2 Asian ladies? LEO?
    Someone posted about hearing from sources that LE got 2 asian ladies working for them.

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    Not sure I follow

    Quote Originally Posted by Editit  [View Original Post]
    I highly doubt it. Looks like the BP girls are trying to make us think they are so good mongers are lining up for their fat a $$'s. I just don't see that being the truth.
    Who is booked up? Is there a missing quoted post?

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