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    Peru Princess

    Not long ago she was offering a QV and that was my favorite with her. Now she is posting in the escort section and she is not offering a QV and her 1/2 hour and 1 hour donation amount has dramatically increased. Personally I think she is a nice girl and I liked her enthusiasm but honestly her looks are just above average and her body is average. Maybe she feels after some positive remarks on this forum that she can request more but IMHO I'm not seeing it.

    Old Amount:

    Qv 60.

    Hh 100.

    Hour 160.

    New Amount:

    Hh 180.

    Hour 220.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loshan  [View Original Post]

    Any recent review of her? How safe?
    She's decent for the price. She won't let you do anything other than doggie. I was able to talk her into switching positions once. Good attitude too, she's a heavier girl but she's pretty.

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    I have seen good reviews for both in the past, but has anyone had any recent good experiences with Riley or Sara James from RDU Girls? Haven't seen any new reviews for either for over a month now.

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    Re: the first, search for "classy attractive" for my review. Short version: don't.

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    Any recent review of her? How safe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TennisStud90  [View Original Post]
    Hey fellas. Looking for an attractive mid-20's provider who offers GFE services. I know GFE standards vary between providers, but essentially looking for everything but BBFS. An please someone other than Daisi or Bobbi. They really aren't that attractive. Thanks guys.
    If you search Greensboro and find the ad for Taylor. Girl next door (There are multiple Taylors in GSO) I think she is exactly what you are looking for. Allows multiple pops also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popye  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know what is going on with her, Lately I have not see her add, Is she gone or something else
    She now posts as "Val" and not that often as most clients are regulars.

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    Senior Member

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    Alana / Valencia whereabout

    Does anyone know what is going on with her, Lately I have not see her add, Is she gone or something else

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    The first did reply, all via email, This was going to be an outcall to hotel later next week. She wanted me to text my room number but did not provide her number / phone yet. Back out due to lack of intel / worry it was uncle / robbery or are whatever. Says she is leaving 5/21.

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    1000% true

    Quote Originally Posted by IBuyIt2  [View Original Post]
    I have been with her, a lot. She is one of my favorites. She does not do BBBJ, but the covered is the best (covered) I ever had. And the box is to die for. Try her out.
    Totally agree with that one man it was totally worth it!

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    Daisi visit

    Finally broke down and saw Daisi today. Not he best looking and def not the worst. I'd say very average. Great personality and energy. Def into pleasing and making sure you leave happy to come back again. I am not big on the FS side of life but do seek out the ones w / extraordinary lip service. I would rank her in the top tier of BJ givers in our area. BBBJCIM or anywhere else you want is given. She takes her time and takes pride in her work. If you haven't been and are in search of a great set of lips. Give her a ring.

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