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    Something To Think About During Your Next Dream.

    So this is a fun post opposed to an informative one but just something I thought about that might make you laugh when you show up for your next appointment. Anyways I have started to wonder if there is a correlation between attraction and chemistry and sex positions offered? Look at it this way, in my experience CG has almost been a unicorn. Most girls will tell you that it's not on the menu or there is an upsell for it before you even apply the cover, but why is that? On the flip side if we had a dollar for every time a girl immediately goes to the doggy position at the end of the bed after applying the cover then most likely our hobbying would pay for itself LOL. In all seriousness, I have begun to look at the hobby and our dreams as follows.

    Doggy. There is little to no mutual attraction for one or both parties involved in the act. She's either disgusted that you showed up and she would never ever dream of having sex with you inside or outside of her job. She wants as little intimacy as possible and wants you to finish as soon as possible and this position is the fastest way to completion for everyone involved. On the flip side she is not what you expected and instead of starting your search again you choose to stay and again want to finish as quickly as possible with minimal contact and intimacy. I would not recommend or repeat with a girl if our session went like this.

    Missionary. This is the most common and standard position that has ever been invented. I would consider this normal, neutral, or indifferent. If the provider offers mish then she probably isn't necessarily attracted to you nor is she is repulsed. You most likely fit the bill of what she has expected a client to be and from our side of things if she isn't the girl in the pics she is close enough or just as attractive. Usually this is an average to good session. Depending on the level of YMMV I may or may not repeat.

    Cowgirl And More. She is either definitely a pros pro or there is some level of attraction beyond the transaction. She is relieved to see you at the door and you are someone that she surely wants to fuck and she sincerely wants to enjoy it. There's a possibility that under different circumstances and meeting another way that you wouldn't have to pay at all. She likes you as a person and enjoys having sex with you and wants you to repeat or become a regular. This position requires the most effort and focus on her part so it requires that some sort of intangible be present other than the donation. This girl is a keeper and a potential ATF candidate.

    What do you guys think about my theory?

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    Been hunting for years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnor  [View Original Post]
    I like fish tacos. To get the best, should I go to a Mexican restaurant or a seafood restaurant? I've been working on this for years, going back & forth. It's been a great journey.
    The elusive Mexican or Salvadorian petite maid with long black hair and not a hint of how to speak English.

    How does a Gringo get in? I know there are Mexican brothels running behind the scenes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSting24  [View Original Post]
    LOL At least she did not have "Upscale" in her add. Air mattress; Good Grief.

    Is this girl SUPER petite or is this a different "bubbles".

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    Oh yeah. The door block has hybrids.

    Quote Originally Posted by ErixxxHouse  [View Original Post]
    That has happened to me once in Florida, now I check her out as soon as she opens the door. If she's not decent, I don't even go in the room. I found that a lot of them don't send extra pictures and when you start asking for thumbs up they stop responding all together.
    These days it's about "fun" as much as it's about fun. The thrill of the hunt. New adventure, if you will. Replied to an ad I had a feeling were old pics (not fake just old), asked if they were current and her true age before venturing out. Upon arrival (non-attached parking lot, walked through back lot fence) notice the "handler" in the stairwell opposite the one I came up. Walked in, clearly NOT recent and she had bruised up needle legs.

    "I never bring money in until I make sure it's safe hun! I'll be right back" (take notes).

    I bolted (nonchalantly) and I knew I was being watched. I just kept on walking, knew I was being pursued to the neighboring parking lot. No worries, got in the car and bolted in 2 seconds. Handler is STANDING AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE PARKING LOT like he's trying to block me. I kept on accelerating and looked straight ahead. He knew better than to get himself run over, even though he came within 6 inches of losing his foot.

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    Mell E wiring money.

    Quote Originally Posted by LookinGood  [View Original Post]
    Mell-E still comes to the area? I had a couple of good sessions with her when she was a Raleigh regular. She got mad at me one day when I wouldn't wire her some money. Haven't heard from her since.
    Requests for wiring money seems to be a trait many providers have.

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    Outcall help.

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if any senior members could give me any advice when trying to book and secure an outcall visit. I spent about four days last week reaching to different BP girls that either flaked or canceled. Are there any tricks or tips that anyone can think of to prevent this from happening with a new girl that you have not met before aside from doing incall with her first or booking an hour or longer session? Any recommendations on any solid outcall providers? I am AA 36 and live in an apartment if that helps. My budget is between 80 and 120.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Triptogamont  [View Original Post]
    I've seen both. Search for my reviews. They were a while ago, so fair warning.

    Heather is more expensive and generally outcall only. Mell-E travels here now and then, so she might be harder to get a hold of. Good luck. If you see either or both, please review.
    Mell-E still comes to the area? I had a couple of good sessions with her when she was a Raleigh regular. She got mad at me one day when I wouldn't wire her some money. Haven't heard from her since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew9  [View Original Post]
    Bad experience, deal was 30 minutes (160). Very rushing, I was kicked out after 10 minutes, obviously not repeating.
    Damnnn Bro I'm so sorry I didn't post a review before I saw her this past Friday, I kinda had a similar experience but I paid an hour (200) and spent about 25-35 minutes, she kept complaining about me going too fast, doggy didn't work out for her cause said I was huring her cause my snake was too big, she ended up on top of me and I tapped it as hard as I could till I busted, she nutted all over my snake it was an OKAY experience but NOT WORTH what you pay for, phone kept beeping, deff a clock watcher, and BTW she does not resemble the girl on the pics she is more petite and not curvy as on her pictures, her skin was all broken out, will cut you short on your time, Does not like doggy and gets paranoid about the party hat breaking! On the positive side she was nice and personable at least with me YMMV but I didn't pay her to talk so a bad deal all around AVOID LIKE A PLAGUE!
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    Agreed except for one small item.

    You were off one letter, it was a Yugo.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSting24  [View Original Post]
    First of all Talipia is the cheapest fish in the sea, a total rip off.

    Second, I agree with everything you said. I saw her long ago and never went back.

    I think her business model is to advertise a Cadillac and then deliver a Yogo. Ya'll older members remember Yogo, right?

    Anyway, well said Padna.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWhitman  [View Original Post]
    Although this is a BP thread, my suggestion was intended to apply to all situations, not just BP. Be very careful on any meeting, and especially a first meeting. This business is all about the odds. Yes, the odds are much higher for a poor experience on BP than with other "more reputable" and more expensive venues. But is is entirely possible to have an unhappy experience with a lady from any source at all. So I agree that ignoring BP will improve your odds for a good experience. But there are some real gems to be found in any resource including BP. Many high quality ladies started on BP in their beginnings. We each choose how to look for the type of lady that we would like to spend time with. Good information exchange is very important, hence the value of this board.
    The time to find a decent provider on B. P. Has long since past, a few years back the odds dropped to about 1 in 10 now it is absolutely non existant. Most not all of us would never think of seeing a street walker but thanks to the pimps on B. P. The lowest level of street walkers have been brought to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew9  [View Original Post]
    Bad experience, deal was 30 minutes (160). Very rushing, I was kicked out after 10 minutes, obviously not repeating.
    She looks ghetto from her pics. I wouldn't expect a good time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew9  [View Original Post]
    Bad experience, deal was 30 minutes (160). Very rushing, I was kicked out after 10 minutes, obviously not repeating.
    Sounds like I dodged a bullet. I got the itch last night and called her. She sounded very for lack of a better phrase ghetto. In addition she was obviously on the room with someone else and laughing. As I was trying to all some questions she kept laughing and talking to whoever else was there so I hung up.

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    This girl is now in Delaware, research says she was recently in your area late October / early November, did not see any posts about her. Did anyone happen to see her when she was there. Any info is appreciated, and PMs are welcomed.

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    Prostitution Charges

    Between 10 - 13 October the Morrisville PD and Raleigh PD charged 3 women (1 Chinese) with prostitution at two locations (Extended Stay America (RDU) Morrisville & Aloft (RDU) Brier Creek). Is it possible they were really looking for Asians who run ads linked to that Extended Stay America (2700 Slater Rd.) where the 2 women from Florida were charged? Considering the recent events in Knightdale with 2 AMPs closed and 1 Chinese lady getting charged with Human Trafficking. I'm wondering if LE is hunting Asians (BackPage & Massage Parlors) throughout Wake County.

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    Liana- stay away

    Gents, visiting from VA. Was looking for a provider on BP and saw liana. Nice looking pics and nice and friendly through text. Down hill from there. Mid level hotel, I got there and she kept me waiting 20 minutes. No big deal as I had no where to be and nice bar in lobby. Finally gives me the number and I go up. Sketchy looking guy standing a few doors down and staring at me the moment I got off elevator. I knock an she opens door. All lights out. I step in but not all the way in. Notice she has the pull out couch made up and ready for us. Then I get a good look at her when my eyes adjusted. Not even close to the lady in pics. She was either AA with blonde hair or some strange mix with blonde hair. I'm not interested and not paying $180 HH for a pull out couch. Turn and walk out. At this point I'm pussed so walk right passed the guy, assuming he's the pimp. Get in car and out!! Don't waste your time. Not worth risk or $$.

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