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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Same recollection

    Quote Originally Posted by EdGein  [View Original Post]
    I remember someone putting one up. I recall she was a reluctant HE provider.
    That was what I remembered as well, but I didn't want to speak up, because I wasn't totally sure of my recall of the reviews. Given that, what I recall was an attractive girl, and as EdGein said, reluctant. Possible, but not easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubaDubdub01  [View Original Post]

    Would love to get a review of this lady. She has been advertising for a while.
    I remember someone putting one up. I recall she was a reluctant HE provider.

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    Are you talking about.

    Quote Originally Posted by Heilig001  [View Original Post]

    Anyway have a good one all.
    Westgate? #26 on JJ list?

    Suddenly Westgate road has more traffic than ever before!

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    Ref: "Megan"

    She has been posting for quite a while, very mixed reviews on here and has a reputation of numerous cancelations and being kind of flaky to say the least. I think she used to go by Lacey. If you put that in the search box you will what I'm talking about. If you do get a chance to see her. Please report your findings back to us. Good luck!


    Quote Originally Posted by PhilDeez123  [View Original Post]
    Goes by the name Megan in Cary and email / text only. Going to TOFTT this afternoon unless I hear otherwise.

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    Asian Relax near Glendwood

    I had a dream I was over there about a week ago. Older thin asian lady took me to the back told her I wanted an hour and a table shower. She asked if I could shower at the end and I told her sure. Then she left the room and was gone a bit longer than I expected her to be. She gave a nice massage 7/10. Before the flip I would let my hands roam every so often and she let me feel some and stayed put on one spot while I ran my hands around her thighs. She was very firm, it was unexpected. She started to rub my balls while I roamed and then said in a very quiet voice "you give me nice tip?" I said I was planning on giving her 60 and she said ok good you have nice time everyone else at lunch. Now mind you it was pretty late in the afternoon but I didn't argue. She then told me to flip and began a very nice HJ that I can honestly say was very very good. She wiped it off and went to town with her mouth BBJ. I came and she smiled and wiped me off and told me I had time for a table shower. So I went in and here is where everything went better than I could have ever wanted! I mean it was already WOW but hell I didn't expect this- I went in and she came to me about 3 minutes later in a very small skirt. I told her she was hot and she giggled and said she didn't want to get her pants wet. While I was being washed off I got hard again since she was hot and rubbing very nicely. She said something along the lines of "Oh you need more" and then she lifted her skirt up to show me she wasn't wearing anything under it and handed me a rubber.

    The whole thing was worth every penny but let me tell you this is like my 10th visit and this is the ONLY time this has ever happened. I've gotten the usual HJ and once before I got a nice BBJ there but still I am a frequent flier there so maybe she just felt very comfortable with me.

    Anyway have a good one all.

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    Anyone seen her before?

    Goes by the name Megan in Cary and email / text only. Going to TOFTT this afternoon unless I hear otherwise.

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    My understanding was that a girl could get booted out for negotiating for money at Eden. That said, I haven't been in months, so who knows. If I hear Tina ever comes back, though, I'll be there so fast I'll make fire trails like in Back to the Future.

    Quote Originally Posted by EveryBody  [View Original Post]
    Been there last night.

    Got there rather late, mamasan was out, empty police car outside, but I felt kind of adventurous.

    Walked in, a cute Chinese girl asked if I want a massage.

    Used some oil and started a very rough massage.

    After a while she started massaging my balls while I was still on my back.

    Asked me to turn, ask "is ok touch?

    I said go ahead.

    Than she asked a 100 for a HJ.

    Have her 40,worst HJ ever, but I was already there.

    Let me get hands under her shirt, nothing too fancy really.

    All in all was a 4 out of 10.


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    Sr memebers that I have Pm previously about

    The AMP that allowed me to cum on her tits. I saw her again last week, makes maybe my 4th time with her and this time I was offered a CBJ with an optional COF. She asked. 1 for the combo to which I declined as I wasn't prepared to spend that much. You may be able to negotiate a better fee if you ask. Thought I would share. Good luck.

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    Anyone tried the outdoors massage

    Would love to get a review of this lady. She has been advertising for a while.

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    8210 creedmore

    Went by today. Small office building with open sign in front office window. Older but nice gal said two girls working. Think they only had 2 or 3 rooms. Really nice table and darkened room had pedestal fan blowing and muted music. Great massage and nice lingering touches made me feel it was going to go well. Rub through towel first then oil rub. New leg technique with knee hanging off table supported by her. Great knee walk on back by her which I like better than back walk. On flip she stayed far away, never got a chance to grab anything. Uh oh Self service only she practically shouted with the look she gave me. Oh well. Might repeat just for the massage. $60 for hour.

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    Creedmoor "private"

    Quote Originally Posted by Pgrandis54  [View Original Post]

    Anyone know if this is AMP or private residence. Can't tell from the ad might swing by tomorrow to check it out.
    Neither. It's an "office suite" in a professional complex.

    I saw this ad the other day too, and by complete coincidence, found myself about 2 miles away today with an hour to kill, so I TOFTT. If you're not in the mood to read the whole thing, the short review is: don't waste your time.

    Should have left before I got started, I sensed from the second I walked in that this would be a no-go. My provider was not at all my type physically. She told me she and one other girl work there. I didn't get a peek at the other girl, but am confident I didn't have the luck of the draw.

    Aside from not being my physical type (she was about 5'3", I'd guess 160+ lbs), she was definitely not dressed to excite. Baggy jeans and a run of the mill t-shirt.

    For the massage, I was draped from start to finish. TWO towels, basically covered head to toe. I asked about 20 minutes in if we could take off the towel, she said "later" (later never came). No touching. I'm always respectful the first time with any provider, usually start with just a very soft touch on a leg or hip and ask "OK? She giggled and immediately moved my hand back to the table. I didn't try again. By now I was certain this was going nowhere, but I wasn't going to be a dick about it.

    Rub was decent, but I've definitely had better at AMPs. 6-7 of 10, maybe. Tried a few times to make light conversation, "that's nice", "you have strong hands", "did you work someplace else before you came here". No response to anything that wasn't a question, and the couple of questions were just "yes" or "no". I did manage to get out of her that she and another girl worked there. Didn't ask her name, knew there wouldn't be a next time.

    Did get the full hour, spent 50-ish minutes of that face down. The "flip" left the towels still covering me head to toe, and a brief scalp massage. Then "ok honey, we done". I wasn't even going to ask for more by now. Gave her a $20 for a decent massage, said "no thanks" to the mini water, and "no" when she said "come back again".

    The experience left me longing for more, so stopped at my usual (Garner ATSU) on the way home for my usual "happy" experience there.

    All in all, I knew I'd be taking a chance here. I figured "private" would mean either, no boss lady like in an AMP, so good chance there's a menu. Or private=legit. Turned out to be the latter. First time in 2-years as a hobbyist that I struck out. At least I was out of there for only $80. Next time I'll trust the spidey-sense.

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    Pink caddy

    Drove by yucca in Cary. Open sign was flashing and a red curtain on the door. Two Asians, a man and a woman, middle age or older, were sitting out on the curb waiting for customers. There was a pink caddy out front. When I drove by several hours later they were still sitting there and the pink caddy also. New owners with bad taste? If so they don't have any customers, sitting out there all day LOL. So mybe a legit operation otherwise they'd be inside all day and driving a BMW LOL. I will drop by after work to check it out and give a report.

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    Creedmoor rd ad

    Quote Originally Posted by Pgrandis54  [View Original Post]

    Anyone know if this is AMP or private residence. Can't tell from the ad might swing by tomorrow to check it out.
    I stopped but there shortly after the ads started popping up. The place is a 2 story bldg, with a few different offices in it. Hers was 1st floor, on the left as you go through the main door. I saw a nice looking Asian girl, easily 8 out of 10 who was friendly, good English and gave a pretty good massage. On the flip, she offered self-service and could not be persuaded to participate. That was a month ago, so things may have changed but the massage was good and the girl was nice. I left feeling good from the massage but disappointed that there wasn't more on the table (no pun intended). Price was $. For 90 minutes, +30 tip because the massage was pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pgrandis54  [View Original Post]

    Anyone know if this is AMP or private residence. Can't tell from the ad might swing by tomorrow to check it out.
    It does say in the ad "since I opened my private studio. ".

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    Regular Member

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    Possibly going to be in Raleigh / Cary in the next few weekends. I've read a lot and thank all of you for the reviews!! Just wondering if anyone has a favorite AMP that I wouldn't have to be a regular at to leave very happy. FS / BJ would be great. Wilmington has been good lately but looking for a little more fun. Thanks in advance!

    Pm if you like.

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