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    Red Rose

    Red Rose at times is the best and at times the worst.

    The other day it was the worst.

    It was the older lady that suffers from a neurological disorder that prevents her from learning how to give massages.

    She's been there for months and her massages haven't gotten any better. WTF.

    Her massage is so bad that most will have to hold back laughter or tears. For me it was pure rage on account that I've had her months ago but was too polite to walk back out.

    Most girls have a routine or a huge back of tricks that they improvise with.
    This lady has 0 moves, tricks, routines. From start to finish its like someone who had never done a massage before pocking and doing stupid shit to your body hoping that it feels good.
    At one point she even pulled my hair. How the F*&k is that theraputic?

    It was literally 45 minutes of rage, waiting for the finish so I could get the F out of there.

    I did leave 1oz lighter but not happy.

    This lady need to retire NOW!

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    First time at Eden

    This is my first post I have read a lot of post and found them very helpful thank you everyone. I found Eden today and was met at the door by t*na an.

    Amazing little Asian woman great body. I went with the half hour .4 and same tip, med weigh felt great on flip no waiting a couple chest rubs and right to business. I will definitely repeat. Thanks again to everyone that post on here is helped me a lot.

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    Red Rose new gal

    I had a dream: Called RR to see if J was there, but alas, she has left. New girl with diamonds in the sky available and received a wonderful rub with lots of body contact and kneeling on table in front and back. Not a J to look at but very accomplished hands. OK finish. .6 + .3 The rub was great, and more available. PM for details.

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    Red Rose

    Stopped by last week for a half hour session. Was in a bit of a hurry. Older woman answered door and brought me in. Took me to the room and stayed while I stripped down. Never had that before. Great masssge. On the firm side but that is how I like it. Teasing the whole time. On the flip went right to work on me. Over and under roaming allowed. Left very happy.

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    Red Eyez

    Sensual Spa

    Anyone been to Sensual Spa in Durham? I seen it on BP under body rubs. Inbox with details.

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    Super relax greensboro

    I know it isn't a Raleigh place. But yo yo at SR off Wendover is young and quite attractive. It was so rare I felt I should mention it.

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    4-hand at Eden

    Protip: if you get there late enough, and they want to go home, you might get offered a 4-hand 30 min for the price of an hour. Thank you Eden!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binkster  [View Original Post]
    I never pay anyone except the girl who is going to do the massage. If they won't take you back ask to see available girls. If they won't do that, leave. The one time I have said POLITELY, "Sorry, I'll pass then" and started towards the door, they can suddenly show me someone.
    I am getting the feel that most of these AMP have old aunties, I tried to get in on RR once and saw 50+ old aunty and got out right away. I think things aren't getting any better with what people are reviewing here. I not not a massage guy anyways, I just wanted to go there for a different experience but with old lady's hell no.

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    Your Therapists

    Hey all, I will be up in a few weeks. Any recommendations for an under the radar therapist? Prefer American in a spa / office setting. PM me is you want Thanks.

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    Selecting a Girl

    Quote Originally Posted by Ncsh2013  [View Original Post]
    I went to Westgate a couple of Fridays ago. Evening around 7 PM. Typical old auntie greeted me, She said she was the only one working. So I left. Thought I would have better luck during the day Saturday. I arrived in the morning, just as the counter guy was arriving. He had two real hotties with him. I mean... These two were smokin'. He went inside. They stayed outside to have cigarettes and went inside when finished. So I'm thinking... OK, things are a little different now. So I go in. Pay the guy for a 30 min massage. Go to a room... And the old auntie from the night before shows up. WTF! Just bad luck? Reflection of a 30 min massage? Smokin hot girls doing other work? Something interesting going on there but don't think I'm going back.
    I never pay anyone except the girl who is going to do the massage. If they won't take you back ask to see available girls. If they won't do that, leave. The one time I have said POLITELY, "Sorry, I'll pass then" and started towards the door, they can suddenly show me someone.

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    Holly springs. Apex. Fuquay

    The whole route 55 area between apex to fuquay seems so dead or am I missing something? Private message me if you prefer. I just can't believe fuquay has nothing going on in any category on this page.

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    Ran into an old friend

    Her name is Amy. Early 40's, blonde hair blue eyes $80 for massage with a happy ending. I enjoyed the session. There may be more on the menu but that's between the two of you. She can be reached by phone. Not sure if I can put the number up on here but will try. Amy XXX-6491.

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    Absolute Therapy

    Have been thinking about dreaming of this one. Nice private office location with ok massage and she was not into the ending at all. Plus only touching over clothes rule. Would not return for a mechanical ending I can can take care of that myself.

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    Number 27 is massage only

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimjim77  [View Original Post]
    Number 27 coming if everything checks out.

    Amazing Relaxing Asian Massage.
    Location: Raleigh, 6400 Falls of Neuse Rd. Suite#203.
    By Appointment Only: Call / text "Michelle" 646-577-3379 if with a client I will return your Call / text ASAP.
    I have been seeing Michelle for about a year at 3 different locations. She is 100% great massage only. No TS No HE.

    I get at least 90 min of deep tissue weekly from 4 therapist and she is the best.

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    A couple of decent reviews...

    Quote Originally Posted by TheColeMan  [View Original Post]
    ...on another site. Both say she's worth a repeat, which to me is the bottom line.

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