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    Not going to tell the name of the forum user or / provider to bring any extra drama her way. But this gal has been pretty awesome / reliable to me since day one. Had a nice dream with her recently, and was disturbed to find out that a forum user is going out of his way to make her feel uncomfortable. I know there's 2 sides to every story, and I'm Not white knighting (maybe a little bit), but whatever she did couldn't possibly warrant you to stalk / harass / intimidate her constantly.

    I now see why you guys are so adamant at not revealing to much information. Not only is LE lurking, potential PIMPS are lurking too.

    Be safe.

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    Kali if your out there pm me your contact number. My contact number for you was deleted.

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    New utr. Passed to me

    So I haven't tested the water but this girl wanted me to post for her. 75 hhr. 150 hr. Pm for details. Can't take credit for this one xxtonyxx referred her to me. Pm for info.

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    New guys with few posts

    Ok so we were all newbies once. I myself have only been on the site for Idk maybe a year, if that.

    But I came on the scene and hit the ground running, so guys got out there meet some people and post your experience.

    And then maybe, we will be willing to give more info out. I know it can be a little rough, but it will be so worth it to you in the long run.

    I remember not long. Like 4-5 months ago, I was still a regular member and I wanted to visit a lady that everyone was raving about.

    And the particular lady she was choosy and only saw senior members. However I saw more than a few girls (on my own, with no inside help) and she or another member saw my posts and figured I was gtg. So she responds after a text or two and and I finally got to meet the lovely woman.

    It was so gratifying to earn her trust, the old fashioned way if you will, and we hit it off and still communicate to this day, "mental note, I need to see her again soon" the mystery Vixen is the beautiful Cali BTW. So go fourth and explore, get some reviews under your belt. Because some of the more exclusive providers will want to see some history or references from other girls. Not to mention earning your stripes so to speak, is a feeling of slight accomplishment. Just like the fish story, I could give you a fish and feed one for day or one could learn how to fish, which lasts longer and more gratification. Not to mention it could aid in helping the girls.

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    Raven is around

    Quote Originally Posted by AssetNom  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know if she's still active and has her permission to send give out her contact info?
    She is indeed active as we communicated just today (Sunday). We're trying to set something up, but I had to go to Chillicothe and didn't get back until about 11 pm. Maybe tomorrow. I'll ask about info sharing.

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    Link with pics from her ad

    Quote Originally Posted by Countryboy72  [View Original Post]
    Add is now gone.
    You can see the pics from her ad here: She mentioned to me she will only be in Dayton on the weekends so that's probably why the ad came down early this morning. Guess we'll see if the ad pops back up this coming weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Countryboy72  [View Original Post]
    Add is now gone.
    She told me it would only be up Fridays / Saturdays.

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    Add is now gone.

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    Rose. TGTBT? NOPE

    I saw this ad over the weekend and figured it was TGTBT:

    I went ahead and send a text to Rose to inquire about the details. Communication was very easy and she responded within about 10 minutes. Set up was very easy and we set up a time for later in the evening. She just had me call 30 minutes prior to the agreed upon time to confirm. She then gave me the location which was one of the hotel brands with suites. A definitely plus BUT this also got my spidey senses tingling a little. Since I originally thought this TGTBT, I had her send me a requested pic. Within 2 minutes I had the exact pic I requested. Spidey senses lowered. When I got to the location I called as she instructed. There was some commotion due to a party in a nearby room, so she asked me to wait a few minutes which was fine with me because it gave me time to scope out the area a little more for Uncle. She called me back and gave me the room number and off I went. She mentioned on the phone she was nervous I might be Uncle, so I immediately set her mind at ease by placing my paws on her paws, LOL. She reciprocated and we were both at ease.

    Now that I have that out of the way, here's the info you mongers really want to know. Donations are $ for hhr and $$ for hr. For new acquaintances there is no GFE, no FIV, no Greek and everything is covered (CBJ and CFS). That does seem out of the normal range for the area and the menu. BUT. It was 100% worth it IMO.

    The visit started with her favorite, the CBJ. After 10 minutes I spun her around for some DATY. I thought she was going to pop my ear drums when her legs started quivering, LOL. She pulled away and climbed on for RCG which had the most phenomenal view of that gorgeous ass bouncing up and down. Then she spun around for regular CG and I introduced her to ACG. We then moved through the checklist of positions and used most of the furniture in the suite too. Finished up a little early and still had time on the clock so we sat there and talked for about 15 minutes. Again, this goes to her class and professionalism. Alot of providers would have just rushed me out.

    Now YMMV, so I can only speak to my experience. Once she was comfortable with me, it seemed like we had known each other for awhile. Rose made me feel very comfortable and definitely takes pride in her work and appearance. I could not see any signs of use so that was a big plus for me. I will say that after one visit, Rose has risen to the top as my ATF and I will definitely repeat when she returns to the area.

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    Does anyone know if she's still active and has her permission to send give out her contact info?

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    *Raven update*

    I spoke with her and she is willing to see a select few.

    Preferably recents friends and maybe some.

    (trustworthy seniors with recent posts) pm for info.

    Wanting to see one or two today and maybe the weekend.

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    Freak in sheets

    Quote Originally Posted by Workie  [View Original Post]
    Any mongers out there seen or have been in contact with her.
    I meet a glad 3 times with heading. You can pm to see if same. She was nice piece of ass.

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    Lady on the street Freak in the sheets

    Any mongers out there seen or have been in contact with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon2779  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone seen her recently? Did a search, and there's mentions of a bf lingering around. Is this still the case?

    Also, any updates on Raven?
    Yes, Sunny has a BF but he's never been an issue for me. He leaves and stays gone. He is still in the picture but just stay smart and you'll be good.

    I have no update on Raven.

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