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    Real or Fake

    Any one seen or know anything about her?

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    Olivia / Dayne

    Well they both seem to have gone silent. Fingers crossed it's a short term thing.

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    Anyone seen Olivia for a body rub in last week or two at her regular location? Her ad is not up, and I incline to agree that Dayne Darling is her. Lots of similarities. I have seen her for body rub for several times at her West Ashley location. I always felt FS was on the table, but never pursued that.

    Stay Safe.

    Dr. S.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scbomber  [View Original Post]
    It just doesn't add up. I could maybe see if there was a huge rate increase involved. But the website I saw (linked to Dayne Darlings twitter) said 200 for an hour. Not any or much higher than Olivias normal rates.

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    Sexy Sarah

    I have been visiting Sexy Sarah at least once a month for last year or two. Last time I communicated with her was on Nov 12th. She was not available on that date, but planned on a future date. I have not seen her ad after that. Usually, she communicates back only when her ad is up (may be she turns the phone off when not available). Anyway, I don't think she is off the business permanently. There was no indication as such when I saw her last. Sometimes she tends to take a month or two off. I hope this is such a situation.

    Stay Safe.

    Dr. S.

    Quote Originally Posted by BalddGunner  [View Original Post]
    Anyone know what happened to sexy Sarah in Goose Creek? I haven't seen her advertising in a month or two.

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    Missing something

    Quote Originally Posted by Darrell01  [View Original Post]
    So if she is PG no worries about her claiming it's your baby, right? Creampie is fun but I'm not brave enough for BBFS.
    Not sure if I'm missing something since I'm not familiar with the bsl acronym, but I don't think it said bbbfs or cream pies. When the review says "she suited" I'm thinking he's saying she 'suited me up (with a cover)'. Maybe I'm wrong but I didn't read that as anything for him to be worried about in terms of her claiming it's his baby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thern  [View Original Post]
    I saw the blonde three years ago, same pictures then. She is as wide as she is tall and the dark haired girl has immigration issues. That was the story three years ago.
    I had a dream about them a couple of months ago. House just off the main road, they asked me to stop for cigs and a soda on the way in. Met me out front, brought me into a small bedroom and put on a Disney movie. Stripped down, had me lay face down and did a quick body rub, on the flip the dark haired one performed a CBJ while the blond smoked cigarettes and kept going in and out of the room. Will not repeat.

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    Several updates

    Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while but I've had several dreams within the last couple weeks and thought I should share with everyone what's up with these providers. So, here we go.

    Garbage bbw. So I went to this girl knowing that she wouldn't be the girl in the picture but would have a body type that looked somewhat like the girl in the picture. Boy was I wrong. First of all the appointment set up was easy. She was quick with the responses but I could tell she might have just started getting into the business. Ill explain my reasoning for that in a message. When I got to the room by ashley p. I was immediately disappointed. She had to be almost 400 lbs and possibly drunk. I'm not sure if she was pregnant with twins or just plain fat. She just looked very sloppy. Now I love some BBWs but she was to much. I just turned around and walked away to my car. As I was walking away I noticed a crown vic drove slowly to her room. Pretty sure she has a handler so If you try that walrus I suggest you come with a weapon just to be safe. I can provide some more detailed info of who she is in a PM. I recommend you stay away from this Snorlax.

    Thick SnowBunny. I have seen this girl maybe 5 or 6 times now. The pics are 100% her. In my opinion she looks better in person. She probably has one of the best booties on the page for sure. Anyways the set up is always easy with her. We met up a couple times in goose creek but recently she's been staying on remount rd. I can PM more details on the location. Anyways, I will say that giving bjs isn't really her thing so I wouldn't recommend calling her for that. But if you enjoy seeing a great ass while pounding it doggy style she's your girl. Now I do know that she was known to hang around a bad crowd but I can say I have never seen or had and issues with her. She was always alone so I felt safe and had a blast everytime. Great pick for a qv. Pm me for more details.

    Short Thick Colombian. I think. I saw this girl last night at a hotel near tanger. Got to say she was probably my favorite for the last couple months. The set up was quick and easy. Got to the room to see the same girl in the pics. Very short with a great plump booty. She was very professional and clean. Not GFE at all and everything was covered. I can get into more details with the session in a PM. She is very nice and is not a clock watcher at all. I'm pretty sure I stayed over my time. I highly recommend her. Catch her before she leaves. I believe she will be gone in the morning.

    Thick Shae. I've probably seen Shae over 10 times now. She's the girl in the pics for sure. She's tall, thick, and has the body of a plus size model. She has nice tits and a big booty to smack. The set up is usually easy but there were a few times when she didn't reply for hours. She usually stays at a hotel near tanger. She does do bjs but she doesn't like to. Everything else is magic. She really gets into the session. I can PM you more details if needed. Highly recommend for those who love thick juicy girls.

    Thats all I got for now people. Feel Free to PM me if you have more quetions or want more details. Ravager out!

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    Sexy Sarah in Goose Creek.

    Anyone know what happened to sexy Sarah in Goose Creek? I haven't seen her advertising in a month or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xist269  [View Original Post]

    I replied to this post and hooked up for a extended visit. Young and firm with awesome body. Black, petite, c-cup, right ass. 2 months pregnant so bad a little belly. Smart, polite, easy to chat with, loves to cuddle, and enjoyed our time. It really felt like a date not a season. I think this may have been her first time doing this. Not sure. Anyways, BBBJ, bsl, daty, dato, she suited and I came 3 times in 4 hrs. Total damage $400.

    Oh. She needs a ride vs you have to host.
    So if she is PG no worries about her claiming it's your baby, right? Creampie is fun but I'm not brave enough for BBFS.

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    I emailed and received a kind reply that she was not in town. It was unclear if she had been or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousMike  [View Original Post]
    Anyone? Certainly looks nice.

    PM or Post please and thank you.

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    Recent visits.

    Since my favorite girl was out of town, I saw a two other providers that I will share my experiences with.


    The good- she allows 2 shots per hour. $180 per hour, private apartment in a safe part of town.

    The bad- sub-par BBBJ, not the girl in her pics (at least most of them). She is older, closer to 30 I would guess, has multiple tattoos, and heavier than the pics depict. She may also wear a wig.

    Overall- She's not my type so I will not repeat, but she is legit and not a clock watcher. I don't know about GFE, she's not my type so I didn't have the desire for it.


    The good- she is the girl in her pictures and she is very beautiful. Decent CBJ and great body, $130 hhr.

    The bad- Not GFE at all, She was nice, but it seemed rushed. I got the HH and 15 minutes into it she said I should hurry up to leave time to clean up.

    Overall- I may see her again, but just for a QV. She is very attractive but I hate feeling rushed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darrell01  [View Original Post]
    OMG that would be a great pair to have a 3 way with. Savannah wore me out last time.
    Yes it would. They are both relentless, there would be no mercy given. You might as well have an EMS on stand-by for when you finish so they can replenish your fluids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousMike  [View Original Post]
    If they are here when I'm off next that might have to be my Christmas present to myself.
    Trust me, that will be one hell of a Christmas present.

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    Savanah and Pink

    Quote Originally Posted by John1415  [View Original Post]
    Where can I find contact info. No luck backpage.
    She told me that they have made Charleston a monthly stop and will be here for about a week each month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishwaterWsp  [View Original Post]
    Please provide her contact info, you can send me a PM if you like.
    I am checking with her to see if I can give out digits.

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